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Texas: 2nd Person Tests Positive For Ebola

1400303190_27df2a1a78_q_hazmatThe Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday that a second health worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital tested positive for Ebola.   The day before being hospitalized the 2nd nurse infected with Ebola flew on Frontier Airlines.  The CDC is trying  to track down all 132 passengers aboard the plane reported the DailyMail.

How is it that world-wide so many health care workers are coming down with the Ebola virus?  The official ‘protocols’ for health care workers treating an Ebola patient needs to be reviewed pronto!

The director of the National Nurses Union RoseAnn DeMoro directly contradicted the CDC’s initial claim that a breach in protocol lead to the infection of Nina Pham as she treated Thomas Eric Duncan. She said: “Our nurses are not protected, they’re not prepared to handle Ebola or any other pandemics.   The protocols that should have been in place in Dallas were not in place and are not in place anywhere in the United States, as far as we can tell.”

  • National Nurses Union has made series of startling allegations against Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

  • Claims there were no concrete protocols to deal with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan

  • Union director RoseAnn DeMoro alleged her nurses were left unprotected and at the mercy of the killer virus

  • Angered by CDC director Tom Frieden’s attempts to pass the blame to nurse Nina Pham – who is now infected

  • Blasted Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for their duty of care towards their nurses

  • Claimed that nurses had to use medical tape to cover their exposed necks because their suits were ill-equipped

  • Alleged that hazardous waste from Duncan was left to pile up to the ceiling in one room DailyMail

A second health care worker at a Dallas hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday.

The department said in the statement emailed early Wednesday and posted on its website that the worker reported a fever Tuesday and was immediate isolated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Health officials said the worker was among those who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan after he was diagnosed with Ebola. Duncan died on Wednesday at the Texas hospital of Ebola.

The department said a preliminary Ebola test was conducted late Tuesday at a state public health laboratory in Austin, Texas, and that confirmatory testing would be conducted at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

The statement also said the health care worker, who wasn’t identified, was interviewed to quickly identify any contacts or potential exposures and that others will be monitored. It added that the type of monitoring will depend on the nature of their interactions with the health care worker and the potential of exposure to the virus.

Officials have said they don’t know how the first health worker, a nurse, became infected. But the second case pointed to lapses beyond how one individual may have donned and removed personal protective garb. MSN


Netherlands: It’s OK For Members Of Biker Gang To Fight ISIS In Iraq

Ex-military biker in Mosul, posing with a Kurdish fighter.

The Dutch public prosecutor says biker gangs travelling to help Kurds fight ISIS aren’t breaking any laws.  The Dutch prosecutor made the ruling after pictures started showing up on pro-Kurdish social media of Dutch biker gang members in Iraq fighting with the Kurds.

Dutch biker gangs are free to send their members to the Middle East to fight ISIS, according to the country’s public prosecutor.

The turmoil in the Middle East has already attracted hundreds of people throughout Europe of Kurdish heritage who are flying to Iraq and Syria to take up arms against the Islamist militants, but the Netherlands has now apparently cleared three members of the No Surrender biker gang to do so as well.

“Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it’s no longer forbidden,” a spokesman for the Dutch public prosecution service told AFP on Tuesday. “You just can’t join a fight against the Netherlands.”

According to Dutch news reports, the head of the No Surrender bike gang says the three members who travelled to northern Iraq — said to be former soldiers — were from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda. They reportedly spend two weeks on the front before commuting back to the Netherlands for a week.

The Intolerance of Tolerance Book Review

There is now a kind of tolerance that can actually be quite intolerant.
How can tolerance be intolerant? D.A. Carson helps unravel that paradox by carefully defining what is meant by “tolerance” and “intolerance.”

Carson draws a line between the “old” and the “new” definitions of tolerance and intolerance A subtle shift from an understanding that accepts the existence of different views to  a view that all views are equally valid and accepted, actually accepting another’s position as true or as true as your own position.

The older view of tolerance held either that truth is objective and can be known, and that the best way to uncover it is bold tolerance of those who disagree, since sooner or later the truth will win out. . . . The new tolerance argues that there is no one view that is exclusively true. Strong opinions are nothing more than strong preferences for a particular version of reality, each version equally true. D.A. Carson

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Kentucky Human Rights Commission Tells Christians To Leave Religion At Home

t-shirt-blankThis is not possible, Christians live their faith and cannot leave their religion at home.  To think that private religious beliefs are acceptable as long as you do not act on them trivializes religious beliefs.

Tolerance is not extended toward Christians in this secular society.  Tolerance is being defined in only one direction.

This week the Lexington Human Rights Commission ruled:  “The evidence of record shows that the respondent discriminated against GLSO because of its members’ actual or imputed sexual orientation by refusing to print and sell to them the official shirts for the 2012 Lexington Pride Festival.”  The ruling also means that Hands On may not discriminate in the future, Sexton said, and that in the next year, its employees will have to undergo diversity training.  Read more Lexington Herald

Take just a moment and let that sink in – a Christian business owner is being ordered to attend diversity training – because of his religious beliefs. That’s a pretty frightening concept and a mighty dangerous precedent.

The Human Rights Commission in Lexington, Kentucky has a chilling message for Christian business owners who refuse service to LGBT organizations: leave your religion at home.

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Design A Better Hazmat Suit

hazmat photoDo you think that you could invent a better hazmat suit?  The prize is a million dollars.  The timing of this move does not inspire confidence.  The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has a challenge on finding ways to improve hazmat gear and tools that health workers use while fighting diseases.

Fighting Ebola: A Grand Challenge for Development
We are calling on the global community to share pioneering ideas that deliver practical and cost-effective innovations in a matter of months. Regardless of background, experience or knowledge of Ebola, your bold thinking is necessary to address this crisis, to improve delivery of care, and stem the spread of disease.

This BBC article-“How not to catch Ebola” does a good job of explaining the precautions that need to be taken by health workers and others covering the Ebola outbreak.

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US Pledges $212 Million To Reconstruct Gaza

Gaza Terror Tunnel
Gaza Terror Tunnel

The money will  go for building houses and businesses more terror tunnels.  You have to wonder what Gaza would be like if the terrorist spent the $4 billion on homes and businesses.

INN:  Hamas leader Khalil al-Haya insisted that Hamas “would not abandon its weapons” on Saturday, boasting that the group is allegedly closer to defeating “the Israeli entity and its leaders” more than ever….

Al-Haya added, in this context, that Hamas is “paving the way” for the success of the Palestinian “unity government,” noting that Sunday’s talks for international aid for Gaza in Cairo legitimizes the terror group politically and proves that war works.

He expressed confidence that the process of reconstruction in the Gaza Strip will be accelerated due to the conference, and that the “armed resistance” is not a burden, but rather a boon to the Palestinian Arab PR war on Israel.

At the Gaza Donor Conference Kerry also announced an additional $212 million in U.S. aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which was badly damaged during a conflict with Israel in July and August. half of which would be used for rebuilding.

The Palestinians have put the cost of reconstruction at about $4 billion and Norway’s Foreign Minister Borge Brende said the conference had secured $5.4 billion in aid, half of which would be used for rebuilding. Continue reading US Pledges $212 Million To Reconstruct Gaza

Ebola Threatens Chocolate

cocoa beans photo
Cocoa Beans

The Ivory Coast’s cocoa industry accounts for 40% of global supplies of the natural raw ingredient used in chocolate-cacao.

Ebola is threatening much of the world’s chocolate supply.

Ivory Coast , the world’s largest producer of cacao, the raw ingredient in M&Ms, Butterfingers and Snickers Bars, has shut down its borders with Liberia and Guinea, putting a major crimp on the workforce needed to pick the beans that end up in chocolate bars and other treats just as the harvest season begins. The West African nation of about 20 million — also known as Côte D’Ivoire — has yet to experience a single case of Ebola, but the outbreak already could raise prices.

The world’s chocolate makers have taken notice.

The World Cocoa Foundation is working now to collect large donations from Nestlé, Mars and many of its 113 other members for its Coca Industry Response to Ebola Initiative. The initiative hasn’t been publicly unveiled, but the WCF plans to announce details Wednesday, while at its annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, on how the money will fuel Red Cross and Caritas Internationalis work to help the infected and staunch Ebola’s spread. Politico

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Second U.S. Ebola Case: Texas Healthcare Worker Diagnosed With Ebola

CDC-Dr Thomas Frieden

A Texas healthcare worker who provided care for Thomas Eric Duncan (who died on Wednesday), has tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus.

At a Sunday morning press conference at the hospital, it was confirmed that a close contact of the healthcare worker – who officials said was wearing full protective gear when he or she made contact with Duncan – has also been placed, “proactively”, in isolation. The new case is the first person-to-person transmission of the disease in the US.

Dr Tom Frieden, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said the diagnosis of the healthcare worker showed there had been a clear breach of safety protocol at the hospital.

“We’re deeply concerned about this new development,” Frieden said on CBS. “I think the fact that we don’t know of a breach in protocol is concerning because clearly there was a breach in protocol. We have the ability to prevent the spread of Ebola by caring safely for patients.”

The worker was reported to be in stable condition in isolation at the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas. MSN

Canadian Christian’s Job Rejection Reveals Intolerance towards Christians

Canada wilderness photoBethany Paquette a graduate of Trinity Western applied to work for Amaruk Wilderness Corp.  Trinity Western is a Christian University in B.C, Canada.  Paquette is a biology graduate and an experienced river rafting guide, she applied to be a wilderness guide for Amaruk’s Canadian operations in the North.  She was rejected and attacked in emails from  Amaruk Wilderness company executives because of her Christian values.  CBC News is questioning whether the business and its jobs even exist as other women come forward who received bizarre and inappropriate responses to their job applications to wilderness company Amaruk.

“He wrote that she wasn’t qualified and “unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of people to sleep with or marry whoever they want.”

Two individuals of a Norwegian company in Canada turned down a native Canadian’s job application  based upon her graduating from a Christian University.

In the rejection email, Amundsen also wrote: “The Norse background of most of the guys at the management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually  see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition and way of life.”

The background they embrace is Viking and Norsemen, the Christianity they claim “destroyed” their culture was willingly embraced by the Norwegian people.

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Ebola Medical Cost

Ashoka Mukpo
Ashoka Mukpo

Friends of Ashoka Mukpo have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with his medical bills. Mukpo is the freelance cameraman who contracted Ebola in Liberia fighting for his like at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

According to a GoFundMe campaign launched Monday by his friends, Ashoka Mukpo’s medical bills could run in excess of $500,000.

The cost of the evacuation flight from Liberia to Omaha alone cost $150,000, not including the 40-person medical team that accompanied him on the flight, according to the campaign. Mukpo did have travelers’ insurance, but the policy excludes “catastrophic events or outbreaks,” and won’t pay for the treatment, according to the GoFundMe campaign.

Doctors at the Texas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who became the first person to die of Ebola on U.S. soil, told Bloomberg that care can cost $1,000 per hour.

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School Board Gender Inclusiveness–Call Children “Purple Penguins”

Purple Penguins
Purple Penguins

Nebraska’s Lincoln Public School district has taken politically correct gender inclusiveness to a strange level. Instead of referring to the students as boys and girls use nonsensical terms to avoid gender inclusive ones such as “purple penguins”.  Calling a child by an animal name is derogatory.  A child is not a purple penguin.

Purple penguins?  A teacher could just say “students” or “class”.

One parent sent out emials to other parents calling for them to join her at the October school board meeting. ” By sidelining academic teacher training and replacing it with social re-engineering, the LPS administration has placed a higher priority on social reformation than on education, the email read.” DailyMail

A Nebraska school district has instructed its teachers to stop referring to students by “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls,” and use “gender inclusive” ones such as “purple penguins” instead.

“Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys and girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention,” instructs a training document given to middle-school teachers at the Lincoln Public Schools. “Create classroom names and then ask all of the ‘purple penguins’ to meet on the rug,” it advises.

The document also warns against asking students to “line up as boys or girls,” and suggests asking them to line up by whether they prefer “skateboards or bikes/milk or juice/dogs or cats/summer or winter/talking or listening.”

“Always ask yourself . . . ‘Will this configuration create a gendered space?’” the document says. Continue reading School Board Gender Inclusiveness–Call Children “Purple Penguins”

4 ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Texas in Last 36 Hours

Secure borders?

isisflagIslamic terrorists have entered the United States through the Mexican border and Homeland Security sources tell Judicial Watch that four have been apprehended in the last 36 hours by federal authorities and the Texas Department of Public Safety in McAllen and Pharr.

JW confirmed this after California Congressman Duncan Hunter, a former Marine Corp Major and member of the House Armed Services Committee, disclosed on national television that at least ten Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) fighters have been caught crossing the Mexican border in Texas. The veteran lawmaker got the astounding intel straight from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Homeland Security agency responsible for guarding the 1,933-mile southern border.

“If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border,” Hunter proclaimed on a national cable news show this week. “It’s that simple. ISIS doesn’t have a navy, they don’t have an air force, they don’t have nuclear weapons. The only way that ISIS is going to harm Americans is by coming in through the southern border – which they already have.” The three-term congressmen went on: “They aren’t flying B-1 bombers, bombing American cities, but they are going to be bombing American cities coming across from Mexico.” Judicial Watch