Anti-Semitism heard at major Islamic conference in France

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Paris, France

At the 31st Congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF) Anti-Semitic speeches were given ‘places of honor’.  The 31st UOIF congress was advertised to discuss assimilation, culture, and immigration, but descended into an anti-Semitic rant.
Speaking at the 31st Congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, Hani Ramadan a prominent Muslim leader from Geneva railed against Jewish and pro-Israeli groups in the United States.  Hani Ramaden also stated, “All the evil in the world originates from the Jews and the Zionist barbarism.”

All evil in the world, all the backwardness of Islam, all violence and barbarism is due to Jewish groups? A rational person would not believe that.

Hani Ramadan is a prominent Muslim leader and his father Said Ramadan was the son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hani’s brother Tariq Ramadan, for years was banned from entering the United States by the U.S. State Department for giving donations to charity organizations that funded terrorist organizations such as Hamas.

The Congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations congress is one of France’s largest and most prominent Islamic events. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims attend the UOIF Congress in France.

The Berkley Center at Georgetown University describes the UOIF

The Union of Islamic Organizations of France (Union des Organisations Islamiques de France, UIOF) fosters the growth of the Muslim community within France, working to improve citizen participation, forge relationships with the government, and combat Islamophobia by encouraging dialogue. UOIF also works on combating poverty and exclusion and heavily emphasizes the importance of religious freedom and cooperation with secular society; recently, education for imams and Muslim youth as well as internal reorganization and capacity building have been additional priority areas. UIOF was formed in 1983 when a number of Muslim community leaders recognized the need for greater cooperation and representation on the national level. It sponsors an annual conference of Muslims in France.

Words of hate fester and grow and do lead to harm and killing of people.  This should be a wake up call for France, but not just France but all.

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