Senator Rand Paul’s Attacker Pleads Guilty To Felony

Boucher’s excuse – blame it on someone else, not his fault he was “triggered”.

The Kentucky man who attacked Sen. Rand Paul last year pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge on Friday.

In the plea deal, Rene Boucher, a neighbor of Paul’s, admitted to tackling the Republican from behind while he was mowing his lawn in Bowling Green. Boucher said that he was triggered after seeing Paul stack a pile of brush near their mutual property line.

Boucher had “had enough,” he said, according to the plea agreement.

“Assaulting a member of Congress is an offense we take very seriously,” Josh J. Minkler, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, said in a statement. “Those who choose to commit such an act will be held accountable.”  DailyCaller