Paul Ryan On Defunding Planned Parenthood At CNN Town Hall Meeting

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday (1/12) was at a CNN town hall meeting, a question about Planned Parenthood was asked by a female college student.

 “I can tell you personally that Planned Parenthood provided help when I couldn’t go to anybody else.  So my question for you is: If Planned Parenthood is defunded, then where will millions of women, low-income groups, and people like me go?”

Paul Ryan spoke about shifting federal funds to community health centers (CHCs).  There are more CHCs than Planned Parenthood buildings.  CHCs offer many of the same services as Planned Parenthood, minus the abortions.

Moderator Jake Tapper tried to fact-check Paul Ryan, telling him that existing law prohibits taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. But, Ryan argued, “money’s fungible, and it effectively floats these organizations.”

Planned Parenthood can spend taxpayer money on abortions despite federal law prohibitions.

Fungible:  replaceable by another identical item, mutually interchangeable. (Oxford Dictionary)

How Planned Parenthood can use federal funds for abortions.

In account NA Planned Parenthood has funds earmarked for business expenses, rent, insurance, payroll, etc…

Federal funds arrive and are put into account NA.  That is a non-abortion account.

But Planned Parenthood can take funds from account NA that were for business expenses and shift those funds to account AB, account AB funds abortions.  The government funds in account NA can pay business expenses.

Now they have additional money to fund abortions.  They would not have those extra funds for abortions without receiving government funds.

Video: How Fungibility Works Planned Parenthood Style

Video: Speaker Paul Ryan CNN Town Hall Full Video (1/12/2017)
16:40 is the Planned Parenthood question.

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