Advance Planning Of Migration Wave Into Germany

What is Merkel’s agenda?  Does she want to destabilize Germany and the EU and destroy the economy of Germany and the EU?

Is the German Chancellor a Russian agent (interesting read and food for thought)?   German industry “has strong ties to both Russia and Iran.”  Merkel has made Germany dependent on “Russian gas and oil by terminating Germany’s nuclear energy program.” Now the migrant invasion.  What is Merkel’s agenda?

The migration wave was planned in advance.

Part of an article in the Polish news portal

It describes the experience of a Polish couple who purchased a hotel in Bavaria, only to be forced to sell it to the German government as “refugee” housing.

The interesting piece of information in this story is the government order to acquire mass housing for migrants three years before Chancellor Angela Merkel invited in the entire third world.

When they bought the 200-year-old house in an idyllic Bavarian village, they thought they had found themselves in a paradise. They wanted to turn the house into a hotel, with its own bakery, coffee shop, and a restaurant. It was in a village that was extremely popular with tourists. Now nobody goes there any longer. All the hotels and most large houses were turned into refugees shelters, and arson became a common occurrence. The media don’t mention it, however. Before their very eyes Germany was turning into a Muslim country: thefts, vandalism, and rubbish everywhere became the norm.

When they first began renovation of the largest house in town, they thought it would prosper, but around 2011 Angela Merkel changed her policies.

In 2009 she won the election. In 2010 she said that multi-culti had failed, and in 2011 the German government started actively looking for large houses for immigrants. At first people didn’t understand what was going on, because there were no refugees. The Arab spring was just starting. Nobody had heard anything about any refugees or asylum seekers, and yet the pressure from the government to find and buy real estate for those shelters was enormous. People were wondering what refugees the government even had in mind.

In 2013 protests began in Ukraine, and in 2014 Putin annexed Crimea, so everyone thought Ukrainians might be those famous refugees. Then suddenly the media started broadcasting Merkel’s invitation to literally every single Syrian to come to Germany. At first people didn’t know that it would result in hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners and Africans (and others) crossing the Mediterranean and arriving via land routes, but then the obvious question arose: how could the German government have known so far in advance about this wave of immigration? That’s when the propaganda started: telling people how wonderful those newcomers were for the people and for the German economy.  Read full article at Gates of Vienna

Merkel opening borders a violation of German law and was planned.

One of the most prominent German cultural traits is a deep-seated respect for the law and an insistence on obeying the rules.

The chancellor’s opening of the borders to uncontrolled migration without a directive from the Interior Ministry was a clear violation of German law. Gates of Vienna

Thorsten Schulte is a capital market and economics expert. He was a member of the Christian Democratic Union (Merkel’s political party) but parted with the party after 26 years. In this video he criticizes Merkel’s reckless open border migration policy as well as highlights at least one law was clearly broken. The sources for his information are here (in German). emberwolf

  • He notes Merkel, somewhat despotically, considered “morality before law” in her decision to not protect Germany’s borders.
  • There was no directive given by the Ministry of the Interior to open the country’s borders to migrants. Without this directive, the act of allowing migrants into the country without border control is illegal.
  • Family reunification is expected to usher another large migration of Syrians into Germany. Within a group of family members brought to Germany for reunification, only one person is counted as a refugee in official statistics. More on the reunification issue here.
  • 80 per cent of refugees/migrants do not have identification papers.
  • The German government is shrouded by a wall of silence. People are afraid to speak up about the situation.

According to Silberjunge, all the politicians in Berlin are well aware of the facts he presents in his video, but are afraid to discuss them in public. His presentation is an appeal to them to break the wall of silence and expose the chancellor’s manifold derelictions of duty in such a way that ordinary German citizens can see them.  Gates of Vienna

Full translation of the video at Gates of Vienna.

Video:  Stunning expose of Merkel’sl law breaking

The Real Russian Agent – Merkel?

Liberal Democrats have been so busy accusing Donald J. Trump of being a Russian agent that they have missed the real Russian agent on the international scene—Germany’s Angela Merkel. Her pro-Muslim immigration policies have not only destabilized Europe and increased terrorism but have also facilitated the rise of the right-wing political parties our media have expressed alarm about…

In the same way that responsible U.S. conservatives raised questions about President Obama’s Marxist/Muslim background in trying to explain his disastrous policies, Merkel’s history as a communist youth activist in East Germany, where a young KGB officer by the name of Vladimir Putin was stationed, has always been a source of controversy.

Merkel’s father, a minister named Horst Kasner, was born in West Germany, but he moved to East Germany just a few months after Angela’s birth. That was during a time when hundreds of thousands were fleeing in the opposite direction, from East to West, and before the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

In East Germany he was known as a GDR (German Democratic Republic) church-man who collaborated with the regime. As a young person in East Germany, Angela Kasner was active in the Young Pioneers and later the Free German Youth, and served as a propagandist. Her dedication to communism continued during her university years, where she reportedly wrote a thesis on Marxism-Leninism before graduating from Karl Marx University in Leipzig.

More than two years ago we asked, “Is the German Chancellor an Agent of Russia?” Among other things, she had made Germany more dependent on Russian oil and gas by terminating Germany’s nuclear energy program. The refugee crisis adds to the suspicions about her real agenda. Full article at BreakingNewsIsrael

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