Muslim International Student Tries To Cut Throat Of Female Student

Due to people’s quick thinking this woman’s life was saved from a Saudi terrorist’s attempt to cut her head off at the University of British Columbia.

ISIS calls on Islamists to carry out knife attacks, and he did.

Thamer Hameed Almestadi
Thamer Hameed Almestadi

The suspect is an international student [Thamer Hameed Almestadi, 18] from Saudi Arabia, and was studying engineering. He has been banned from the campus following the charges, and remains in police custody. ctv

Thamer Hameed Almestadi, 18, has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

The victim remains in hospital with what police say are non-life threatening injuries.

Witness Chantel Almeida lives on the third floor of the Salish House residence where the attack took place.

She says the alleged assailant had been pacing in the hallway before he allegedly entered the victim’s room and grabbed her.

“She was screaming. Girls on my floor came out. One of the girls ran in … and tried to pull him off. Then another girl went in an tried to pull him off.

“From what I know he turned around and pulled out a knife and swung at them and scraped one of their arms. They were freaking out and one of them ran downstairs and got a guy who knew martial arts. cbc

Adam Casey – Hero Good Samaritan

Adam Casey - image video capture
Adam Casey – image video capture

A Good Samaritan who interrupted a violent attack at a University of British Columbia dormitory is crediting his martial arts training for his quick actions that led to the suspect’s arrest.

Adam Casey, an engineering student at the school, said he ran up the stairs after witnesses ran out of the Salish House residence on Tuesday looking for help.

Witnesses said they saw a male student holding down a young woman with a knife to her throat. Her neck was partially cut when they ran through the open door.

The assault occurred in Salish House, a UBC dormitory.
“I tried to get his hands off of her neck but he was holding quite tightly,” Casey told CTV News.

“I had to go to him and put him in a chokehold.”
Casey said he acted without thinking, something he credits to years of martial arts training. ctv

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