March for Life In Ottawa, Canada

maple-leaf-prolifeMarking the anniversary of abortion’s legalization in Canada 46 years ago, the largest turnout, nearly 25,000 pro-life people marched on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  The event was organized by Canada’s Campaign Life Coalition.

Life Site News stated, “snce then, an estimated four million unborn children have been killed by abortion, or 100,000 abortions annually.”

“More than 30 parliamentarians, both MPs and Senators, also spoke, including retired Liberal MP Pat O’Brien, who told the crowds that from his former office in Parliament he could see rallies throughout the year, and that the March for Life was by far the largest. He said MPs need courage because they are under “enormous pressure … not to speak out” on controversial issues like abortion and euthanasia”, reported Life Site News.

There were a small number of pro-abortion activist.  Rebel Media’s Marissa Semkiw interviewed one of the pro-abortion activist. Later he sent her an email asking her not to air their conversation.

Pro-abortion rights Alex was asked would he be ok with a woman aborting her child one month before it was due.
“That’s her decision again,” Alex said
Interviewer: How about a day?
“Also her decision,” Alex said.
“It’s not for me or any member of Parliament or religious institution organization to tell her otherwise,” Alex said.
Interviewer: “How about post-natal abortion?”
“Post-natal abortion? I mean – if that’s the option- that’s the option,” Alex said.
“But, again, I’m not advocating murder of any kind,” Alex said.

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