Survey: One-quarter of the world harbors anti-Semitic attitudes

antisemitic photo

Anti-Semitism is still prevalent in more than a quarter of the world’s population finds a sobering new study, with region more than religion shaping people’s view of Jews and Judaism.  With the global average harboring intense anti-Jewish sentiment at 26%; 1.09 billion adults hold anti-Semitic views around the world. The survey also found that a large proportion of the world has never heard of the Holocaust (54%) or denies historical accounts of it (32%).

The Global 100 Index is the first-ever global study of anti-Semitic attitudes; it was released by the Anti-Defamation League. The survey was based questions that refer on 11 stereotypes.  Those who answered ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’ true to six or more of the questions were deemed to be anti-Semitic. The study purposely set the bar for anti-Semitism very high, to make its results conservative.

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