Baltimore Councilman Nick Mosby Told Police To Stand Down During Riots

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Not only was it the Mayor of Baltimore giving ‘space to destroy’, Baltimore Councilman Nick Mosby, husband of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby , who is prosecuting the cops in the Freddie Gray case, admits he was involved in telling the police to stand down.

Subtleties Of Diplomacy

Andrew Klavan explains the nuanced subtleties of the current administrations smart diplomacy.

The current administrations diplomacy is it unwilling to do anything that the UN does not approve or allow so eventually the moderates are replaced by extremists.  Since the breakup of the Soviet Union the The Organization of Islamic Cooperation  (OIC) comprises the largest voting bloc at the United Nations.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is comprised of fifty-six nations (plus the Palestinian Authority).

Video: Don’t Judge Blacks Differently

Some have stated that the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson are an understandable response.  Some have placed the blame for the riots on extremely convoluted reasons.  It is as if those rioting cannot help their behavior or be held to the same standards that everyone else is.  How should that patronizing attitude of contemporary racism be dealt with?  Ms Valdary, an international studies major at the University of New Orleans offers a compelling point of view.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Warns U.S. Congress: ‘This Is A Bad Deal. It’s A Very Bad Deal. We’re Better Off Without It.’

Netanyahu in his speech before a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress warned:

Don’t be fooled. The battle between Iran and ISIS doesn’t turn Iran into a friend of America.

The greatest threat against the world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons.

Iran has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted.

This is a bad deal. It’s a very bad deal. We’re better off without it.

Complete transcript of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress March 3, 2015.

Thank you.
Thank you…
… Speaker of the House John Boehner, President Pro Tem Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator Minority — Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
I also want to acknowledge Senator, Democratic Leader Harry Reid. Harry, it’s good to see you back on your feet.
I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t keep a good man down.
My friends, I’m deeply humbled by the opportunity to speak for a third time before the most important legislative body in the world, the U.S. Congress.
I want to thank you all for being here today. I know that my speech has been the subject of much controversy. I deeply regret that some perceive my being here as political. That was never my intention.
I want to thank you, Democrats and Republicans, for your common support for Israel, year after year, decade after decade.
I know that no matter on which side of the aisle you sit, you stand with Israel.
The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics. It must always remain above politics.
Because America and Israel, we share a common destiny, the destiny of promised lands that cherish freedom and offer hope. Israel is grateful for the support of American — of America’s people and of America’s presidents, from Harry Truman to Barack Obama.


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Bill Whittle: Brass Tacks On Immigration

The current White House administration thanks that when hordes of illegal aliens invade our country they have guaranteed rights;  a “guaranteed right to hormone therapy for transgendered illegal aliens, a prospective Attorney General saying that illegals have the same right to a job as US citizens or legal immigrants”, social security, voting rights…

Bill Whittle: Terrorist Nation

Bill Whittle looks at the what drives the Palestinian cause.  “From the murder of the Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972, through the murder of 5 rabbis at prayer in 2014, the Palestinian cause has been driven by TERROR. In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle discusses their domestic front — Students for Justice in Palestine.”

Bill Whittle: We Are Number Two Economically

number2witheyesRecently, China overtook the United States as the largest Economy in the World.  The USA economy has been derailed by the current White House administration by redistribution, irresponsible fiscal policies, higher taxes, over regulation mostly by the EPA.

CNS News found the “Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued 3,120 new final regulations, equaling 27,854 pages in the Federal Register, totaling approximately 27,854,000 words.”   Last week the EPA slammed the coal industry with massive regulation “which has got coal-fired power plant operators fuming. The coal ash rule not only comes with a hefty $735 million per year price tag, but the coal industry also argues it creates lots of uncertainty for plant operators”, reported the Daily Caller.

The current White House administration is exporting record amounts of coal, gasoline and diesel; especially to Panama and China. “That’s because the U.S. is sending more dirty fuel than ever to other parts of the world, where efforts to address the resulting pollution are just getting underway, if advancing at all. While the exported fuel has gotten cleaner, in the case of diesel, about 20 percent of the exports are too dirty to burn here.”  ABC News – Fuel to the Fire?

Lowell, MI Police Deliver Christmas Gifts In Surprise Traffic Stops

Instead of handing out traffic tickets for presumably minor traffic offences, Lowell, Michigan police helped warm hearts recently by handing out Christmas presents to unsuspecting drivers.

The police officer pulled drivers over for a minor traffic offence, then quizzed them about what they wanted for Christmas.  The police officer was wearing a GoPro and mic, within minutes his helpers rushed round and brought the gifts to the officer.

The police in Lowell helped warm hearts with their handing presents to unsuspecting drivers.

Dershowitz: Quarantine Decisions Are Political Duty

Who should have the last word in quarantine decisions elected officials or medical experts?  “Elected officials, not medical experts, should determine the parameters for quarantining people in the United States.  It can not be the medical experts. Nobody has elected them to make the cost benefit analysis of what is the risk of Ebola… that is essentially a political decision,” says Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Alan Dershowitz: Quarantine Decisions Are a Political Duty “The Congress has the power, as does the president, to protect the public health by banning travel by noncitizens to the United States,” says Havard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Online: Dershowitz: Ebola Travel Ban ‘Clearly Constitutional’