Christians Outnumber Communist in China

china_christiansThere is a religious revival in China, 100 million Christians live in China and by 2030 China could have the largest population of Christians.

China’s reaction to the growing number of Christians is divided with some local officials supportive of Christians. China’s repressive regime persecutes Christians and is trying to establish a state religion “Chinese Christian theology” suitable for the country. China has engaged in a campaign to eradicate unregistered Protestant churches, demolished a mega church in Wenzhou-China’s largest Christian city, and removed the Cross from churches in cities where Christians are concentrated, in a campaign to ‘de-Christianize’ the skyline.

Though the Chinese Communist Party is the largest explicitly atheist organization in the world, with 85 million official members, it is now overshadowed by an estimated 100 million Christians in China. It is no wonder Beijing is nervous and authorities are cracking down on Christian groups.

Christianity is growing so fast in China that some predict that it will be the most Christian nation in the world in only another 15 years. By far, the greatest growth is coming outside the official state-sanctioned churches, which are rightly considered subservient to the Communist Party. Numbers are increasing, rather, in unofficial Protestant “house churches” and in the underground Catholic church. Continue reading “Christians Outnumber Communist in China”

Chinese “New” Christian Theology

China wants to establish a “Chinese Christian theology” suitable for the country.  Wang Zuoan, a senior official for religious affairs, says China supports the development of Christianity within the country. but “the construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China’s national condition” and “should be compatible with the country’s path of socialism”, the state-backed China Daily reports.

Sanjiang Church
Sanjiang Church

China’s government is engaged in a chilling three-phase campaign to eradicate unregistered Protestant churches, reports Charisma Magazine.  The Chinese government is also targeting registered churches and their leaders.  In Wenzhou, one of China’s most Christian cities, the government de-Christianized the skyline by removing crosses from churches , demolishing churches and arresting Christians.  Sanjiang Church in Wenzhou, an impressive eight-stories with a congregation numbering in the thousands was bulldozed by the government.

A Chinese Christian theology is state created with the world-view of China’s communist government.  China has a  five-year  government plan to promote its version of Christianity that will  promote “correct” Christian theology with a “range of publications, exchanges, discussions and evangelism”, reported the Hindustan Times.

This new “Chinese Christian theology,” a Chinese Christian authority Gu Mengfei explained the year-old Chinese push to promote “correct” Christian theology encourages pastors and laypeople alike to extract moral teachings in line with Biblical times and with other religious faiths, reports The Week . China is taking the moral teachings in Christianity and leaving all the rest. No theology.  No salvation .  China’s government is co-opting Christianity making the state god.

Chineses Scientists Question Tearing Down 700 Mountains to Build Cities

Yan'an, China
Yan’an, China

Population boom in cities in mountainous regions of China has led to a project to level more than 700 mountains in China’s Gansu province and other provinces, to make room for urban development.  Two years into the project Chinese scientists at Chang’an University have questioned the undertaking.


This is reminiscent of an ancient Chinese fable, ‘The Foolish Old Man who Removed the Mountains’. In the tale, a 90-year-old man convinces his disbelieving neighbour that he can dig away, stone by stone, two mountains that block the way from his house. Because he succeeds (albeit with the help of deities) the fable is often cited — including by Mao Zedong — to illustrate the power of perseverance. But in our view, China should heed the story’s title: earth-moving on this scale without scientific support is folly.

The tearing down of mountains was embarked on with little review of the cost and benefits of land creation.  In Yan’an, much of the soil excavated from mountains and used to fill the valley is loess, a silty soil that subsides when wet.  Building on loess, loamy deposits, is not the best choice.  

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Recycled Cartons Create Desks That Double As Backpacks For Needy Children In India

India Student Help DeskAarambh is a non-profit charity organization in India that helps the most marginalized families living in urban slums and rural
communites. Aarambh video says that students sitting on the floor all day lead to “bad posture, poor eyesight, and bad handwriting.”

It created the “Help Desk” which is a backpack that can fold out to become a desk. The “Help Desk” is made from discarded carton boxes. The discarded cartons are stenciled to create a desk that can be folded up into a backpack, for less than 20 cents a piece.

Aarambh distributed the Help Desks in schools in rural Maharashtra, in western India, and students were able to study more “comfortably and cheerfully.”

An amazing helpful idea.

China and Russia sign natural gas deal worth $400B

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

China and Russia signed a major 30-year natural gas deal on Wednesday that would send gas from Siberia by pipeline to China.

There are other projects developing between China and Russia in the fields of aviation.  Combining Russian design with the production capacities of China could lead to superiority over U.S. technological. With these deals in the works it is not surprising that Russia responded to U.S. sanctions by cutting off exports of the rocket engines the U.S. used to launch military satellites.

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Narendra Modi claims victory as India’s next Prime Minister

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On Friday, Narendra Modi, the leader of the Hinud nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, claimed victory as India’s next Prime Minister. There are concerns about the future of religious tolerance in India under the leadership of a Hindu nationalist and a controversial past that at one point led the United States to deny him a visa.

Online:  NRP:  Narendra Modi: From Humble Start To India’s Likely Prime Minister

11 terrorists are being interrogated on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of flight MH370

Boeing 777
Boeing 777

The Daily Mail is reporting that 11 terrorists are
being interrogated on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370.


The suspects were arrested last week in Kuala Lumpur and in the state of Kedah.  The Daily Mail reports that the suspects are members of a new terror group planning attacks in Muslim nations.
“The arrest and interrogations came after demands from the FBI and MI6.”

It has been revealed that flight MH370 was carrying cargo that was not listed on its manifest.  One of the consignments on the airplane  included  200kg of lithium batteries.

A group of 11 terrorists with links to Al Qaeda were yesterday being interrogated on whether they are behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

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