Effects Of Centuries Of Extreme Inbreeding Among Muslims

The effects are: congenial  malformations, increased birth defect rates,  inheritance of recessive traits, low IQ, violence and terrorism…

Lise Egholm, long time school leader in the Muslim dominated area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently warned against not talking about the widespread practise of inbreeding among Muslims: “”A study shows that infant mortality doubles along with a high risk of congenital malformations, also that increased birth defect rates and inheritance of recessive traits are more common in consanguineous marriages. I think it’s time to express concern. We must talk about this problem. All parents want healthy children. Fortunately, we live in a society where our health system does much to ensure that a pregnancy ends with a viable child. What amazes me and has made me wonder for years is why we do not talk about, maybe they even ban, the many cousin marriages?”

While health systems in otherwise less developed countries in the Muslim world are openly discussing and warning against consanguineous marriages, it is considered politically incorrect in the West to problematize the vast genetic and societal problems resulting from this religious-cultural practise.

Except for a few exceptions like Indonesia and Albania, roughly half of the population in the Islamic world is inbred, in most cases for generations. 10News

Consanguineous (cousin marriages):

  • 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers
  • 46 percent in Bahrain
  • 3 percent in Egypt
  • 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt)
  • 60 percent in Iraq
  • 64 percent in Jordan
  • 64 percent in Kuwait
  • 42 percent in Lebanon
  • 48 percent in Libya
  • 47 percent in Mauritania
  • 54 percent in Qatar
  • 67 percent in Saudi Arabia
  • 63 percent in Sudan
  • 40 percent in Syria
  • 39 percent in Tunisia
  • 54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates
  • 45 percent in Yemen
  • 70 percent in Pakistan
  • Turkey the percentage is 25-30
  • 55 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their first cousins reported the DailyMail.

    The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes.


    The reason is partly religious. Muhammed himself married his cousin and according to the Quran, Allah allows sexual relationships between cousins (Quran 4:23-24).

    According to Islamic law, Sharia, family honor is dependent upon the ability to control family members, which is another reason for keeping daughters inside their own blood-related family when marrying.

    Health and intelligence

    A long list of mental and physical complications are related to inbreeding between cousins. These include an increased risk of depression, schizophrenia, and mental retardation. Mental retardation (less than an IQ of 69)
    in children of consanguineous marriages is five times more frequent than in normal marriages. On average, cousin marriages results in children with 10-16 points lower IQ. Social abilities, including empathy, are also less developed with inbred people…

    Terror and violence

    According to the Danish police, cousin-marriage is a cause for criminal behavior because of low intelligence. This claim is confirmed by criminology research that long has established a connection between violent criminal behavior and low intelligence….10News – highly recommend reading the full article.

    The conflict between the West and Islam more irremediable and more dangerous than thought. What is more dangerous than someone who believes killing of infidels is a religious imperative? A person that believes in the killing of infidels is a religious imperative and who is also a congenital schizophrenic.

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