American Bible Society 2014 State of the Bible Survey

The Abible photomerican Bible Society “State of the Bible 2014” is a study of U.S. adults.  This annual report was commissioned by the American Bible Society with research conducted by the Barna Group.  The objectives of the study was a focus on Perceptions of the Bible, Bible ownership, Bible engagement, Bible literacy, moral decline and social impact, and giving to non-profit organizations.

The annual survey gives the American Bible Society information on what is happening in the culture, why there is less connecting of moral and political issues,  and areas where it can work to strengthen biblical literacy.

Perceptions of the Bible
Americans were more than seven times likely to name the Bible (79%) when asked to name books they consider sacred literature or holy books. The second named book as sacred literature was the Koran at 12%.

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Harvard Professor: “The Closing of the Collegiate Mind”

harvard photo“The Closing of the Collegiate Mind“ is a feisty opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Harvard professor Ruth Wisse that should be read.

There was a time when people looking for intellectual debate turned away from politics to the university. Political backrooms bred slogans and bagmen; universities fostered educated discussion. But when students in the 1960s began occupying university property like the thugs of regimes America was fighting abroad, the venues gradually reversed. Open debate is now protected only in the polity: In universities, muggers prevail.

Today across the United States and across much of the world university and college campuses are “closing the mind”, closing intellectual discussion.  The discussion is being closed basically to Christians, those on the right, to conservatives.  To those who might “offend” anyone in a group that must not be offended.  Conformity and repression of ideas is valued and promoted over the democratic ideas of America.

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IRS Targeting of Conservatives Began in 2010


Inappropriate criteria were used by the Internal Revenue Service to identify tax-exempt applications for reviews concluded the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration audit that was released May 14th. The audit was initiated based on concerns by Congress.

The Inspector General’s review, ‘was performed at the EO (Exempt Organizations) function Headquarters office in Washington, D.C., and the Determinations Unit in Cincinnati, Ohio.’  The IRS has acknowledged only the involvement of its Exempt Organizations office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

One-third of the applications processed by the IRS team of specialists included Tea Party, Patriots or 9/12 , ALL cases with Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 were sent to the team of specialist for review.

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