Germany, at Odds: A Contemporary Testimony Book Review

An interesting and disturbing book written by Eldad Beck, a journalist from Israel, about Germany. Eldad Beck was born in Haifa, which at that time had a large number of German-speaking Jews. and he arrived in Germany with a positive outlook on Germans.  This book throws a light on the country’s stability, democratic image, its past its present attitudes.

With a precision of facts is shown influences that are shaping the country.  The book touches on the relationship between Germany and Israel.  A fractured government.  The rise of Neo-Nazi’s with an increase in power and rank in the German government.  Islamics in the country and their influence on the government.

The book touches on the evil, and the darker side of the German past and explores the attitudes that allowed those events to occur.  It explores today’s Germany, how much is has confronted and transformed from its past.  The book shows Germany is good at ignoring and hiding events to protect how it is perceived by those outside and within the country.

This book was eye-opening and a lot of the times shocking.  A must read.


Germany, at Odds by Eldad Beck is available at Amazon.

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