6 Out Of 60,000 Solve Shin Bet Cyber Riddle

Shin Bet released a recruitment video, a new website, and a cyber riddle ahead of Israel’s 69th Independence Day celebrations.

Video:  Shin Bet Recruitment Video

Video by JerusalemOnline

Sixty thousand Israelis attempted to solve a riddle published by the Shin Bet last Thursday as part of a new recruitment drive for its elite cyber unit. Only six have succeeded in solving the puzzle so far.

Only 20 out of the 60,000 who tried their hand at the riddle managed to solve the part aimed at those suited to the development section of the cyber unit, and only six succeeded in solving all three parts of the riddle aimed at the research section of the unit.

The Shin Bet launched the riddle online as part of a new campaign to recruit the best and brightest from Israeli society. The intelligence organization called the campaign “thwarting the next threat, defending Israel.”

The cyber geniuses who solved the riddle will be invited to apply for one of the unique technological posts at the forefront of IDF technology and to integrate into the unique and new developing cyber unit positions offered by the Shin Bet to these candidates. 25% of Shin Bet personnel are in the technology, IT and cyber sections of the service.  INN

Great Response

The campaign has thus far bore fruit, evidenced by 480 applications being submitted within 20 hours of the start of the campaign…

There was a much greater response the Shin Bet’s riddle than that of the Mossad. This has been attributed to the fact that a Shin Bet team implemented lessons from Mossad’s previous attempt and developed a much more complicated puzzle, comprising many different layers.

The exercise even managed to generate buzz in many mathematical forums across the world. YNet

Online: Shabak

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