Israel Defense Forces To Deploy More High-Tech Unmanned Ground Vehicles

The Guardium UGV (
The Guardium UGV (


High-tech unmanned vehicles soon to be seen in Israel will patrol border areas, scope out buildings and tunnel systems. With major threats evolving every day on Israel’s borders the superiority of Israel’s technology is its greatest deterrent against these threats.  The Israel Defense Forces plans to expand its use of unmanned ground vehicles based on creative and cutting-edge designs.

The IDF’s future combat vehicle, the Combat Guard has successfully passed final testing and will be presented in the Paris arms show in a few weeks and hopefully will be integrated into IDF training mission in the upcoming months.

The combat vehicle is capable of carrying up to six fully geared soldiers.  It is bullet proof against light firearms with good defense against side blasts and mines.  An advantage of the Combat Guard vehicle is its built-in active laser based protection system which functions  like the system installed on tanks, and can identify anti tank missiles from relatively long distances and intercept them before they hit the vehicle

Next year the “Border Patrol” vehical will bolster the effectiveness of patrols along the Gaza border area. It contains cameras and carries out searches to identify terrorists, new technology will allow it to be controlled from remote areas located long distances from the border area.  The unmanned border vehicles help prevent kidnappings and reduce attacks against soldiers.

A “Loyal Partner” vehicle that moves over terrian like a Hummer and moves between forces locating explosives and exposing enemy fire will be ready next year.  In a few years the “Carrier Robot” will be ready for use.  It is a robot that soldiers carry on their backs to use in urban and tunnel combat.  The robot will map “buildings and terror tunnels. The groundbreaking technology will allow soldiers to understand the exact appearance of any structure,  helping them avoid the dangers of underground or urban combat.”

Online:  IDF:  No Driver, No Problem: Israel’s Newest Unmanned Vehicles

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