Narendra Modi claims victory as India’s next Prime Minister

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On Friday, Narendra Modi, the leader of the Hinud nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, claimed victory as India’s next Prime Minister. There are concerns about the future of religious tolerance in India under the leadership of a Hindu nationalist and a controversial past that at one point led the United States to deny him a visa.

Online:  NRP:  Narendra Modi: From Humble Start To India’s Likely Prime Minister

Involved Fathers Are A Key To College Success

5880468163_87be44cfcb_q_dad-childFamily structure and parent involvement, especially fathers, has a massive impact on children and their education success.   A college diploma is an important component in achieving economic success in today’s economy. An article by W. Bradford Wilcox of the University of Virginia looks at what is a key to college success.

I find that young adults who as teens had involved fathers are significantly more likely to graduate from college, and that young adults from more privileged backgrounds are especially likely to have had an involved father in their lives as teens.

Bradford Wilcox looked at the kinds of family structures most likely to facilitate father involvement; adolescents are much more likely to report that they have a father who is involved or highly involved if their biological parents are married. An involved father from all education levels is more common for adolescents living in an intact, married family.

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