FBI Reportedly Called Off 2013 Investigation Of Terrorist Omar Mateen Because They Thought His Coworkers Were Racist.

Update: Former New York FBI agent Craig Dotlo also believes that the criticism is unfounded. Yes, the FBI investigated the terrorist twice, but they had their hands tied by the guidelines imposed on them by the Department of Justice, President Obama, and Congress since the 1970s. Moreover, throughout the years, these guidelines have been made stricter.

Dotlo told American Thinker, “The U.S. Congress, President Obama, and the DOJ does not want the FBI conducting an investigation on any Americans unless it can be established there is reasonable suspicion the person considered for investigation has committed unlawful criminal activity. If that benchmark cannot be established the case must be closed. Congress is great in passing these policies, but when things go wrong, they deflect the blame away from themselves and put it on others. If you want the FBI to be more aggressive on these matters, talk to your members of Congress.”  AmericanThinker

Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen

If you see something, say something then get branded a racist.

The FBI reportedly cancelled its 2013 investigation into Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen after only 10 months because they viewed the terroristic threats he made as a reaction to “being marginalized because of his Muslim faith,” by his coworkers.

According to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, the revelation came during a closed door meeting with FBI Director James Comey Monday afternoon.

“Director Comey confirmed to reporters this morning that there was a full FBI investigation of Omar Mateen in 2013,” she explained. “It was 10 months in length, and it was opened after he told his coworkers that he had family connections to Al Qaeda, that he was a member of a Shi’a terrorism organization and that he hoped law enforcement would raid his home and assault his wife so that he could then retaliate and martyr himself.”…

“At the end of 10 months the investigation was closed with no further action. They took Mateen’s statements he was trying to taunt his coworkers because he thought he was being marginalized because of his Muslim faith.” Daily Caller

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