U.S. Southern Accents

In the U.S. the South is a diverse region with various dialects. A person from Texas is going to sound different than someone from South Carolina. Linguists believe Southern accents closely resemble the accents of their ancestral homelands-English, Celtic, French.

Listen to a short audio clip on the origin of American Southern accents.

The Kurds

Kurdish female in Qoser
Kurdish female

Who Are The Kurds?

The Kurds ancient ancestors were known as the Medes (an Indo-European people). For most of their history the Kurds were overshadowed  by the Persian Empire and overpowered by the Ottoman Empire. During the conquests of Islam most Kurds became Muslim, most are Sunni Muslims.

The Kurds are not Arabs, actually they have a deep hatred for the Arabs. Today the Kurds are the largest ethnic group (27 million) without a homeland.  The Kurds live in northern Iraq, western Iran, eastern Syria, and eastern Turkey.  Kurdistan in northern Iraq is an autonomous region with its own government and military, which was created after Saddam Hussein’s repeated attacks and use of chemical weapons on the Kurds.

Traditionally a pastoral culture, today the Kurds control much of northern Iraq’s oil production. When the Iraqi government’s army abandoned their posts the Kurdish army seized Kirkuk, a major oil city, which is considered an ancestral city to the Kurds. In 615 BC, the Medes joined with Babylonians, to overthrow the Assyrians at Ninevah, Assur, and  Arraphu (modern Kirkuk).

In the month Arahsamna the Medes went down to Arraphu (modern Kirkuk)-The Babylonian Chronicle.

Today the Kurdish army has evolved to a well-trained, disciplined guerrilla force. The term used for the  Kurdish army is Peshmerga, which literally means “one who faces death.”

Prophetic Implications?

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