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In Iraq Christians And Other Religious Minorities Dying In A World Not Caring

The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsák, acknowledged that in Iraq “religious minorities are being targeted and their members subjected to abductions, killings or the confiscation of their property by extremist groups.”

And yet, the world body continues to focus disproportionate (they like word) attention on Israel and its conflict with Hamas, a fact that had Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor fuming as he addressed the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

“It might be too much to ask you to stand on our side in this battle between civilization and barbarism, but at least have the decency to swallow your selective outrage while Israel wages war against the extremist groups seeking to eradicate the values that we all hold very dear,” he said.

Prosor accused the UN of complicity in the slaughter taking place in Iraq and elsewhere thanks to its “allowing organizations like Hamas to continue to exist in the Middle East.”

Online:  Christians: ‘We Are Dying, and World is Too Busy With Gaza to Care’


France Pledges Support To Kurds In Fight Against ISIS In Iraq

Hollande  photo
President François Hollande of France

President Hollande pledged “support” for Kurdish forces battling ISIS terrorist in Iraq after speaking Massud Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The president confirmed that France was available to support forces engaged in this battle,” President François Hollande’s office said in a statement, after the French leader spoke about Iraq by telephone with the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Massud Barzani.

Hollande did not specify what form the “support” could take. However, a French diplomatic source said the country was prepared to offer technical support to the forces of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, but would stop short of military assistance.

“France envisages support of a technical nature and no military assistance properly speaking is on the agenda,” the source told Reuters.

Online:  France pledges ‘support’ for forces fighting ISIS in Iraq

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Saudi Arabia Gives $1 Billion Grant To Lebanon To Fight Terrorist

HaririKing Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has issued an order to give Lebanon one billion dollars to fight the terrorist onslaught in the north of the country.   This week ISIS terrorist stormed across the Lebanese border with fighting in Arsal, where many have taken refuge from the Syrian war.

Lebanese Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Lebanon is facing an unprecedented terror attack at the hands of takfiri militants, saying that the $1 billion Saudi grant is meant to support the efforts of the Lebanese Army and other security apparatuses in crushing terrorism.

“In the name of the Lebanese state and Lebanese people, I would like to extend my thanks for this generous grant, and accordingly I will start contacting the prime minister and the state’s officials to meet the urgent needs of the Army and security forces,” Hariri told a press conference in the Saudi port city of Jeddah…

The former premier renewed accusations that Hezbollah’s military role in the Syrian civil war drew retaliatory action by Sunni militants and blamed their actions for a series of car bomb attacks and security escalations across the border, the latest of which was the overrunning of Arsal by Al-Qaeda-linked gunmen from Syria’s Nusra Front and Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).

Online:  Saudi $1B grant specifically to crush terrorism



Kurds Beg USA To Help Them Fight ISIS

kurdsmosulThe Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are effectively fighting to save Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities communities in Iraq.  The Kurds are sheltering Christians inside their own territory.  They are the only hope of stopping genocide in Iraq.  The Kurds are pro-American and one of the few allies the U.S. has in the Middle East.

The foreign minister of Iraqi Kurdistan on Wednesday issued a desperate plea for American and Western intervention to halt the advance of ISIS extremists.

“We are left alone in the front to fight the terrorists of ISIS,” Falah Mustafa Bakir told CNN’s Fred Pleitgen, in for Christiane Amanpour.

“I believe the United States has a moral responsibility to support us, because this is a fight against terrorism, and we have proven to be pro-democracy, pro-West, and pro-secularism.” Continue reading Kurds Beg USA To Help Them Fight ISIS

ISIS Seize Towns In Northern Iraq Christians Flee

sunset iraq photoIn northern Iraq, ISIS seized Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian town with a population of around 50,000, and several surrounding areas that were previously controlled by Kurdish peshmerga fighters.  This area is where many of Mosul’s Christians fled.

“All Christian villages are now empty,” said Bishop Joseph Tomas of Kirkuk.

“There are 100,000 displaced Christians who have fled with nothing but their clothes, some of them on foot, to reach the Kurdistan region,” Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako said

Online:  Iraqi militants seize several Christian villages

ISIS Destroying Religous Groups In Iraq

yazidisfleeThe ISIS Sunni terrorist in Iraq have targeted minority communities in areas they have conquered with forced conversions and murders.  In northern Iraq ISIS has decimated Christians, Shiites, and now Yazidis.  Over the weekend the arrival of ISIS in the northern Iraq town of Sinja over the weekend witnessed executions of those who refused to convert to Islam, those killed included forty children ; tens of thousands of people from the Turkmen minority and  Yazidi community fled.

The Washington Post wrote that the Iraqi Yazidis are
stranded on  isolated mountaintop and have begun to die of thirst.”

Heartbreaking.  “Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament “Fiyan Dakheel” (of the Kurdistan Alliance) collapses in tears after calling upon Humanity to rescue the Yazidis from Genocide. The Iraqi Parliament came together on 5 August 2014 to discuss the latest developments inside Iraq.”

The Yazidis religion “has roots in Zoroastrianism, an monotheistic religion that developed in ancient Persia around 1,500 BC.”

Online: CSMonitor Iraq’s jihadis have vowed to wipe out the Yazidis. Who are they?

C.S. Lewis Quote

cslewisMy argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man doesn’t call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line. What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust?” Thus in the very act of trying to prove that God didn’t exist he was proving he did- namely with this idea of Justice.
― C.S. Lewis

Terror Attack On Bus In Jerusalem

jerusalemterrorattackbulldozerReturn of Tractor Terror to streets of Jerusalem
A Palestinian driving a construction vehicle attacked a bus in central Jerusalem.

One Israeli was killed and another six were wounded when a Palestinian Arab terrorist attacked a passenger bus with a large bulldozer on the streets of Jerusalem Monday afternoon.

The attack occurred on the major thoroughfare dividing eastern Jerusalem from the western half of the city, very near to the Olive Tree Hotel.

Witnesses believe the bulldozer driver was attempting to run over people waiting at a nearby bus stop when a passenger bus suddenly pulled up. Not wanting to miss his opportunity, the terrorist rammed the bus, flipping the vehicle on its side. IsraelToday

Motorcycle riders open fire near Hebrew University in Jerusalem
An hour after the terrorist attack on a bus an IDF soldier was shot by unknown assailants on a motorcycle  in a tunnel in Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus near the Hebrew University. Motive of shooting unknown. JPost

A Primer On Hamas And Its Deadly Capabilities

The Times of Israel has an extensive report on Hamas capabilities and focus on  investment of millions in construction of tunnels, number of terrorist and training, large supplies of rockets and bombs revealed throughout Operation Protective Edge.

Since its establishment in 1987 as the Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the goal of establishing an Islamic state to replace Israel, Hamas has significantly grown in political and military power, but especially since wresting control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007 from the Palestinian Authority

In the interim period between Operation Pillar of Defense in late 2012 — the previous military operation in Gaza, aimed at eliminating the threat of rockets launched into Israel — and the current Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has focused on its capacity building, procuring and manufacturing long-range missiles and investing millions in the construction of tunnels into Israel to enable the kidnapping of soldiers and civilians.

Here are answers to some basic questions regarding Hamas’s capabilities, as revealed throughout Operation Protective Edge which began on July 8.

How many fighters does Hamas have?

Hamas entered the operation with an estimated 15,000 active fighters, including men in supportive positions.

Read more at : From tunnels to R-160s, a primer on Hamas and its deadly capabilities

Congress Backs Funding For Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System

Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Iron_Dome_Battery_Deployed_Near_AshkelonPartisan ploys almost prevented Congress from approving  funding for the Israeli Iron Dome defense system before it adjourns for a month-long recess.  The U.S. Congress passed emergency funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system on Friday.  

Israel requested an additional $225 million for the partially U.S. funded defensive Iron Dome project credited with saving lives.  Since June the Iron Dome system has intercepted about 500 rockets.

The Senate gave unanimous consent for the funding.  Friday evening the House of Representatives also overwhelmingly passed the additional funding by a vote of 395-8.  it requires the U.S. President’s signature, which it is likely to receive.

“The House will always support Israel’s right to defend itself, and today we’ve kept that commitment by backing emergency funding for Iron Dome.  This will help protect Israeli citizens from rocket attacks by Hamas, which still has thousands of rockets in its arsenal.  By coming together in bipartisan fashion, the United States Congress is sending a clear message: Israel is our friend, and Israel’s enemies are our enemies.”   Speaker Boehner’s Press Office