Illegal Aliens In Arizona Commit Crimes At Double The Rate Of Native-Born

The Crime Prevention Research Center report:  crime rate among illegal immigrants in Arizona is twice that of other residents.

Attorney General Sessions  remarks on Arizona:

“I’m sure you’ve heard that immigrants are less likely to commit a crime than average.  But one study that just came out looked at the prison population in Arizona and found that illegal aliens are more than twice as likely to be convicted of crimes as Arizonans

They’re more likely to be convicted of sexual assault, robbery, and driving under the influence.  They’re more than twice as likely to be convicted of murder.

Tens of thousands of crimes have been committed in this country that would never have happened if our immigration laws were enforced and respected like they ought to be.”

Convicted of More Serious Crimes

The report, from the Crime Prevention Research Center, used a previously untapped set of data from Arizona that detailed criminal convictions and found that illegal immigrants between 15 and 35 are less than 3 percent of the state’s population, but nearly 8 percent of its prison population.

And the crimes they were convicted of were, on the whole, more serious, said John R. Lott Jr., the report’s author and president of the research center.  WashingtonTimes

Legal vs Illegal

There appears to be a huge difference between the two groups. The type of person who goes through the process to legally immigrate in the United States appears to be very law-abiding versus even the U.S.-born population. The reverse is true for undocumented immigrants — they are committing crimes, and more serious crimes…

Among nearly 4,000 first- and second-degree murder convictions, undocumented immigrants accounted for nearly 13 percent — significantly higher than their percentage of the population. Legal immigrants, by contrast, were less than 1 percent of convicts. Native-born made up the rest.

Undocumented immigrants also accounted for five times the rate of convictions for money laundering and kidnapping, and were three times more likely to be convicted of drive-by shootings. WashingtonTimes

Attorney General Sessions Remarks on National Security and Immigration Priorities of the Administration

There are some 11 million illegal aliens in this country—a population the size of Georgia or Portugal. If we can’t control—or even know—who enters this country, it’s that much harder to keep people safe.

And this is no hypothetical matter. The effects can be seen across the country.

Last week, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security released a report that reveals that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has removed more than 1,700 aliens with national security concerns since 9/11.

It also states that nearly three out of every four people convicted of international terrorism-related offenses in federal courts since 9/11 were born outside of this country…

Any crime committed by improperly vetted immigrants—and especially illegal aliens—is, by definition, preventable. Even one victim of a crime committed by an illegal alien is too many. Criminals have no right to demand entry to the United States. We should strive to never admit criminals. And yet thousands of Americans across our country have suffered because of decades of lax immigration policies and even more lax enforcement.

Last month, we released another report with the Department of Homeland Security, which revealed that there were nearly 40,000 known or suspected aliens in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. That’s roughly one in five federal prisoners. That means that the immigrant share of the federal prison population is nearly two-thirds greater than their share of the general population.

Out of those in custody of the U.S. Marshals Service, which is responsible for housing those awaiting trial, nearly 20,000 were foreign-born. That is more than one third. And nearly triple their share of the general population.

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