DHS To Provide Stats On Honor Killings And Terror Related Offences Committed By Immigrants

Part of the executive order on refugees includes a section on releasing information on crimes committed by immigrants; honor killings, gender-based violence, terror-related offenses.

Sec. 10. Transparency and Data Collection.

President Trump ordered the Department of Homeland Security Friday to start releasing information regarding honor killings and other gender-based acts of violence committed against women by immigrants in the country.

Trump ordered DHS to track and publicly release data on gender-based violence against women committed by foreign nationals every six months, and to produce numbers on foreign nationals in the country charged with or convicted of terror-related offenses. The command was part of an order suspending all refugee entry into the country for 120 days.

The goal of the data collection and its public release, according to the executive order, is to “be more transparent with the American people” regarding what the government knows about foreign nationals in the country, and to “more effectively implement policies and practices that serve the national interest.” DailyCaller

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