Over 1,000 Complaints Against Merkel For Treason Since 2015

There should have been a nationwide referendum – the citizens vote if they want to be invaded by ‘migrants’.

This weekend, Merkel again defended her policy of open borders for illegal migrants. “I would take all the important decisions of 2015 the same way again,” Merkel told the German newspaper Die Welt in an interview.

French news agency AFP reported:

More than 1,000 criminal complaints for high treason have been filed against German Chancellor Angela Merkel since the height of the refugee crisis in 2015, local media reported Wednesday.

Most of the complaints come from supporters of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party, which is poised to win seats in the federal parliament for the first time in next month’s general election, the daily Mannheimer Morgen newspaper said. (…)

Federal prosecutors in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe are responsible for investigating state security offences and are required by law to review all criminal complaints of this nature.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) remains the only political party in the country’s electoral fray that opposes Merkel’s disastrous open borders policy. At the onset of the Migrant Crisis, the AfD had called for a nationwide referendum on the issue of mass migration, arguing that in a democracy the people had a right to decide on the single most important issue that threatens to fundamentally change the demography of Europe for the foreseeable future.

Linda Sarsour Exploiting Victims Of Hurricane Harvey By Fundraising Off Of The Disaster

The url’s go to a  political PAC website.  Linda Sarsour has ties to Islamic terrorists and recently called for jihad against President Trump.



On the donation page:

The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) is a renamed  ACORN  group (the group that was investigated for illicit voter registration activities and tax fraud.  ACORN workers were filmed by a pair posing as a pimp and prostitute on setting up a prostitution ring and evading the IRS.  TOP received funding from George Soros.

Relief Aid To Texas – Samaritans Purse And IsraAid

“We have pre-positioned Samaritan’s Purse disaster relief trucks and materials outside Dallas and will be moving into the hardest hit areas as soon as we are given the all-clear by the state authorities…” -Franklin Graham

Samaritan’s Purse disaster relief units are now in Texas as Harvey’s deadly fury has moved inland and continues to pummel the state, especially flood-prone Houston. Our teams are ready to go in and help homeowners in Jesus’ Name as soon as we are able to access affected communities.

When the Category 4 hurricane came ashore late Friday night, the coastal town of Rockport and other areas suffered considerable damage and at least one fatality was reported.

Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S., is now getting battered, with more than three feet of rain having fallen in the last 24 hours. At least two people have drowned, and more than 2,000 people have been rescued—many of those from rooftops. Much of the city is under water, and rains could last four to five more days.

“My heart continues to be heavy for the good people of South Texas as they begin to deal with the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey—and the flood waters are still rising in many areas,” said Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse president.  SamaritansPurse 

You can help hurricane victims by volunteering, donating, and praying.

Israel sends aid to flood-battered Texas

Humanitarian aid organizations IsraAID and iAID send teams to help clear debris, clean ruined homes and offer psychological support to Harvey survivors.

Two teams of Israeli aid experts are on their way to Texas to provide vital relief and psychosocial support to the thousands of people who have lost everything in the catastrophic Tropical Storm Harvey….

Humanitarian aid organization IsraAID aims to provide a two-stage response to the disaster, focusing on helping remove debris and clean homes in the wake of the catastrophic flooding, and offering psychosocial trauma support to shocked residents.

“In crises with large-scale destruction, national and international aid efforts typically focus on practical, physical support, with limited resources allocated to the mental and emotional rehabilitation of affected populations,” said Yotam Polizer, co-CEO of IsraAID.

“For the most vulnerable groups, notably children and the elderly, time is of critical importance; the longer these groups are forced to remain in shelters, the higher the chance of long-term mental health problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a disorder that can have a debilitating and long-term impact.”

iAID, an international aid organization based in Israel, is also sending a team of 9-10 Israeli relief professionals to offer support to the national guard and other non-governmental American aid groups, to help families and communities affected by the storm…

They will create and facilitate child-friendly spaces within the shelters to help support homeless children, and offer psychological and emotional support and tools for both individuals and for community resilience-building.

The organization will also send a relief team to help local communities remove debris, clean out destroyed homes and help residents sift through the wreckage of former homes to salvage belongings.

“This cleaning stage is crucial to avoid major health and hygiene issues from contaminated water and open sewage,” said Polizer. “From a psychological perspective, home-owners are often so overwhelmed by the devastation and the loss of their belongings that they cannot consider the thought of filtering through their possessions to try and save anything. Part of IsraAID’s work is to separate what can be preserved.

“The loss of people’s homes can easily put them into a downward spiral of despair and depression. Cleaning up the mess helps create a positive momentum towards rehabilitation and recovery,” Polizer added. Israel21c

London: Native English Speaking Five-Year-Old White Christian Girl Placed In Non-English Speaking Muslim Foster Homes

The five-year-old girl’s cross was removed by the Muslim foster home.  No one in the Muslim foster homes spoke English.  The five-year old English speaking girl was encouraged to learn Arabic.  She was told that Christmas and Easter are stupid.  That European women are alcoholics.

The parents of a Christian five-year-old forced to live with Muslim foster carers allegedly ‘begged’ a council to allow her to live with her grandmother.

The Government has been urged to examine the case, which has seen a scandal-hit council place the girl in two Muslim households in the past six months, against the wishes of her family – who repeatedly asked that she be placed with family friends or relatives.DailyMail

This vulnerable young girl is still in a Muslim foster home.

The girl lived with her first carer, who is believed to have worn a niqab outside the family home, for four months. Her current carer wears a burka, which covers her face entirely, when she is out in public with the child.

This was done deliberately.

It’s not the first time Tower Hamlets has been embroiled in scandal. In 2014, a leaked government report suggested the mayor Lutfur Rahman had links to Islamic extremist groups, including one seeking to set up a Sharia state in Europe…

In April this year, an Ofsted inspection at Tower Hamlets council found ‘widespread and serious failures in the services provided to children who need help and protection’.

The council’s children’s service was rated as inadequate and found to have an ‘entrenched culture of non-compliance with basic social work standards’.

This is child abuse.  Tower Hamlets council in East London needs to be closed, fully investigated, staff fired…

A white five-year-old girl told her mother Christmas and Easter are ‘stupid’ and European women are alcoholics after being fostered to two Muslim families, it was claimed today.

The child, who is a native English speaker, also refused to take back her favourite meal – spaghetti carbonara – because it contained bacon – which Muslims do not eat.

The child, who is a native English speaker, spent the past six months in two Muslim households after being placed into foster care in Tower Hamlets, east London.

She was forced to live in Muslim foster homes where nobody spoke English and her carers took away her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic, according to The Time.

Local authority reports describe how the little girl sobbed and begged not to be returned to her niqab-wearing carer’s home, telling a social worker: ‘They don’t speak English.’

The reports detail how the child was ‘very distressed’ and claimed the foster carer had removed her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic.

The two placements were made by the scandal-hit Tower Hamlets borough council against the wishes of the girl’s family.

Local authorities are required to give due consideration to a child’s religion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background’ when placing them into a foster home.

The girl’s mother is said to be horrified by the circumstances her daughter has been placed in.

A friend told the newspaper: ‘This is a five-year-old white girl. She was born in this country, speaks English as her first language, loves football, holds a British passport and was christened in a church.

‘She’s already suffered the huge trauma of being forcibly separated from her family. She needs surroundings in which she’ll feel secure. Instead, she’s trapped in a world where everything feels foreign and unfamiliar. That’s really scary for a young child.’  DailyMail


PA Chairman Abbas – He Won’t Stop Giving American Money to Terrorists Untill His Dying Day

Congress needs to turn the money off.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has rejected American demands that he stop using foreign financial aid to pay stipends and salaries to the families of jailed Palestinian terrorists.

Abbas met last week with US envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt as part of President Donald Trump’s efforts to restart Middle East peace talks.

According to Israeli journalists present at the meeting, Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, reiterated the long-standing demand that the Palestinian Authority not reward terrorism with financial gain.

Congress has repeatedly threatened to halt all foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority over the payments to jailed terrorists, nearly all of whom are incarcerated in Israel for carrying out attacks on Jewish men, women and children.

The Arabic-language newspaper Al-Quds reported that Abbas’ response was to “inform Kushner that he would never stop paying these salaries until his dying day, even if this cost him the presidency.”

“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine, Israel Today.

Gatestone Institute has an explanation of what is taking place:

For the record, this is not a defense of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas or of funding terrorists. It is simply an explanation of what is taking place. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the idea of ending payments to Palestinian terrorists and their families is a challenging one, to say the least. Old habits, especially of hate, are hard to break.

The practice of paying salaries to terrorists and the families of “martyrs” is as old as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was founded in 1964. It did not start after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1994. Nor did this practice start after Abbas was elected as president of the PA in January 2005.

Prior to the establishment of the PA, the PLO relied solely on Arab and Islamic financial aid to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists and the families of those killed in terror attacks against Israel.

But after most of the Arab countries turned their backs on the PLO, following its support for Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent establishment of the PA, the Europeans and Americans became the major donors to the Palestinians — including payments to the terrorists and their families.

Is a massive shift in attitude possible?

A plan to dry up the funds that support terrorists and their families, is doomed from the start unless these leaders reverse their behavior and embark on a process of de-radicalizing their people…

Under Abbas and his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, countless institutions have been established to support terrorists and their families. At one point, they even set up a special ministry called the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs. Its main goal: “to ensure a decent life for prisoners and care for their children and their families.” Why should any Palestinian go to university and search for a job when he can make a “decent living” murdering Jews?

Full article at GatestoneInstitte

Houston Looters Reportedly Shooting Rescuers


Looters have reportedly opened fire on rescue teams attempting to save people in Houston, and the punishments should be out of this world.

The looters allegedly opened fire on the Cajun Navy, a group that has been doing incredible work to save as many lives as possible during the flooding.

“Clyde and the other team members and teams are all safe. Looters decided to pose as people needing rescue and they attempted to overtake the boats and there were shots fired at the boats. I repeat they are all safe. Looters must have not wanted our boats in the water for rescues. Please feel free to share this post. We are currently on stand down pending a new strategic plan,” was posted on the Cajun Navy’s Facebook page, but it’s since been removed.

Clyde Cain, a member of the Cajun Navy told CNN the conflict came as the group sought shelter. DailyCaller

‘Cajun Navy’ Responds To Houston Flood, Saves 73-Year-Old Woman

Members of the “Cajun Navy” made landfall in flooded Bayou City and quickly saved the life of a 73-year-old woman they found floating in the street.

Three members of the Cajun Navy traveled from their homes in Louisiana to help rescue people stranded in the catastrophic flooding that impacted Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Joshua Lincoln, Ricky Berrigan, and Donnie Davenport came across a woman floating face down in a roadway, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported.

“I thought it was a trash bag,” Lincoln told the newspaper. “She was wearing a black shirt.

“The lady must have been crossing in some current,” he explained. “She floated right to the boat. We jumped out and got her and gave her compressions right there in the water. We were holding her from behind.”

The woman quickly came around after about 15 compressions, the rescuers said. They then pulled her into the boat and moved her to safety.

Lincoln said the woman, Wilma Ellis, appeared a bit disoriented and scared. They wrapped her in a blanket to warm her up and transported her to a gas station where she could get help.  BreitBart

New Report Examines Anti-Semitism Violence in Europe

A new study “Antisemitic Violence in Europe”, 2005-2015 by  Johannes Due Enstad of the Oslo-based Center for Studies of the Holocaust and the University of Oslo and jointly published by both institutions looked at France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia.

Gatestone Institute summarizes some of the findings:

  • Examining statistics from France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia, Enstad points out that one of these seven countries “clearly stands out with a very low number” of anti-Semitic incidents despite its “relatively large Jewish population…”
  • Absurdly, whenever a perpetrator draws a swastika, the Swedish government automatically considers it a “right-wing” act.
  • Enstad concludes that right-wingers, in all four of the major Western European countries in his study, “constitute a clear minority of perpetrators.” Indeed, “in France, Sweden and the UK (but not in Germany) the perpetrator was perceived to be left-wing more often than right-wing.”

The country with the lowest number of  anti-Semitic incidents is Russia.

Examining statistics from France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia, Enstad points out that one of these seven countries “clearly stands out with a very low number” of anti-Semitic incidents despite its “relatively large Jewish population”; the country in question, he adds, “is also the only case in which there is little to indicate that Jews avoid displaying their identity in public.” In addition, it is the only one of the six countries in which the majority of perpetrators of anti-Semitic violence are not Muslims. Which country is Enstad referring to? Russia.

That Russia is relatively free of anti-Semitic violence may sound surprising to anyone familiar with the words Cossack and refusenik, but it actually makes sense. Would-be Jew-bashers in Russia know that if they’re arrested for committing acts of violence, the consequences won’t be pretty. In western Europe, by contrast, the courts are lenient, the terms of confinement short, and the prisons extremely comfortable. And while Muslims know that they are a protected class in Western Europe, able to commit all kinds of transgressions with near-impunity, that is far from being the case in Putin’s Russia.

If Muslims do not dominate the anti-Semitic crime statistics in Russia, who does? The answer: right-wing extremists. Although politicians and the media in Western Europe like to talk as if Jews (and others) in their countries are principally endangered by the far-right, Russia is, in fact, the only one of the seven countries in Enstad’s study in which that group does play a significant role in anti-Semitic acts.

Other Countries In Europe

What about the other countries? Denmark has few Jews, and Norway even fewer, so these two countries play a relatively minor role in Enstad’s study. That leaves Germany, Britain, France, and Sweden. Nearly 10% of French Jews say they have been physically attacked for being Jewish during the past five years; in Germany and Sweden the figure is about 7.5%, in Britain nearly 5%. Asked how often they “avoid visiting Jewish events or sites” for fear of danger, 7.9% of Jews in Sweden say they do so frequently, followed by their coreligionists in France, Germany, and Britain (where the number is only 1.2%). Asked if they “avoid wearing, carrying or displaying things” in public that would identify them as Jews, 60% of Swedish Jews say they do so “all the time” or “frequently,” with, again, France, Germany, and Britain following in that order.

Almost 50% of French Jews have considered emigrating because they feel imperiled in their own country; for Germany the figure is 25%, and for Sweden and Britain it is just under 20%.

Fiddling with semantics and statistics 

Enstad weighs official statistics from all of the countries under examination, but finds that while those from most of the countries essentially jibe with the results of independent studies, those published by both Germany and Sweden are fishy, in some cases betraying an apparent effort by officials to massage the numbers to avoid certain uncomfortable facts.

While an independent survey, for example, concludes that right-wing extremists make up a small minority of perpetrators of anti-Semitic violence in Germany, German police statistics blame most such violence on just right-wingers. Enstad, in his polite way, suggests that this discrepancy is the result of “a categorisation problem.” Could it be possible, Enstad wonders, that “German police considers antisemitism a right-wing type of ideology and thus categorises most anti-Semitic attacks as right-wing, regardless of the perpetrator’s ethnic or religious background?” Another problem is that German officials categorize some incidents — including the fire-bombing of a synagogue — as anti-Israeli, not anti-Semitic.

The Swedish government’s numbers are also dubious. While attributing a “minority” of anti-Semitic incidents to “right-wing extremists,” official Swedish reports prefer not to say who is responsible for the majority of them. The closest they come to doing so is to state that many “expressions of antisemitism” are “linked to… conflicts in the Middle East.” It seems clear that this is a euphemistic way of indicating that the perpetrators in question are Muslims. In any event, anecdotal evidence overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that most of the people who commit anti-Semitic violence in Sweden are, indeed, Muslims. For example, Judith Popinski, a concentration-camp survivor living in Malmö, told the Sunday Telegraph back in 2010 that she had begun experiencing the same “hatred” in that city that had once been directed at her by the Nazis, only this time, she said, it “comes from Muslim immigrants. The Jewish people are afraid now.” Full article at Gatestone Institute

Something ugly that has been kept hidden is coming out again in Europe.

Anti-Statue Crowd Using ‘KKK Tactics’ To Remove Christopher Columbus Statue

There is some historical link between Democrats and the KKK.

Christopher Columbus is also on the growing list of targeted historical figures. There are calls to remove statues of Columbus in several cities — even Columbus, Ohio — as well as petitions to Columbus Day celebrations. And in a move rich with tragic irony, vandals — dressed in the now familiar dark hooded garments worn by Antifa and its allies — defaced the oldest monument in the country dedicated to Christopher Columbus in Baltimore on Sunday night [Aug. 20th].

In doing so, those in the dark hoods inadvertently did the bidding of those in white hoods, who for years sought to expunge statues and celebrations of the Italian Catholic explorer who sailed under Spain’s banner, precisely because he was Italian and Catholic.  The Hill

Statement of Patrick Korten, National Christopher Columbus Association:

The rush to judgment against Christopher Columbus by some in New York City’s government recalls the worst aspects of the bigotry and hatred Italian Americans and other immigrants once had to face in New York, where Catholic immigration was, in effect, banned by the state’s first constitution written by John Jay.

Those undertaking this ill-conceived attempt to rewrite history should consider the following:

  1. Modern biographers, including Stanford University professor emerita Carol Delaney, have shown that Columbus was a decent man who is improperly blamed for everything that went wrong after 1492.
  2. Columbus has been a target of white supremacists since the 1920s, when a resurgent Ku Klux Klan attacked monuments and celebrations of Columbus from coast to coast. They hated that he was Mediterranean not Anglo, that he sailed for Spain, not England, that he was popular in the immigrant community, and most of all, that he was Catholic. (Catholics, along with African Americans and Jews, were regular targets of the Klan).
  3. The current caricature of Columbus now being peddled by some politicians and activists comes from the likes of Ward Churchill, the disgraced professor infamous for calling New York victims of 9/11 “little Eichmanns.” The fact that his outlandish claims in a 1992 article on Columbus – published by Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed – now pass for political discourse in the city is not worthy of New York.
  4. The disparagement of Columbus today has its roots in a centuries-old habit of painting Italian and Hispanic immigrants in this country as cruel, violent, sexually aggressive, and untrustworthy.  In the context of Spanish exploration, this is known as the “Black Legend” – based on propaganda peddled about Spain dating from the 16th century, which continues to be the grist for racially tinged comments about Hispanics and Italians to this day. prnewswire

Kentucky Audit Shows $72 Million In Medicaid Payments Made to Ineligible Beneficiaries

Liberals have said numerous times that it is impossible for illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded government benefits.

A Kentucky audit shows a failure.

An estimated $72 million in Medicaid payments were made to potentially ineligible beneficiaries in Kentucky, according to an audit from the agency’s inspector general…

The Audit

The audit found the state determined eligibility status for Medicaid benefits without having such documentation and could not show that they received a citizenship verification response from the Social Security Administration.

In order to receive Medicaid benefits, the state must verify citizenship or nationality status and have documentary evidence. The state can conduct this verification process through the Social Security Administration…

To properly verify citizenship or nationality status of beneficiaries enrolled in Medicaid, States must ensure that those individuals declaring to be citizens or nationals of the United States have presented satisfactory documentary evidence of citizenship or nationality…

For 7 of 120 beneficiaries, the State agency determined these beneficiaries eligible for Medicaid without maintaining documentation that it verified citizenship in accordance with Federal requirements. For these beneficiaries, the State agency submitted their citizenship status through the Data Hub or BENDEX for verification with SSA. However, the State agency could not provide documentation that it had received a citizenship verification response. The State agency indicated that, because of human error and system errors, it could not find supporting documentation…

The State agency did not always verify identity or maintain documentation from identity-proofing of beneficiaries. For 13 of 50 beneficiaries that applied using the State marketplace, the State agency did not verify identity during the application process or document that it had performed identity-proofing in accordance with Federal requirements.

Did Not Verify Identities

For nine beneficiaries, State agency personnel completed the application either online or over the phone and did not verify identity. The State agency was unable to provide any documentation indicating that personnel followed Federal requirements to verify identity for these online or phone applications.

For four beneficiaries, the State agency either did not verify identity or did not maintain documentation of the verification because of Kynect system errors…

On the basis of our sample results, we estimated that during our 6-month audit period, approximately 8% of non-newly eligible beneficiaries in Kentucky were potentially ineligible, and approximately 3% of Federal payments were made to those beneficiaries. As a result, we estimated that Kentucky made Federal Medicaid payments on behalf of 69,931 potentially ineligible beneficiaries totaling $72,763,721.  FreeBeacon

Antifa In Berkeley Chasing And Beating People In Street

Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley

Antifa anarchist shocking violence in Berkeley, California. A few people showed up for the canceled Patriot Prayer group and hundreds of Antifia.

Organizers cancelled the Patriot Prayer rally because of  safety concerns.

Both Amber Cummings [No to Marxism in America rally organizer] and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson have repeatedly denounced racism. Cummings canceled her Sunday event and Gibson called off his Saturday rally late Friday, saying that demonization by mayors in both cities and left-wing extremists made it impossible to speak out.  AP

Police standing down!

This is Berkeley, the California city that birthed the American free speech movement.  Disgusting!

Hurricane Harvey Sends Floodwaters Into Texas Nursing Home, 15 Seniors Rescued


CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca‏ posted an updated photo on Monday night that shows the women are “safe, warm and dry” after the original image of them sitting in water shocked the world.

The women have been relocated to a nearby facility in Alvin, Texas, and are in “good spirits,” according to multiple sources. Faithwire


Harvey is expected to produce additional rainfall
accumulations of 15 to 25 inches through Friday over the upper Texas coast and into southwestern Louisiana. Isolated storm totals may reach 50 inches over the upper Texas coast, including the Houston/Galveston metropolitan area. These rains are currently producing catastrophic and life-threatening flooding, and flash flood emergencies are in effect for portions of southeastern Texas.   National Weather Service – Sun Aug 27 2017

All assisted living facilities and nursing homes have evacuation plans.

Timothy McIntosh, the son-in-law of the woman who owns the nursing home posted the picture just before 10am on Sunday asking for help. DailyMail

As Tropical Storm Harvey continued to pound southeastern Texas on Sunday with “catastrophic flooding,” residents of a nursing home southeast of Houston had to be evacuated from waist-deep water.

Fifteen senior citizens were evacuated from the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, David Popoff, the city’s emergency management coordinator, told the Galveston County Daily News.

Popoff told the newspaper all 15 were rescued by helicopter.

“We were air-lifting grandmothers and grandfathers,” Popoff said. FoxNews

Did they listen to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D)?


“Even if an evacuation order has not been issued by your local official, if you are in areas between Corpus Christi and Houston … you need to strongly consider evacuating,” Abbott said mid-day Friday in a basement bunker at the state emergency operations center in Austin. “If I were living in the Houston region, as I once did, I would decide to head to areas north of there,” he added. “Think of your life first.”  Governor Abbot  (R)

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner argued on Sunday that an evacuation of Harris county, which is currently seeing “unprecedented” flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, would have led to a far worse calamity for area residents.

“If you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare. Especially when it’s not planned,” Turner said during an update Sunday on the city’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

Turner argued that an evacuation order has to be “very well-coordinated all the way from Houston to the destination point.”  ABCNews

Houston Underwater

The incessant rain covered much of Houston in turbid, gray-green water and turned streets into wide channels navigable only by boat…

As the water rose, the National Weather Service offered another ominous forecast: Before the storm that arrived Friday as a Category 4 hurricane is gone, some parts of Houston and its suburbs could receive as much as 50 inches of rain. That would be the highest amount ever recorded in Texas.

Some areas have already received about half that amount. Since Thursday, South Houston had received nearly 25 inches and the suburbs of Santa Fe and Dayton got 27 inches.

‘The breadth and intensity of this rainfall is beyond anything experienced before,’ the National Weather Service said in a statement.

In a rescue effort that recalled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, helicopters landed near flooded freeways, airboats buzzed across inundated neighborhoods and high-wheel vehicles plowed through water-logged intersections. Some people managed with kayaks or canoes or swam.DailyMail

Atheist Group Demands Senator Rubio Stop Tweeting Bible Verses

Sen. Rubio has been tweeting Bible verses from his personal Twitter account @MarcoRubio.   In July, Politico claimed Marco Rubio tweeted  Repulican bible verses.

The nation’s largest atheist organization is demanding that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., stop tweeting Bible verses from his Twitter account, telling him that doing so is a violation of the United States Constitution.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which advocates for strict adherence to separation of church and state and has over 1,400 members in Florida, sent the 46-year-old 2016 presidential candidate a demand letter on Tuesday to complain about an increase in Rubio’s Bible-themed tweets since May.

“We understand that you have been tweeting Bible verses from @MarcoRubio to nearly 3 million followers. It appears that you began tweeting the Bible in mid-May and have been doing so regularly ever since. This is not an errant Bible verse or two, but more than 60 Bible verses in three months,” the letter, written by FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel, reads…

Seidel argues that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution means that government can’t “promote one religious book over others or promote religion over nonreligion.” Seidel contends that this clause also means that public officials cannot “appear to endorse Christianity.”  ChristianPost