Amnesty For Four Million Illegal Immigrants Cost To Americans

dollar-sign-mdAmnesty for four million illegal immigrants could cost Americans $2 trillion, about $40 billion a year, over the next 50 years, the Heritage Foundation projects.

That equates to:

30 cents extra for every gallon of gas bought by Americans.
Or a $10 monthly fee added to every cellphone.
Or a $22,000 tax on every American graduate’s four-year college degree.

The $2 trillion cost is driven by the federal government’s support for all poor people, says Robert Rector, a budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Rector explained that, on average, the illegal immigrants benefiting from the amnesty have a 10th grade education.

That low education ensures they can’t earn enough money, or pay enough taxes, to pay for the many benefits they’ll get if they progress from temporary residents to legal residents and then to citizens, Rector said.

These various benefits add up to roughly $50,000 a year for each household, but those households can and do pay only about $13,000 a year in federal taxes, leaving a gap of roughly $40,000 between payments and benefits, Rector said.

That gap is effectively filled by payments from intact, college-education households which normally pay $30,000 more in taxes than they receive in benefits. “It takes all of the net taxes paid by one college-educated family [household] to pay for one of these immigrant households,” he said.

Rector draws his estimate from a May 2013 analysis he completed for Heritage, which predicted a $6.3 trillion, 50-year cost if all 12 million illegals in the country were granted amnesty.

Currently, government spends roughly $50 billion a year supporting the children and families of illegal immigrants. Much of that costs consists of free schooling and medical care for the U.S.-born kids of illegals.

Online:  The Daily Caller:  Obama’s Amnesty Will Cost $22,000 Per US College Grad

Ferguson: Where Are The National Guard?

Notice there are NO National Guard in the pictures coming out of Ferguson, Missouri during Monday night.

The population of Ferguson, Missouri was 21,111 in 2013.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is also asking where were the National Guard.  He wants the governor to answer why was the National Guard not in Ferguson?   “Is the reason that the National Guard was not in there because the Obama Administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out?  I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in there to stop this.”

Ferguson Mayor James Knowle requested the governor deploy the National Guard to Ferguson as protests turned violent. The County Executive’s Office also requested the deployment of the National Guard–both have been ignored.

Online: The Gateway Pundit

Natalie’s facebook page so you can see the cakes she made.  She opened Cakes and More in June.
Cakes and More was damaged but not burnt out.  Natalie is cleaning and trying to get orders out for Thanksgiving.

“I’m baking today,” Dubose told CNNMoney, as the sound of broken glass being swept up can be heard over the phone. “We have orders to go out for Thanksgiving. I can’t tell the people — I won’t tell the people — that I’m canceling.” …

Despite the mess, however, Dubose says she will continue to bake. She can’t afford to give up now, having invested all she had into a business that was funded through bake sales at flea markets.

“I am a single mom, a mother of two,” she said. “This is everything that I own. I can’t walk away from it. I just got to start up and start baking again.” CNN Money

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Officer Darren Wilson

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announcement-No Indictment

Grand Jury Clears Officer Darren Wilson!

Ferguson: Rule by Law or Rule by Mob?

The grand jury (a legal body) decided not to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson.

The  rush to judgment by Gov. Nixon of Missouri.  Agitators from outside the community of Ferguson voicing that if the grand jury fails to indict Wilson for murder there will be hell to pay in Ferguson.  What has been said by Missouri officials and what has been allowed to happen and the threats made if the ruling is not what a group wants is a sad commentary on our society    The rule of law is designed to protect innocents until proven guilty.

What has happened to the rule of law?  There are many ways in our society to peacefully change things if you do not like something.

Interesting:  Ferguson police officers Darren Wilson and Barbara Spradling were married on Oct. 24, 2014.

Riots ensue


Michael Brown’s cousin Ty Pruitt said on Fox News, “these people are nothing but opportunist and I would encourage the police officers to protect these businesses.”


The fight between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson lasted less than 90 seconds.

Online:  Daily Mail:  Ferguson chokes under clouds of tear gas as riots, gunshots and looting break out in aftermath of the grand jury decision NOT to indict cop Darren Wilson


ISIS & Israel Flag Waving Filmmaker At Berkeley

Update to “Reaction on Berkeley Campus To An ISIS Flag And An Israeli flag
Is ISIS or Israel More Offensive?
The filmmaker, Ami Horowitz, said he waved the ISIS flag for two hours on the Berkeley Campus and not one person said anything negative about the ISIS flag.  Once he held up the Israel flag he received almost instant reaction-all negative.

30,000 Lois Lerner Emails Recovered By Investogators

Lois Lerner
Lois Lerner

“Federal investigators have told Congress that they have recovered data that may include lost emails from one of the pivotal figures in the controversy over the Internal Revenue Service’s treatment of tea party groups, congressional aides said Friday.

Frederick Hill, a spokesman for Republicans who run the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the investigators said at a staff briefing Friday that they have recovered up to 30,000 emails to and from Lois Lerner.

A statement from Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee was more measured. It said the investigators have recovered data that may include Lerner emails.

The investigators were from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which audits the IRS. A spokeswoman for the inspector general, Karen Kraushaar, declined to comment, saying the investigation was continuing.”FoxNews


Ferguson Agitators In Running For Time Person Of The Year

Lighting Molotov Cocktail
Lighting Molotov Cocktail

The agitators in Ferguson, Missouri have emerged as contenders for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” award. The mobs that have engaged in riots, looting, arson, destroying buildings, and threatening people.

Ferguson protestors place in the top half of TIME magazine’s reader’s poll for Person of the Year.

TIME’s editors choose the Person of the Year, “but that doesn’t mean readers shouldn’t have their say,” TIME’s website says.

In a list of over two dozen individuals that include the likes of Taylor Swift, Pope Francis, John Kerry, Shonda Rhimes, Vladimir Putin and Ebola doctors and nurses, Ferguson protestors currently come in at No. 11 with 2.2 percent of the vote.

The list provides “some of the year’s most provocative newsmakers,” according to the website.

Voting for the reader’s choice poll closes at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 6. CBS St. Louis

New Black Panthers Arrested By FBI In Plot To Set Off Bombs During Protests In Missouri

handcuffsThe FBI has arrested Brandon Baldwin Muhammad and Olajuwon Davis in connection with a plot to explode pipe bombs during protests in Missouri.  KMOV stated, “the two men were arrested near Ferguson and were apprehended as part of an undercover operation.”  The pair were also indicted Friday in federal court for illegal firearms purchases.

Brandon Baldwin Muhammad
Brandon Baldwin Muhammad

Two men have been indicted on weapons charges in federal court here for allegedly making straw purchases of two handguns at the Cabela’s sporting goods store in Hazelwood.

The indictment was handed up Wednesday and unsealed Friday accusing Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis of making false statements to obtain firearms. The defendants’ ages and addresses were not made public.

According to the indictment, between Nov. 1 and 13, Baldwin, also known as Brandon Muhammad, and Olajuwon, also known as Olajuwon Ali and Brother Ali, acquired two Hi-Point .45 ACP pistols at the store, claiming that Baldwin was the buyer when, in fact, the weapons were intended for someone else.  St. Louis Today

Reaction on Berkeley Campus To An ISIS Flag And An Israeli flag

Watch what happens when a young man waves an ISIS flag on Berkeley Campus. Then, he switches to an Israel Flag.

Wave an ISIS flag nothing is said but wave an Israel flag what is shown is excessive slamming with no dialog.  A savage terrorist group seems to be preferred on Berkeley Campus rather then a democratic county and ally of the United States.

Poetic: Ferguson Instigator Has Car Stolen At Anti-Police Protest

Elizabeth Vega is one of the ‘protest’ leaders in Ferguson, Missouri.  She was one of the leaders of the anti-police demonstration titled “The Injustice Freakshow.” where  “F*ck the Police” was chanted over and over.

While Elizabeth Vegas was protesting the Ferguson police, her car was stolen.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declares State Of Emergency As Ferguson Grand Jury Prepares Decision

Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri.

A decision this week  is expected by the Grand Jury that will determine if Officer Darren Wilson will face criminal prosecution.  Violence and protest has been a common occurrence since August in Ferguson, Missouri.  In anticipation of the grand jury’s decision, Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Missouri due to the threat of increased violence.

The New York Times reported that Obama met with Ferguson protestors the day after Election Day.  The NYT’s report states, “According to Al Sharpton…Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.”

It Sharpton’s depiction of Obama’s words are accurate that is a weak statement for a President to make.   The situation needs a strong statement, instead of an unambiguous statement that could be interpreted as support for lawless behavior. He could have made a statement on obeying laws and that violence will not be tolerated. Instead he met with professional agitators to encourage violence against a United States community and its citizens.

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has gone on to long and has been allowed and encouraged by the White House.  A nation has the prerogative and authority to use force to enforce order.  Nations that fail to control violent forces are essentially not functional nations.


National Cathedral in Washington

Washington National Cathedral photoA woman interrupted the Muslim service at the National Cathedral proclaiming ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’.

The date November 14th was the 100th anniversary of the last sitting Caliph of the Ottoman Empire call for jihad against non-believers.  The call to jihad was the catalyst which directly led to a religiously-fueled genocide against Christians,  Armenians,  and Assyrians in Turkey.   For Islamic supremacists it is a date with meaning.  Friday, November 14th the National Cathedral in Washington D.C allowed a Muslim call to prayer.  For the prayer service, reported Voice of America, Muslim prayer carpets will be laid out inside the cathedral facing east, towards Mecca. Prayer carpets were also “to the side of the sanctuary,”  so that worshippers would  not see the crosses or Christian icons as  “Muslims are not supposed to pray in view of sacred symbols alien to their faith.”

The National Cathedral is the seat of the Episcopal Church in the capital.  Co-organizers of the Muslim call to prayer include the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the All-Dulles Area Muslims Society (ADAMS) Center.

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney observed:

The National Cathedral was recently rocked by an unusual earthquake, causing millions of dollars in damage to its exquisite structure.  The act of opening its doors to top members and front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood – an organization that epitomizes and practices the worst of Islam’s intolerant Shariah code – on a day that will always be associated with genocidal jihadism should rock the conscience of every member of the Cathedral’s community.  If this outrageous event is not cancelled, the damage that will assuredly be caused to the reputation of the institution’s leadership and, by association, the Cathedral itself will likely be far more severe and difficult to repair than any caused by the tremor.

There has been a backlash.

Continue reading “National Cathedral in Washington”

Department of Justice Targeting Americans’ Cellphones In secret Spy Program

US-DeptOfJustice-SealNot a surprise that the  Department of Justice is using airplanes to create fake cellphone towers in order to gather Americans’ cellphone information.

The Justice Department is scooping up data from thousands of mobile phones through devices deployed on airplanes that mimic cellphone towers, a high-tech hunt for criminal suspects that is snagging a large number of innocent Americans, according to people familiar with the operations.

The U.S. Marshals Service program, which became fully functional around 2007, operates Cessna aircraft from at least five metropolitan-area airports, with a flying range covering most of the U.S. population, according to people familiar with the program.

Planes are equipped with devices—some known as “dirtboxes” to law-enforcement officials because of the initials of the Boeing Co. unit that produces them—which mimic cell towers of large telecommunications firms and trick cellphones into reporting their unique registration information.

Cellphones are programmed to connect automatically to the strongest cell tower signal. The device being used by the U.S. Marshals Service identifies itself as having the closest, strongest signal, even though it doesn’t, and forces all the phones that can detect its signal to send in their unique registration information.
Wall Street Journal