Muslim Day Parade in NYC

The 29th annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City

America is home to people of different national origins. For years Americans have marched in parades in NYC demonstrating pride in their heritage: Irish, Korea, Poland, West Indies… The parades of many groups demonstrate aspects of their heritage, pride in their heritage, it is not strictly only a religous heritage shown in the parades.

The 29th annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City was not a Muslim-American Day Parade but a Muslim Day Parade with the theme “Islam and America Share Common Values.” What shared values would those be?  The focus of the parade was Islam and the triumph of religious Islam. How is that an Islamic and American shared value?

Pamela Geller on Ezra Levant Discussing Muslim Day Parade in NYC with Guns, Hanged and Caged Women

What has happened to NYC?

Mariam Ibraheem with Megyn Kelly

Mariam Ibraheem (capture from video)
Mariam Ibraheem (capture from video)

The week Mariam Ibraheem spoke with Megyn Kelly of her harrowing ordeal in Sudan.
Mariam was given a death sentence because of her Christian faith and imprisoned with her young son. While in prison she gave birth to her daughter.

Livestream Of Earth From The International Space Station

24/7 livestream of Earth from the Space Station.  NASA’s new experiment placed 4 HD commercially available cameras on the exterior of the space station and uses them to stream live video of Earth for viewing online.   The livestream will appear black when the International Space Station is in orbital night, about every 90 minutes for about 40 minutes.  The Space Station takes 92 minutes to make one orbit 16 times a day. The Space Station orbits the earth fast at about at 17,500 miles per hour (28,163km).


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

UStream Site Here

Bill Maher Destroys Islam, Stands Up For Christianity On Charlie Rose Show

Bill Maher is not a fan of Islam, and in a interview on Charlie Rose’s PBS show this week, he rebuked Mr. Rose for comparing Islam to Christianity.  Self-proclaimed atheist Bill Maher stopped him dead in his tracks.


2,600 Years of Cultural History in 5 Minutes

A beautiful visualization of human migration.  The fascinating visualization of births and deaths over roughly 2,600 years shows how human migration affected human culture.  The blue depicts one person’s birth and red depict the person’s death. A line connects the two places showing the distance between where they were born and where they died.

Maximilian Schich, an art historian at the University of Texas at Dallas, and his colleagues used a public database of “well-known people” called Freebase to show a broad flow of culture over time. Notable people congregating in one place shows a place that is, or becoming, a cultural hub.

Run over time you see how the Roman Empire pulled in people from around the world and all roads leading from Rome.

All roads lead from Rome, according to a visual history of human culture built entirely from the birth and death places of notable people. The 5-minute animation provides a fresh view of the movements of humanity over the last 2,600 years.

Online:  Humanity’s cultural history captured in 5-minute film

The Man Who Invented Israel’s Iron Dome

Retired Israel Defense Forces Brigadier General Danny Gold
Retired Israel Defense Forces Brigadier General Danny Gold (capture from video)

Retired Israeli Brigadier General Danny Gold helped develop Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system.  The Iron Dome system that has been shooting down Hamas rockets has become a core component of Israel’s defense. Gold said the Iron Dome benefits from “a robust design that can cope with future uncertainty”, it was designed to be quickly updated to counter more advanced missiles in the future.

When Gold first proposed the Iron Dome support for its development was hesitant.  Gold was told, “It cannot be done,” “it’s to science fiction”, with many thinking it would be a “15 to 20 years project.”  It took Gold two years of lobbying to receive the funds to begin developing the Iron Dome.

From idea to completion went quickly after funding was approved for the Iron Dome.  There are 15 major components involved.  Radar scans the sky, when Hamas launches rockets radar identifies each projectile, calculates its flight path, marks the rockets most likely to hit populated areas or strategic assets, fires an interceptor missile at the target, and destroys the target in the air.

The Iron Dome success rate is estimated at 90 %.