Recycled Cartons Create Desks That Double As Backpacks For Needy Children In India

India Student Help DeskAarambh is a non-profit charity organization in India that helps the most marginalized families living in urban slums and rural
communites. Aarambh video says that students sitting on the floor all day lead to “bad posture, poor eyesight, and bad handwriting.”

It created the “Help Desk” which is a backpack that can fold out to become a desk. The “Help Desk” is made from discarded carton boxes. The discarded cartons are stenciled to create a desk that can be folded up into a backpack, for less than 20 cents a piece.

Aarambh distributed the Help Desks in schools in rural Maharashtra, in western India, and students were able to study more “comfortably and cheerfully.”

An amazing helpful idea.

Is The Reason Preganant Mother Was Sentenced To Death In Sudan Jealous and Greedy Family?

sudan photoTwo United States Senators, Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), sent the Secretary of State a second letter demanding that more be done to help Daniel Wani and Meriam Ibrahim. Good thing they sent a second letter as the State Department is ‘not sure’ it recevied the first letter sent to the State Department from two United States Senators.
PJMedia: State Dept. ‘Not Sure’ It Got Senate Letter Sent Four Days Ago Pleading for Sudanese Christian

The heartbreaking horrible situation of Meriam Ibrahim, the eight months pregnant shackled woman sentenced to 100 lashes and death last week for being a Christian and marrying a Christian was driven by jealousy and greed from family members it is claimed.  From family members she doesn’t know!

Her half brother and half sister – who had not seen her for decades – tracked her down so they could get rid of her and take over her successful general store, Meriam’s lawyers alleged. The legal team for Meriam, whose husband is an American citizen, are being paid for by Justice Centre Sudan, a US-based non-profit that campaigns for human rights in the African country.

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White House tending toward working with terror group Hamas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

A unity government is set to be established within a week by Fatah and Hamas.

Hamas is classified as a terrorist group by the United States government.  Hamas is a terrorist group that has a genocide ideology to exterminate Jews and any person who has a different belief.

Hamas’ Charter calls for the annihilation of Israel in the first paragraph. “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it”

This is not a group that will recognize Israel and commit to nonviolence!  The “the new government will be made up of technocrats”; frontmen who will supposedly run this  new unity government and represent it publicly.

Despite Israel’s position, the U.S. administration is tending toward cooperating with the soon-to-be-formed Palestinian unity government, even if Hamas as an organization does not accept the conditions of the Mideast Quartet to recognize Israel, honor previous agreements and abandon violence. Haaretz

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O’Keefe Sting: ANTI-FRACKING HollyWood Environmentalists

movie camera photoThe citizen journalist James O’Keefe did a sting to reveal the hypocrisy among Hollywood environmentalists. Hollywood environmentalists who agrees to hide where the funding for an anti-fracking movie is from, Middle Eastern oil interests.

O’Keefe released a video showing Mariel Hemingway, Ed Begley Jr. and environmentalist film producers Josh and Rebecca Tickell meeting with two actors they believe are an ad executive and a Middle Eastern oil tycoon named “Muhammad” who wants to invest $9 million to fund an anti-fracking film. The fake “Muhammad” said,  “If Washington D.C. continues fracking America will be energy efficient and then they won’t need our oil anymore.”

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