12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos By Jordan B. Peterson Book Review

Jordan Peterson takes you on a journey distilling the worlds wisdom into 12 rules for life.

Dr. Peterson is a Canadian from Alberta, a clinical psychologist, an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto, and author.  Peterson has a large online following on his YouTube channel and most of his YouTube lectures are over an hour long and have been viewed millions of times.

The “12 rules for life” are simple, such as “stand up straight with your shoulders back.” Each rule is explained in detail. This is an outstanding accessible book that includes humor, scientific research, psychology and philosophy, historical stories, biblical references, and examples from Peterson’s personal life and clients stories used to illustrate the ideas and advice clearly.

12 Rules for Life offers an engaging guide to the rules for life, eternal truths applied to our modern problems.

2 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson is available on Amazon.

Jordan Peterson’s latest interview with Cathy Newman.

Video: Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests, and postmodernism.

Video: Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carlson react to his recent viral interview with Cathy Newman

The Woman Who Smashed Codes Book Review

Read the amazing story of a young woman that became one of the greatest codebreakers America ever had.

Elizabeth Smith a young Quaker schoolteacher and poetry scholar from a small town in Indiana headed for Chicago in 1916 and met wealthy and eccentric businessman George Fabyan who owned a compound named Riverbank. Fabyan would fund intellectuals holed up at Riverbank to find encoded messages that Francis Bacon supposedly embedded in the works of William Shakespeare. Elizabeth found she had a knack for code-breaking. So it begins.

Working at Riverbank, Elizabeth would meet and marry William Friedman (a legendary name in intelligence history and the science of modern American cryptology).  Elizabeth’s story weaves through WWI, Prohibition-era smugglers, who used codes similar to codes used by Nazi spies, and WWII.

She cracked the Nazi codes, helping to bring down the Nazi spy ring in South America that reported on Allied ship movements and worked to sway the South American continent toward Germany. An extortionary book, well researched that shines a light on vital codebreaker Elizabeth Friedman (Smith) set against the backdrop of the beginning and growth of the modern intelligence community.

The Woman Who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America’s Enemies by Jason Fagone is available at Amazon.

Harpoon: Inside The Covert War Against Terrorism’s Money Masters Book Review

Cash is indispensable to terror networks.

A fascinating story is told of Meir Dagan developing the intelligence task force code-named Harpoon and launching financial warfare against the terrorist organizations.

In 2001, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon sanctioned a new security unit – Harpoon. A new form of warfare largely the vision of legendary Mossad commander Meir Dagon.  Dagon would work developing the intelligence task force Harpoon and partnering with an Israeli NGO the Israel Law Center.   It set about the task to “destroy terrorists’ money networks.”

Ever wonder what the cost of a suicide bomber is?  Monies must be paid for more than just a vest, explosives, nails, rat poison… Recruiters, drivers, safe houses, and money to families.  One mission sought to find where the money came from and how to stop the money flow.

Terrorist organizations deal drugs worldwide to fund terrorism.  Multiple Ponzi schemes were used to rip off the wealthy terrorist which including Yasser Arafat and Hezbollah.

Harpoon would get the United States government and government departments on board – Dept. of Justice, Treasury, CIA,  and others to tie up or seize terror funds.

A fascinating book that is the story of Dagan and his team of spies trying to stop the monies flowing into the coffers of terror organizations.  A new form of warfare, intelligence and legal war against terror.

Today lawfare – intelligence and legal war – is used by other countries including the United States to fight terror.

Harpoon: Inside the Covert War Against Terrorism’s Money Masters by Nitsana Darshan-Leitner and Samuel M. Katz is available at Amazon.

Politicizing Motherhood

Mommies matter.

Ms. Komisar has been rejected by liberal media outlets because she chose to stand with fact instead of political fiction




Motherhood used to be as American as apple pie. Nowadays it can be as antagonistic as American politics. Ask Erica Komisar.

Ms. Komisar, 53, is a Jewish psychoanalyst who lives and practices on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If that biographical thumbnail leads you to stereotype her as a political liberal, you’re right. But she tells me she has become “a bit of a pariah” on the left because of the book she published this year, “Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters.”

Christian radio stations “interviewed me and loved me,” she says. She went on “Fox & Friends,” and “the host was like, your book is the best thing since the invention of the refrigerator.” But “I couldn’t get on NPR,” and “I was rejected wholesale—particularly in New York—by the liberal press.” She did appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” but seconds before the camera went live, she says, the interviewer told her: “I don’t believe in the premise of your book at all. I don’t like your book.”

The premise of Ms. Komisar’s book—backed by research in psychology, neuroscience and epigenetics—is that “mothers are biologically necessary for babies,” and not only for the obvious reasons of pregnancy and birth. “Babies are much more neurologically fragile than we’ve ever understood,” Ms. Komisar says. She cites the view of one neuroscientist, Nim Tottenham of Columbia University, “that babies are born without a central nervous system” and “mothers are the central nervous system to babies,” especially for the first nine months after birth.

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Leftist Oakland Radicals Worked With ISIS, New Book Reports

The left and radical Islam are united in their hate of America.

Former Editor in Chief of the New York Times Magazine Edward Klein has a new book that will be released tomorrow October 30th. In All Out War: The Plot to Destroy TrumpKlein reveals an FBI investigation proving coordination between American college campus far left radicals and Islamic terrorists from groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

What started as a secret investigation into the “resistance” movement spurred by college socialists and anarchists in response to Trump’s political rise, led to the discovery of what the FBI is calling the “the greatest challenge to law enforcement since the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party.”…

Last summer the FBI began investigating international radical groups such as ANTIFA and other anarchist groups. However, activity from organizations in Oakland piqued the interest of authorities.  TownHall

Recommended Book

All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump by Edward Klein is available at Amazon.

Harvard-Educated Cell Biologist: Let’s Replace Darwin By Studying DNA And Genetics

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is taking on Darwin.  Since the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in the mid-19th Century new fields of science have emerged – modern scientific research and genetics.




Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson of Answers in Genesis says his years of research into the origin of species proves the theory of evolution has serious flaws.

His current research involves using DNA comparisons to understand the true beginnings of life as we know it. The result of his ground-breaking study is found in his latest book Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species.
With a Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology, Dr. Jeanson is uniquely qualified to investigate what genetics reveal about origins. CBN

Darwin reached his conclusions with only 15 percent—or less of what we know today.

“You think about Darwin’s subject matter – species like giraffes, elephants, zebras – things that we all recognize. The number that he knew in 1859 was a fraction of what we know today, probably 15 percent of what we know today Darwin knew back then,” he told CBN News.

“I think for any other historical question, if you say, ‘Hey, The author of that conclusion had only access to 15 percent of the data,’ you would probably revisit it,” Jeanson continued. CBN

Modern Science Advances

“Without this genetic knowledge, could Darwin have speculated intelligently on the origin of species? If he had no idea how traits were coded and inherited each generation, could he have identified the origin of a particular trait? Before the advent of genetics, would his explanation have had any hope of being accurate? . . . When Darwin wrote his most famous work, he took a scientific risk of massive proportions.” – Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

Jeanson argues that Darwin’s risk was magnified by several developments outside the field of genetics. Darwin’s original arguments leaned heavily on the fossil record, on the geographic distribution of species, and on comparisons of these species at the anatomical and embryological levels. Jeanson chronicles advances in each of these fields that recast Darwin’s original conclusions.

These advances served to underscore the significance of recent genetic findings. When the human genome was finally mapped in 2001, it became possible for the first time to reach the answer to the bigger origins question. “Since traits are ultimately encoded by DNA, the origin of species is a question of the origin of DNA differences within and between species,” Jeanson explains. “The answer to this question reveals whether a fish can spawn a spider—and whether it ever did . . . . In other words, the answer to the origin of species can be uncovered for the first time right now.”

Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species by Nathaniel T Jeanson PhD is available at Amazon.

Video: Replacing Darwin – Interview with the Author

Who Are We?: The Challenges to America’s National Identity By Samuel P. Huntington Book Review

Who Are We?: The Challenges to America’s National Identity is an interesting read on America’s identity and the changes that have occurred over time.  It looks at the importance Americans attribute to their national identity and what Americans think they have in common and what distinguishes them from other peoples.

The book deals with the topic of national identity and immigration.   Huntington gives a history of the American identity and how it has varied over time.  He punctures some national myths.  One myth is we are “a nation of immigrants”.  America is a nation that was founded by settlers and was populated by the decedents of those settlers.  Immigrants came later and assimilated into America.  Americans own America and may admit or refuse any outsider on whatever grounds.  He also looks at the threats it faces.

Huntington looks at the recent history of immigration.  From the 60’s immigration is different than the previous waves.  It is continuously high levels.  Previous immigration was low and at times high peaks followed by low waves.  High peaks of immigration retards assimilation and fosters ethnic ghettoes.  The new huge wave of immigration is must less diverse.   Hunting lays out a vast wealth of social science, census, and survey data to support his thesis.

There is a lot more than just immigration.  It is an analysis of the threats that undermine America’s common culture and identity looking at cultural wars of the last 40 years.  One such is the American elites who until the late 2oth century promoted national unity, then in the 1960s and 1970s they “began to promote measures consciously designed to weaken America’s cultural and creedal identity and to strengthen racial, ethnic, cultural, and other subnational identities. These efforts by a nation’s leaders to deconstruct the nation they governed were, quite possibly, without precedent in human history.”

What the deconstructionist promote Huntington examines in detail the changes and the significance to America’s future.

The deconstructionists promoted programs to enhance the status and influence of subnational, racial, ethnic and cultural groups. They encouraged immigrants to maintain their birth country cultures, granted them legal privileges denied to native-born Americans, and denounced the idea of Americanization as un-American. They pushed the re-writing of history syllabi and textbooks so as to refer to the “peoples” of the United States in place of the single people of the Constitution.

They urged supplementing or substituting for national history the history of subnational groups. They downgraded the centrality of English in American life and pushed bilingual education and linguistic diversity. They advocated legal recognition of group rights and racial preferences over the individual rights central to the American Creed. They justified their actions by theories of multiculturalism and the idea that diversity rather than unity or community should be America’s overriding value. The combined effect of these efforts was to promote the deconstruction of the American identity that had been gradually created over three centuries and the ascendance of subnational identities.

The replacement of individual rights with group rights, undermining of equal justice, the erosion of American citizenship, multiculturalism….

Huntington analysis of American culture and identity in historical context is an interesting read about how we got to where we are today and where we are going.

Who Are We?: The Challenges to America’s National Identity by Samuel P. Huntington is available at Amazon.

The Source: A Novel By James A. Michener

The Source:  A Novel was first published in 1965 and is one of Michener’s finest novels.

The story begins in the 1970s at an archeological dig at the fictional Makor in the Galilee.  Two areas are dug down to the bedrock.  A story is told of the corresponding time in history of the artifacts found.  Each chapter tells a story of the people and time of the artifacts.  It follows one family line with a captivating story of people, artifacts, culture, political issues, and history.  Between each historical tale is a running tale of the archaeological dig and the people working there.  The research is amazing.

The story travels through many civilizations and portrays a history of the Jewish people.  It is stunning in scope and the exploration of culture and history from about 10,000 BC to the mid-1960s is captivating.  The scope is amazingly.

This book is long – very long as it travels through time revealing the history and people of the different societies.  A gripping story of pagans, Hebrews, early Christianity, the Crusades, Romans, Muslims and modern archaeologist that is fascinating.  A great summer read.

The Source: A Novel by James A. Michener is available at Amazon.

Thomas Jefferson And The Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History Book Review

This is a story of a fledgling new nation that did not have much of a budget and saddled with war debt, that was challenged by four Muslim powers in Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and Morocco,  The rulers had sustained their realms on the booty and ransom extracted from European and latter American merchant ships.

American merchant ships were swarmed by the Barbary pirates and the crew held captive, many remained captive for ten years under cruel conditions.  Negotiation and ransom payments were tried, which the young country could not afford.   The “Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States and Tripoli” was signed in 1796, an attempt to appease the enemy.  It did not work.  The alternative was a war to stand up to intimidation and lawlessness.

Before Jefferson assumed office Congress would authorize the forming of a U.S. Navy.  Thomas Jefferson, our third president, decided to take on the Barbary powers in a war, something European powers chose not to do.  A new nation took on Muslim despots and pirates with a mixture of diplomacy enforced by naval forces.

The book begins in1785 when the American merchant ship the Dauphin was intercepted off the coast of Portugal by an Algerian ship.  The crew was captured and shipped to Algiers to spend years in slavery under the Ottomans.

Trek alongside William Eaton and an army of Marines, Navy midshipmen, Arabs, and Bedouins from Alexandria, across the Libyan Desert to Derne to Tripoli.  The first Marine hero was Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon the ‘hero of Derne’.  A well-known phrase in the opening lines of the Marines’ Hymn commemorates this time “the shores of Tripoli.”

Read about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, the leadership of Edward Preble, Stephen Decatur and many more.  Learn of the fighting prowess of Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon and other men.  From the victory in the Barbary Wars would emerge U. S. forces, sea and land, that could fight as a unit in a war far from home against an enemy.

An action-packed easy to read history that captures the times, diplomacy and politics that led up to the Barbary Wars and the triumphant aftermath.

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger is available at Amazon.

Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East By Michael Doran Book Review

During Eisenhower’s presidency Gamal Abdel Nasser came to power in Egypt.  Nasser dominated the Middle East during Eisenhower’s presidency.  The gamble was to reduce Nasser’s influence or woo him as an ally against Moscow.

Doran meticulously researched and unravels the events that resulted in the 1956 Suez Crisis.   He looks at Nasser’s increase in power as British power waned in the Middle East.  Nasser’s devious deception of the Eisenhower Administration, especially Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, was to increase his power and remove the British and French from Egypt.  The policy decisions made during the Suez crisis has reverberated for decades in American foreign policy.  The book covers the years from 1951 to 1961.  A well written and researched book with in-depth analysis that is a readable page turner.

Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East is available at Amazon.

Black Rednecks And White Liberals By Thomas Sowell Book Review

Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Dr. Thomas Sowell is a compelling book that will draw you in.  It consists of captivating six essays.  The first essay should be required reading in high schools and colleges.  Sowell does his research, the roots of “redneck culture” originating from the borderlands of Scotland to America was fascinating.

The book contains hard hitting looks at race, class, and history.   The impact different ways of thinking have on different groups of people,  the universal hatred of middle men minorities (Jews, ),  a history of Germany and the impact of Nazism and attitudes toward the German people, a history of slavery from the brutality of the white slave of Barbary to the sex slavery primarily under Islam, black education, and history and causation.  An excellent book with Sowell’s research and deep reasoning opens one to a new perspective on the history, cultural differences, long-prevailing assumptions about blacks, about Jews, about Germans, about slavery, and about education, also what factors contribute to prosperity or poverty.  An insightful book and must read.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell is available at Amazon.

Without Warning By Joel C. Rosenberg Book Review

Following The Third Target and The First Hostage, Joel Rosenberg returns with correspondent J.B. Collins telling the president he is wrong in stating ISIS is “on the run” and “winning”, he fears an attack inside the U.S. is imminent. Without Warning picks shortly after The First Hostage.

An intense and gripping story with J. B. Collins
gravely concerned with America and ISIS, he decides to take action himself vowing to go after the terror group leader Abu Kahlif.  Rosenberg builds suspense as Collins gets in over his head and things get worse.  A page turner!

Without Warning: A J.B. Collins Novel by Joel Rosenberg is available at Amazon.