Christians Flee from Qaraqosh

sunset iraq photoQaraqosh is a town near Mosul, Iraq.  Last night 50,000 Assyrians, mostly Christians,  fled  from the Nineveh township of Qaraqosh,  a result of shelling by ISIS. The township includes the historic Christian villages of Keremles and Bartella.  Since the collapse of the Iraq military in Mosul, the only armed defenders of Qaraqosh are the Kurdish Pershmerga militia.

Nearly all of the population of Qaraqosh, 50,000 Assyrians, has fled the city amid fighting between ISIS and Kurds. Syrian Catholic Archbishop Mar Youhana Boutros Moshe attempted to negotiate with ISIS and the Kurds to convince them to leave the city, but the negotiations failed. ISIS and the ‘Revolutionary Tribes’ (Sunnis) are set to storm the city.

According to Bishop Yousif Habash of the Syriac Orthodox Church in New Jersey, Qaraqosh (also known as Baghdede) is now almost completely abandoned. A source reporting from Qaraqosh told AINA the population has fled to Arbel, Dohuk, Alqosh, Tel Kepe, Telsqop and Ankawa. Monasteries and churches are filled with displaced Christian refugees from Baghdede. AINA

A Christian Solidarity International (CSI) team is in the area to assist with relief efforts.  According to CSI’s local partner, the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, the ISIS attack against Qaraqosh “portends a humanitarian catastrophe for all the people in the Nineveh Plain, and a disastrous emigration of Christians out of the country.”

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Internationals Waging Jihad

Al-Qaeda-FlagAs ISIS grew in Syria the terrorist group’s overseas recruitment went up.  As the ISIS horde sweeps across Iraq their recruitment is increasing even more with the terrorist group courting people the world over to join their terror campaign.   Many that have joined the terrorist campaign have returned home or will return home posing an increased threat to countries around the world.

1,000 Chinese Jihadists Training In Pakistan
Some 1,000 Chinese jihadists are receiving military training at a base in Pakistan, as an indeterminate number of Chinese nationals are already fighting inside Syria, Jacques Neriah told a top-flight delegation from China visiting the country. JPost

Women among radicalised Britons fighting in Syria
British women are travelling to Syria to fight alongside hardline extremists in a bloody holy war, the Home Secretary has said. Theresa May said last night that radicalised women were among an estimated 400 Britons to have left the UK to fight for an Islamic state. The Scotsman

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Emails show Lerner targeting Senator Grassley and Investigation Expands-Supoena 28 years of Emails

Jon Stewart Mocks Totally Incompetent IRS

IRS former-employee Lois Lerner wanted to refer Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley for an audit after mistakenly receiving an invitation to a party intended for Grassley was delivered to Lerner.  The organization that sent the party invitation offered to pay travel expenses for Grassley’s wife.   The travel expenses would be legal as long as Grassley reported it.  Before Grassley even accepted the invitation Lerner wanted to refer Grassley for an IRS audit. Other emails show her colleagues talking her out of it.  Senator Grassley did not attend the event.  House Ways and Means Committee email in question.

House Ways and Means Committee: Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) announced the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) targeting of conservative individuals includes a sitting United States Senator. According to emails reviewed by the Committee under its Section 6103 authority, which allows the Committee to review confidential taxpayer information, Lois Lerner sought to have Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) referred for IRS examination.

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A Long Way Home Book Review

An amazing story. A true story of Saroo, a young boy aged about 5 from a village in central India who gets lost.  Saroo accompanied his older brother riding the train. He dozed off at the train station, when he awoke he did not see his brother.

Thinking his brother was on a train that was waiting at the station he made a split-second decision, he lept on the train just as the doors were closing and it pulled out of the station. Saroo traveled 1,000 miles across India to Calcutta. He could not speak the language, did not know the name of his village, he tried to find his way back, he begged in the streets until he was rescued by an orphange and adopted by an Australian family.

Saroo grew up in Australia and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management enjoying success in his adoptive country. He was determined to rediscover his past. He kept images of the village he grew up in in his head and would pour over Google Earth until he managed to recognise landmarks.  The  reunion made headlines in 2012 and now Saroo is telling his full story in  A Long Way Home.

A Long Way Home: A Memoir available at Amazon

Senator Tom Coburn Report Details VA Problems

US-DeptOfVeteransAffairs-SealSenator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) released a scathing 119-page report documenting the Department of Veterans Affairs  misconduct throughout the last decade.  The Veterans Affairs secret waiting list scandal is “just the tip of the iceberg,” Senator Tom Coburn said, “this report shows the problems at the VA are worse than anyone imagined.”  Coburn said money is not the issue, noting that Congress has increased VA funding “rapidly in recent years” and that the agency had more than $34 billion in unspent funds in fiscal 2013.

Politico summarizes the key findings:

  • Delinquent doctors and nurses and lagging medical treatment at the Department of Veterans Affairs may have caused the deaths of more than 1,000 veterans and cost the U.S. $845 million in medical malpractice suits, Sen. Tom Coburn charged in a report released on Tuesday.  The deaths, which occurred over a 10-year period, resulted from VA officials prescribing unneeded and unmonitored painkillers to veterans, delayed treatment that caused cancer to go undetected and veterans waiting at times for months for procedures, the report found.
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Congressional Gold Medal: Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres photo
Shimon Peres

This week the Congressional Gold Medal will be awarded to Shimon Peres, Israeli statesman and the ninth and current President of the State of Israel. President Peres will be the first sitting President of Israel to receive this prestigious award.

The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest civilian award in the United States and is awarded to individuals, organizations,  or events that have made a tremendous contribution to the history and culture of the United States.

Peres and Reagan shared jokes, Nixon sent him books, and Kennedy grilled him on Israel’s nuclear plans. On the eve of siuch an honor, Israel’s ninth president reminisced about 50 years of meetings with 10 American presidents.

Throughout the decades, Peres’ meetings with American presidents have played a major role in Israel’s ability to form deep friendships with other nations. Nixon sent him all the books he had written, Bush senior hosted him at his summer home in Maine, and he and Reagan had regular joke-telling contests.

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Supreme Court: Cell Phone Privacy

smart-phone-cartoon-with-thumb-upThe Supreme Court unanimously ruled Wednesday that police cannot search through people’s cell phones without a search warrant.  A major decision in favor of digital privacy rights.

“The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought,” Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. wrote for the unanimous court.

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Trey Gowdy Grills IRS Commissonor John Koskinen

Representative Trey Gowdy
Representative Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, was on fire questioning Koskinen.    A Republican that knows how to questions a witness.




It has been slightly over a year and still no one has been had held responsible for any of the abuses by the IRS.
This is unacceptable!

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USA Aid To Sudan


Each year since 1999, the secretary of state has designated Sudan a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) under the International Religious Freedom Act for having engaged in or tolerated particularly severe violations of religious freedom. Consequently, the country was ineligible for aid under Section 116 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.  State Department-Sudan

How Much USA Aid to Sudan?

USA Aid Disbursements To Sudan
USA Aid Disbursements To Sudan







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Updated: Re-Arrested In Sudan


Updated:  Meriam Ibrahim has taken refuge at the U.S. Embassy after being released from police custody for a second time.  NBCNews

Updated: This is outrageous!

Meriam Ibrahim “has been released from her latest detention but has been charged with new crimes, MailOnline can reveal. Meriam Ibrahim has been accused of falsifying travel documents as she tried to leave the African country hours after the death penalty was dropped against her.

It is understood that the authorities told her she should have used the Muslim name she had when she was born, not the Christian name she uses after choosing to worship that faith.”  DailyMail

When Meriam was released yesterday why was the family at a safe house instead of the U.S. Embassy?  The U.S. government should have coordinated with the government of Sudan to get this family out of that country!

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Sudansese Court Orders Release Of Sudanese Mother Sentenced For Marrying A Christian

4329074615_5c69563794_q_sudanA court in Sudan Monday ordered the release of  27-year-old Mariam Yahya Ibrahim sentenced to death last month for converting from Islam to Christianity, the state news agency said.

The case of Meriam Ibrahim, who is married to a Christian American, triggered an international outcry. She gave birth to a baby daughter while in prison.

‘The appeal court ordered the release of Mariam Yahya and the cancellation of the (previous) court ruling,’ Sudan’s SUNA news agency said.  The couple’s 20-month-old son was also held in prison with Ms Ibrahim and her newborn daughter.

Online:  Sudanese mother sentenced to death for ‘converting to Christianity’ freed after international outcry