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Canada Is Harvesting The Organs Of Euthanasia Patients

The dark world of euthanasia.

A recent push in Canada to encourage euthanasia patients to donate their organs appears to be working.

In Ontario, the first province to report data, 26 people who died by lethal injection decided to donate tissue or organs since the Medical Aid in Dying Act (MAID) came into effect last June, according to the National Post. A total of 388 people have chosen to die by lethal injection in Ontario, over half of the 744 total Canadians who have been euthanized.

Proponents of linking organ harvesting to euthanasia point to the shortage of organ transplants readily available and the lower cost associated with euthanasia than with end-of-life care.

Canadian ethicists Julie Allard and Marie-Chantal Fortin encouraged the joining of euthanasia with organ harvesting in an article in December’s Journal of Medical Ethics.

But even supporters acknowledge the potential unintended consequences. Allard and Fortin warned in their article that encouraging organ harvesting could put pressure on those diagnosed with terminal illness to consider assisted suicide as an alternative sense of purpose.

Jennifer Chandler, professor of policy and ethics at the University of Ottawa, said linking euthanasia with organ harvesting “might create pressure to continue with the MAID” and make it hard for terminally ill people to change their minds about taking their lives.

“The people in the euthanasia lobby want people to think of it as a social good,” Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said. Once people accept euthanasia, the logical next step is organ harvesting, Schadenberg noted. He pointed to the worldwide push for organ harvesting not hours or minutes after someone’s heart stops, but while their heart is still beating.

The practice — which supporters argue will allow the organ to better graft into recipient — is being considered in Belgium and is legal in the Netherlands if patients are brain-damaged and their death seems imminent. BPNews

Canada’s Anti-Islamophobia Motion

Canadians need to look at what is behind these anti-Islamophobia motion.  Canada already has multicultural inclusiveness is the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms.  There are anti-racism programs across Canada for all Canadians.

Canadians should also be asking the question of what this anti-Islamophobia motion actually means, since there is no problem with Islamophobia in Canada in the first place. Jews and blacks remain the most targeted groups for hate crimes, despite the global upheaval being caused by jihadists.

Recall the warning from former member of the International Institute for Islamic Thought, Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, who was present when the word “Islamophobia” was packaged to be sold as a household propaganda tool. Muhammad declared that this “loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”…

Could it be that these anti-Islamophobia motions are being forced through in Canada in order to begin censoring those who warn that jihadist individuals and groups (stealth and violent) pose a global threat and a danger to Western freedoms? And also to also censor those Muslims who recognize that normative Islam is abusive to human rights and who are therefore striving toward the reform of their faith? JihadWatch

Ontario legislature unanimously passes anti-Islamophobia motion

The Ontario legislature unanimously passed an anti-Islamophobia motion Thursday afternoon, a marked difference from the heated debate happening among Conservatives over a similar motion at the federal level.

The vote passed 81-0. CBC


…But Islamophobia soon morphed into a catch-all phrase to silence anyone critical of the religion. This applied even if they were denouncing extremism like Shariah law or groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s now become so bad that it’s even hurled at liberal Muslims in the West for speaking out against the ultra-orthodox values that caused them to flee their home countries in the first place. The term has been rendered meaningless and anyone serious about tackling genuine religious discrimination should toss it aside.

Yet now Canada’s MPs are poised to approve a motion that could very well set the government on the path to criminalizing so-called Islamophobia. This is nothing but trouble for anyone who takes issue with the unsavoury aspects of orthodox Islam.  TorontoSun

This motion has teeth

Now motions aren’t the same as private member’s bills. They’re often just about nodding in agreement with some flaky sentiment. M-103 is different. It’s got teeth.

It calls on the Heritage Committee to commence a study on eliminating Islamophobia. The study could then recommend laws to pursue this nebulous goal. If they do, there’s a good chance they’ll be dragnet laws that criminalize anyone who dares stand up to the many unsavoury parts of orthodox Islam.  TorontoSun

Underground Ocean Exists Beneath Earth’s Crust

Then God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so. God called the [e]expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day. Genesis 1:6-8

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.  Genesis 7:11

A battered diamond found in Brazil confirms a long-held theory: Earth’s mantle holds an ocean’s worth of water.

“It’s actually the confirmation that there is a very, very large amount of water that’s trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth,” said Graham Pearson, lead study author and a geochemist at the University of Alberta in Canada. The findings were published today (March 12) in the journal Nature. LiveScience

Scientists have struggled for years trying to understand the source of Earth’s oceans and the planet’s water. Until recently, the prevailing scientific theory held that icy comets hit the Earth while it was still forming. A discovery last year by geologists seems to prove that the real source of the earth’s water is from deep underground, amazingly similar to the Bible’s account of creation, which described waters below and waters above (Genesis 1:7).

The first clue came in the form of a battered diamond found in Brazil. Graham Pearson, lead study author and a geochemist at the University of Alberta in Canada, discovered the diamond quite by accident while searching for a means of dating the diamonds. Diamonds that have come up from so deep from the earth are usually discarded by diamond miners since they are scarred and discolored, having little commercial value. This diamond contained a rare mineral called ringwoodite, which has never been found on the planet’s surface before. It only forms under extreme pressure and is only found in meteor fragments or is artificially made in laboratories.

The diamond was brought up from the earth’s mantle region, which stretches from 254 to 410 miles deep, by volcanic activity. The mantle, the hot rock layer between the crust and the core, makes up most of the earth’s volume. It has never been explored since it is incredibly deep and inaccessible, and the geothermal energy at that depth would melt any drill bit.

The ringwoodite found embedded in the diamond was 1.5 percent water, contained not as a liquid but as hydroxide ions (oxygen and hydrogen molecules bound together). This suggests there could be a vast store of water in the mantle transition zone.  BreakingNewsIsrael

The discovery of the first terrestrial ringwoodite by University of Alberta scientist Graham Pearson confirms the presence of massive amounts of water 400 to 700 km beneath the Earth’s surface. Image: University of Alberta


Black Lives Matter Canada Co-Founder: Blacks ‘Superhuman,’ Whites ‘Subhuman’


 is a student at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) who is currently working towards her M.A in Social Justice Education (with collaboration in Womyn & Gender Studies). She’s one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter Toronto, and the former VP Equity for the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union.  GenuineWitty

A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are “recessive genetic defects” and purportedly mused about how the race could be “wiped out,” according to a post on what appears to be her Facebook page.

Yusra Khogali has faced increased scrutiny over the past year after BLM Toronto gained political influence following their disruption of the Toronto Pride parade and confrontations with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

On Friday, Toronto Police announced they would not participate in this year’s upcoming parade. This has been a longstanding demand of BLM TO and one that the board of Pride Toronto recently backed in a controversial vote.

Khogali has a track record of inflammatory, divisive rhetoric. Only last week during a protest in front of the US consulate Khogali shouted into a microphone that “Justin Trudeau is a white supremacist terrorist” and urged the crowd to “rise up and fight back.”

“Look at us, we have the numbers,” she said.

She also faced controversy in the news for a tweet posted a year ago stating: “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”

While these remarks alarmed many Canadians, they pale in comparison to a statement numerous sources forwarded to the Sun that Khogali appears to have posted on Facebook in late 2015.

“Whiteness is not humxness,” the statement begins. “infact, white skin is sub-humxn.” The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme.

“White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual,” the post reads towards the end. “white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.”

Khogali did not respond to requests for comment from the Sun.  TorantoSun

As Liberal Churches Dwindle Away, Conservative Churches Thrive

A new study from Canada shows that the liberal Gospel that seems more concerned with liberal issues than Christ is in decline and the authentic Gospel labeled wrongly “conservative” by some is thriving.

Over the last five years, my colleagues and I conducted a study of 22 mainline congregations in the province of Ontario. We compared those in the sample that were growing mainline congregations to those that were declining. After statistically analyzing the survey responses of over 2,200 congregants and the clergy members who serve them, we came to a counterintuitive discovery: Conservative Protestant theology, with its more literal view of the Bible, is a significant predictor of church growth while liberal theology leads to decline. The results were published this month in the peer-reviewed journal, Review of Religious Research.

We also found that for all measures, growing church clergy members were most conservative theologically, followed by their congregants, who were themselves followed by the congregants of the declining churches and then the declining church clergy members. In other words, growing church clergy members are the most theologically conservative, while declining church clergy members are the least. Their congregations meet more in the middle.

For example, we found 93 percent of clergy members and 83 percent of worshipers from growing churches agreed with the statement “Jesus rose from the dead with a real flesh-and-blood body leaving behind an empty tomb.” This compared with 67 percent of worshipers and 56 percent of clergy members from declining churches. Furthermore, all growing church clergy members and 90 percent of their worshipers agreed that “God performs miracles in answer to prayers,” compared with 80 percent of worshipers and a mere 44 percent of clergy members from declining churches.

Great Commission culturally insensitive?

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

For example, because of their conservative outlook, the growing church clergy members in our study took Jesus’ command to “Go make disciples” literally. Thus, they all held the conviction it’s “very important to encourage non-Christians to become Christians,” and thus likely put effort into converting non-Christians. Conversely, because of their liberal leanings, half the clergy members at the declining churches held the opposite conviction, believing it is not desirable to convert non-Christians. Some of them felt, for instance, that peddling their religion outside of their immediate faith community is culturally insensitive.  Full article at Washington Post.


Leonard Cohen, Canadian Singer-Songwriter Passes Away At 82

Music is the emotional life of most people.
-Leonard Cohen


 Leonard Cohen, a hugely influential singer and songwriter, whose work spanned five decades.

Cohen was the dark eminence among a small pantheon of extremely influential singer-songwriters to emerge in the Sixties and early Seventies. Only Bob Dylan exerted a more profound influence upon his generation, and perhaps only Paul Simon and fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell equaled him as a song poet. Cohen’s haunting bass voice, nylon-stringed guitar patterns, Greek-chorus backing vocals shaped evocative songs that dealt with love and hate, sex and spirituality, war and peace, ecstasy and depression. He was also the rare artist of his generation to enjoy artistic success into his Eighties, releasing his final album, You Want It Darker, earlier this year.

“I never had the sense that there was an end,” he said in 1992. “That there was a retirement or that there was a jackpot.” RollingStone

It’s not always readily apparent which songs are going to become standards. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” didn’t seem to have much chance of becoming one when the Canadian singer-songwriter, who passed away Thursday at age 82, introduced it on his 1984 album Various Positions. Neither the song nor the album hit the Billboard charts that year or received a Grammy nomination.

But slowly but surely, the song has attained the status of a modern-day standard. It has reached Billboard‘s Hot 100 seven times (including a current version by the vocal group Pentatonix). It has been performed countless times on TV talent shows. Just two months ago, Tori Kelly sang the song during the “In Memoriam” segment at the Emmy Awards. Yahoo

Canadian Teachers Union Guide To Promote ‘Incusiveness’ Includes ‘Drag Shows’ and Calling Students ‘Comrade’

A “gender unicorn” is used in the guide as a way of understanding the range of options for gender identities.

A teachers union in Alberta, Canada has written a guide that instructs teachers to promote inclusiveness and tolerance for the LGBT LGBT community.

One recommendation is that teachers refer to students as “comrades” instead of  “boys and girls.”

Here are a few other ideas to promote a progressive agenda that lacks common sense and reason, and the purpose is to weaken the Judeo-Christian society.

In one such proposal, it is suggested that students be referred to “comrades” instead of boys and girls. A second idea encourages drag shows so that kids can study the “performance of gender.”

The Alberta Teacher’s Association (ATA), the top union for teachers in Alberta, Canada released the 152-page document called, “Prism Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions.” The guide is meant to assist teachers in creating an LBGTQ-inclusive environment in the classroom.

The guide is intended to create “welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments for children and youth,” and asks teachers use gender-neutral language like “spouse” rather than husband and wife.

One activity recommended for students is titled, “Drag 101.” The activity encourages students to “examine the performance of gender, specifically the exaggerated  feminine aspects of dressing and acting in drag,” and compels students to invite local drag queens to come into the classroom and to organize a drag performance at the school.

Another activity suggested is “Gender Swap,” where students select a piece of writing that is typically strongly associated with a particular gender, but one that is not the gender they identify with.

“Students are asked to perform their selected piece and complete an analysis,” the guide states; giving examples of well known literary classics and how they may change if the roles were reversed.

Additional activities in the manual include “Queer Music,” where teachers select music composed by artists who are “sexual or gender minorities.” Another activity called, “Gender Bending Fashion,” where students are “challenged to create fashion that transcends gender and fully incorporates the masculine and feminine in all their pieces,” was also present in the book.

Parent Advocacy

“It is deeply offensive of the authors [of the guide] to unequivocally redefine what qualifies as the ‘religious and moral beliefs’ of others,” Theresa Ng, a parent activist who writes a blog called, “Informed Albertans” said. “Whether the ATA chooses to acknowledge it or not, this IS a religious issue for many teachers, parents and students in this province,” she continued.

The ATA contends that the internal guide would assist teachers in creating a safe and inclusive environment for students, pushing back against critics who say the new guidelines do not honor or value alternative perspectives on the issues.

A “gender unicorn” is used as a way of “understanding gender” in the guide. The five-question survey is meant to show that there are a range of options for gender and sexual identities.

Montreal Police Face A Storm of Criticism Over Surveillance Of La Presse journalist Patrick Lagacé

Montreal La Presse reporter Patrick Lagacé
Montreal La Presse reporter Patrick Lagacé

Montreal La Presse reporter Patrick Lagacé was spied on by the Montreal police department in an effort by the police to find the source of leaks about an internal investigation of corruption within Montreal’s police force. For several months this year,

The police obtained 24 surveillance warrants signed by the same judge.   For several months this year,  the Montreal police department was surveilling
the iPhone of reporter Lagacé.

Criminals will always exist and less invasive methods work.

Montreal police strongly defended a highly controversial decision to spy on a La Presse columnist by tracking his cellphone calls and texts and monitoring his whereabouts as part of a necessary internal police investigation — while the journalist involved called what they did “indefensible.”

“Lives were not at stake, this was not a question of national security,” La Presse columnist Patrick Lagacé said in an interview Monday. “The leaks made them look bad, that’s why they decided to go after me in the way they did.”

Opposition politicians are also condemning Montreal police for spying on Lagacé, though Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre stood by police chief Philippe Pichet on Monday, noting that a mayor should not intervene in police operations, but did say he was troubled by the news.

For several months this year, police were monitoring Lagacé’s iPhone to determine the identity of his sources, La Presse reported. This was confirmed to Lagacé last Thursday by Montreal police.

At least 24 surveillance warrants were granted by courts in 2016, at the request of the Montreal police department’s special investigations section, which probes crime within the police force. The warrants allowed police to track the telephone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls on Lagacé’s phone, and to monitor the phone’s location, although Pichet denied at a hastily convened press conference Monday that the GPS on his phone was monitored. MontrealGazette 

Muslim International Student Tries To Cut Throat Of Female Student

Due to people’s quick thinking this woman’s life was saved from a Saudi terrorist’s attempt to cut her head off at the University of British Columbia.

ISIS calls on Islamists to carry out knife attacks, and he did.

Thamer Hameed Almestadi
Thamer Hameed Almestadi

The suspect is an international student [Thamer Hameed Almestadi, 18] from Saudi Arabia, and was studying engineering. He has been banned from the campus following the charges, and remains in police custody. ctv

Thamer Hameed Almestadi, 18, has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

The victim remains in hospital with what police say are non-life threatening injuries.

Witness Chantel Almeida lives on the third floor of the Salish House residence where the attack took place.

She says the alleged assailant had been pacing in the hallway before he allegedly entered the victim’s room and grabbed her.

“She was screaming. Girls on my floor came out. One of the girls ran in … and tried to pull him off. Then another girl went in an tried to pull him off.

“From what I know he turned around and pulled out a knife and swung at them and scraped one of their arms. They were freaking out and one of them ran downstairs and got a guy who knew martial arts. cbc

Adam Casey – Hero Good Samaritan

Adam Casey - image video capture
Adam Casey – image video capture

A Good Samaritan who interrupted a violent attack at a University of British Columbia dormitory is crediting his martial arts training for his quick actions that led to the suspect’s arrest.

Adam Casey, an engineering student at the school, said he ran up the stairs after witnesses ran out of the Salish House residence on Tuesday looking for help.

Witnesses said they saw a male student holding down a young woman with a knife to her throat. Her neck was partially cut when they ran through the open door.

The assault occurred in Salish House, a UBC dormitory.
“I tried to get his hands off of her neck but he was holding quite tightly,” Casey told CTV News.

“I had to go to him and put him in a chokehold.”
Casey said he acted without thinking, something he credits to years of martial arts training. ctv

Canada: First Muslim Refugee To Become A Cabinet Member Faked Her Background

The background of any government official that cannot be verified should not be allowed to hold office.

Once upon a time

blue-bird-chirpThe girl who fled Afghanistan by donkey and camel and jet plane and who remembers being greeted in this country by helping hands and the sound of robins singing, and today, she serves in this chamber and in the cabinet because Canada is her home. Obama speech to house of commons

MP Maryam Monsef story is a fairy tale – a lie.

Robert Fife of the Globe and Mail  inquired about her early life and found shocking lies.  Monsef was in fact born in the Iranian city of Mashahd and not in Herat, Afghanistan.  She was born and lived until age 9 in Iran.

Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef, whom the Liberals have championed as this country’s first Afghan-born MP, says she was actually born and lived most of her early life in Iran before arriving with her mother and two younger sisters in Canada as refugees.

This revelation contradicts a key narrative that Ms. Monsef has built ever since she entered public life as a local politician in Peterborough, Ont., and when she ran for Parliament in the 2015 election.  theglobeandmail

The Prime Minister’s office learned about this from the newspaper nearly a year after Monsef’s appointment.

The Prime Minister’s Office said it had no idea that such a fundamental feature of Ms. Monsef’s life story was wrong. Officials scrambled to put together a detailed timeline of her family’s life in Iran and Afghanistan and the journey to Canada.

When asked why security vetting for cabinet posts didn’t uncover this error, an official said “we learned of this information about Maryam Monsef’s place of birth when it was brought to us recently by the The Globe and Mail.”  theglobeandmail

Continue reading Canada: First Muslim Refugee To Become A Cabinet Member Faked Her Background

Halifax Police Investigate Sexual Assault Allegations Involving Halifax Taxis

halifax-taxiOver the past five years  there have been 14 sexual assault complaints in the Halifax, Canada area against taxi drivers.  Since May there have been 5 sexual assault complaints in the Halifax area against taxi drivers.

Upon arrival at her destination, the woman asked how much she owed for the ride and the driver said he was having problems with the meter that would take a few minutes to fix.

Then police say the man tried to kiss the woman, locked her door and touched her in a “sexual manner” over her clothing without her consent. The woman was able to get out of the car and get to a friend’s home.

Police say the man spoke with an accent, and wore strong cologne. He was described as about five-feet-seven-inches, with short dark hair and a pronounced nose.

Police also said the man was described as “possibly of Middle Eastern descent,” an identifier used to describe the suspect in three prior incidents. Critics have said police should avoid the label, as it perpetuates damaging stereotypes and is too vague to be of use as a descriptor. CTVNews

Halifax police have issued a warning of taxis drivers committing sexual assaults; “the attackers are men, mostly with dark hair and aged between 30 and 50. Most spoke with an accent and many had mustaches.”

Taxi drivers should have mandatory”training to spell out the “dos and don’ts” of how to interact with passengers.   Where are these taxi drivers from that they would need mandatory training to spell out the “dos and don’ts” of how to interact with passengers?

The recent spate of alleged assaults has raised safety concerns in a city where there were just three alleged sexual assaults by cab drivers in all of 2015.

“For it to get to the point where people are worried about taking a cab, and whether they will be sexually assaulted, that is a crisis,” said Buffett, a driver for 17 years and president of the Halifax Taxi Drivers Owners Association.

Buffett said all cab drivers should be required to install dashboard cameras and participate in mandatory training to spell out the “dos and don’ts” of how to interact with passengers.

Coun. Steve Adams agreed with Buffett that more education could be needed.  “And if there’s any training to be done, every driver should take it,” he said.

Under the existing rules, all taxi drivers are required to follow a code of conduct and complete a national standards certification program for taxi and limousine drivers administered by Nova Scotia Tourism. HuffPo

Jacob’s Biblical Spotted Sheep Heading To Israel

Update to previous story

Let me pass through all your flock today, removing from there all the speckled and spotted sheep, and all the brown ones among the lambs, and the spotted and speckled among the goats; and these shall be my wages.
Genesis 30:32

Jacob received a flock of a speckled and spotted sheep, the brown lambs, as well as spotted and speckled goats, as wages from Laban.

Two of Jacob’s sheep. (Photo: Courtesy of Gil and Jenna Lewinsky)
Two of Jacob’s sheep. (Photo: Courtesy of Gil and Jenna Lewinsky)

A rare breed of sheep said to be descended from Jacob’s flock is to be shepherded to Israel with the help of a Canadian Jewish  couple, Jenna and Gil Lewinsky, and El Al.

Transferring livestock between countries is strictly regulated by the the World Organization for Animal Health and there are no channels for transferring livestock from Canada to Israel. The complicated process requires a specially outfitted plane to transport the sheep and after the period of quarantine upon arriving, they would need pasture and a barn…

After nearly a year of being turned down by the Israeli Agricultural Ministry, the Israeli Embassy in Canada intervened on behalf of the sheep, and the ministry has decided, for the first time in history, to allow livestock to be imported from Canada.

A sheep named Rachel is part of the flock. (Photo: Courtesy of Gil and Jenna Lewinsky)
A sheep named Rachel is part of the flock. (Photo: Courtesy of Gil and Jenna Lewinsky)

After a year of being turned down by red tape between the two countries the Gill’s turned to  Rav Amram Vaknin, a mystic rabbi living in southern Israel.

“Rav Vaknin stated that the sheep have a special blessing on them from Jacob in the Bible,” Gil told Breaking Israel News.  “Rav Vaknin stated that the sheep have a special blessing on them from Jacob in the Bible,”

The sheep will be placed in the Golan Heights.

Their ancient birthplace, is uniquely suited for the sheep. According to the Bible, the sheep originated in the fields of Jacob’s father-in-law, Laban. He lived in Padan Aram, Mesopotamia, or what is now Syria, adjacent to the Golan.

Arise, go to Paddan-aram, to the house of Bethuel thy mother’s father; and take thee a wife from thence of the daughters of Lavan thy mother’s brother. Genesis 28:2

“The soil is especially rich in selenium and cobalt,” explained Jenna. “In Canada we needed to give them injections to supplement their food. We won’t need to do that in the Golan.”

Online:  BreakingNewsIsrael:  Sheep Descended From Jacob’s Biblical Flock Returning to Israel With Blessing From Mystical Rabbi

crowdfunding campaign to help with the expensive process.