3 Teens, Including One American, Missing In West Bank

Israeli security forces have been combing through Bethlehem and the Hebron area after three yeshiva students, aged 17-19 went missing.

Dawlat al-Islam is linked to ISIS, has claimed responsibility for kidnapping of three teenagers, including one American, in Israel.

Palestinian terrorist are also being looked at by Israel defense forces.

Senior security officials informed US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro that one among Friday’s missing teens in the West Bank holds American citizenship at the conclusion of a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv Friday where the security situation was discussed as the result of the possible kidnapping.

The Shin Bet and the IDF’s Central Command are treating the teens’ disappearance as a kidnapping by terrorists, because, among other things, their cell phones stopped broadcasting location signals at the same location they were last seen – between Kfar Etzion and the settlement Alon Shvut.

Online: YNet: American citizen among missing, possibly kidnapped settlers


Thought Police

wedding-cake-Mr. Phillips, a devout Christian cake shop owner in Colorado, was sued by a homosexual couple for refusing to make a wedding cake for their reception.  The homosexual couple was married in Massachusetts as homosexual marriage is illegal in Colorado, although Colorado does have a civil union law that provides no religious protections for businesses.

A disturbing ruling in the Colorado cake shop owner case, the Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission ordered Mr. Phillips to make cakes for same-sex partners and Mr. Phillips and his staff also must attend special sensitivity and anti-discriminatory training. He must report quarterly for two years on staff anti-discrimination training and any customers he refuses to serve.  The commission ruling upheld an administrative law judge’s finding in December.  This is America?  Not only must Mr. Phillips use his artistic talent to create cakes for same-sex couple weddings he must agree with it and attend special sensitivity and anti-discriminatory training to not only change his actions but to change his mind.

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