Bangladesh Restaurant Islamic Terrorists Were Well-Educated, Well-Off

Holey_Artisan_BakeryLike many Islamic terrorist, the Bangladesh restaurant terrorists were well-educated, well-off.

One of the terrorists had been educated at a madrassa. The mostly privately-run Islamic schools have at times been associated, especially in the South Asian context, with radical ideology.

Bangladeshi media reports identified one of the slain attackers as the son a mid-level official in the ruling party. Two reportedly were students at the Malaysian campus of Australia’s Monash University, while two had studied at an elite English-medium school in Dhaka, Scholastica.

In the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack on a restaurant in the Bangladeshi capital’s diplomatic quarter, the country is struggling to come to terms with the fact that most of the perpetrators were well-educated and wealthy – far from the stereotype of the impoverished and embittered jihadi recruit.

But a regional security expert said the fact people reacted to this with “astonishment” was in itself astonishing, given the documentation that calls into question the terror-poverty link proposition.

“The terrorists were from well-to-do families and were flamboyant young men,” the head of Bangladesh’s elite anti-terror unit, the Rapid Action Battalion, told India’s NDTV network. CNSNews

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