Biggest Supermoon Since Israel Became A Nation

The Supermoon will be visible again in the evening of Nov. 14 and the morning of Nov. 15.  This full moon will be the closest and brightest supermoon of 2016 but also the largest since 1948.

On November 14th, something extraordinary is going to happen. On that date we will witness the closest full moon that we have seen since 1948. Known as a “supermoon”, this full moon will happen just six days after the U.S. presidential election.
If you look up into the night sky on November 14th, you will notice that the moon appears to be much bigger and much brighter than usual.
Could it be possible that there is some special meaning to the biggest supermoon in almost 70 years?
The last time we witnessed a supermoon of this size Israel become a nation, and as you will see below, many believe that the last couple months of 2016 could have historic significance for the Jewish people as well. ProphecyNewsWatch

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