How Christianity Changed the World Book Review

Looking for some post-election reading to get you through until the inauguration?

The book How Christianity Changed the World
by Alvin J. Schmidt explores the many contributions of Christianity to the world. It is interesting to learn the powerful influence Christianity has had and still today has in every area of Western Civilization.

Today, many heap criticism on Christians and
argue the church is blocking progress to a more enlightened world. The impression from the secular critics is Christianity is a negative force in today’s world of non-Christian and non-religious alternatives.

Schmidt’s well-documented evidence shows
the transforming power of the Christian faith in western society. Values and customs and institutions that are a part of Western society, that people take for granted without thinking about were those values and customs came from. Where the beginning of institutions in western society began – charity, hospitals, sign language for the deaf, the teaching of both sexes, compulsory education for children, kindergarten, public libraries, care for the mentally ill, care for orphans, the sanctity of human life… Schmidt also does include some the anomalies that crept later into the church’s history.

The benefits in western society we enjoy are directly due to the influence of Jesus Christ -cultural, political, artistic, institutions – Christ who transformed men who in turn transformed society.

A very insightful read.

How Christianity Changed the World by Alvin J. Schmidt is available at Amazon.

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