UK Activists Try To Ban Franklin Graham From The UK: Graham Says “I’m Not Coming To Preach Hate, I’m Here To Preach About A Savior”

British parliamentarians along with over 7,000+ people have signed an online petition to ban world-famous American evangelist Franklin Graham from entry into the country because they say he has used “hate speech” against “Muslims and LGBT people.” LifeSiteNews

Anyone surprised?

Franklin Graham is fighting back against those who are trying to ban him from coming to the UK to preach the Gospel.

Graham is scheduled to speak at the Lancashire Festival of Hope in Blackpool this September, but thousands of people are petitioning against him, calling him a “hate speech preacher.” The petition argues that Graham’s criticism of Islam, support for Biblical marriage, and endorsement of U.S. President Donald Trump is grounds to forbid him from speaking in that country. Even parliament members, including Labor MP Gordon Marsden, told the BBC that Graham’s beliefs on these matters are “incompatible with what Jesus said in the Bible”.

Despite the backlash, Graham told Premier he is coming to the UK to do one thing: share the Gospel.

“I’m not coming to preach hate, I’m here to preach about a Savior—Jesus Christ who can make a difference in our lives if we put our faith and trust in Him,” said Graham. “I don’t think I’ve been to any country where everybody was supportive—there’s always churches or groups who don’t like my theology or that we associate with this group or that group.”

Graham extended an invitation to his critics.

“I’m not coming to speak against anyone; I’m not there to speak against Islam or against gays,” he said. “I want to invite the Muslims to come, I want Christians to come, I want the gays to come and to listen to what God has to say. It’s an open invitation.”

While Graham said he respects those who disagree with his views, he argued that even Jesus said offensive statements.

“He offended many people and still offends people today when He says ‘I am the way, and I am the truth, and I am the light. And there’s no one … no man comes to the Father but by Me,'” he said.

UK church leaders invited Graham to speak because they say the country needs the gospel now more than ever. 

“There is a strong Christian heritage in our country but in recent years there has been a move towards secular liberalism as well,” Rev. Steve Haskett, pastor of Blackpool St. John’s Church, told CBN News. “There’s never been a greater need for the life-changing news that Jesus Christ can bring healing and restoration. Something significant needs to happen to change the hearts of the people in this area.”

According to a recent British Social Attitudes survey, more than half of the country’s population say they have no religious affiliation. The survey says 53% of all adults describe themselves as having no religious affiliation, which is the highest they’ve ever been. CBN

Video: Franklin Graham on bringing the Gospel to the UK

University of Central Oklahoma Denies Free Speech To Ken Ham And Boots Him From Speaking

Update:  Although campus activists put enormous pressure on the student body president to cancel the lecture at UCO’s Constitution Hall, President Betz has decided to restore Ham’s lecture for March 5.

Ken Ham:  “I’m thrilled my talk at UCO is back on again. UCO officials have definitely heard from many concerned state legislators, several local residents, and alumni about the denial of our right to free speech.” AnswersInGenesis

The intolerant tolerant.

The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), a school located in a region informally known as The Bible Belt, has booted Ken Ham, the president of Answers in Genesis, from speaking on the Edmond campus next month. UCO has reneged on a contract it signed that allowed Ken to give a talk on March 5. Ken’s presentation in the school’s Constitution Hall, titled “Genesis and the State of the Culture,” was objectionable to a campus LGBT group, which put heavy pressure on the UCO Student Association (UCOSA) to cancel Ken’s speaking engagement. In his proposed talk at UCO , Ken would have discussed the two different worldviews and their starting points when interpreting scientific evidence, as he did in his classic evolution/creation debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” four years ago.

Paul Blair, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, and who worked through a campus group to arrange to have Ken appear in Constitution Hall (and was successful initially), has agreed to let Ken speak instead at his church near the UCO campus on March 5.

Our church has a campus student ministry called Valid Worldview. They have had an impact on many UCO students, including those in student government.

As such, the UCOSA (University of Central Oklahoma Student Association) asked me if we could get Ken Ham to appear at UCO. I reached out to Ken and the event was successfully scheduled. UCOSA initially had to fight the university to secure permission, but prevailed.

Recently, a tenured professor, who serves as sponsor of the campus LGBT clubs, rallied support and put intense pressure on the students in the UCOSA to rescind the invitation, which they reluctantly did. This is another case of bullying by those that decry intolerance. AnswersInGenesis