Planned Parenthood And Affiliates Cost Taxpayers At Least $12 Million In Fraud

CLI used data from state and external audits.

According to a new report examining audits of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in multiple states, the nation’s largest abortion provider and locations which work with it have cost taxpayers at least $12.8 million in fraud.

“The extent of waste and abuse in the nation’s family planning programs, and specifically in those operated by Planned Parenthood, is beyond disturbing,” Chuck Donovan, president of the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), declared in a statement announcing the report…

According to the report, entitled “Profit. No Matter What,” written by CLI Senior Fellow Catherine Glenn Foster, audits revealed that Planned Parenthood affiliates have cost at least $12.8 million in waste, abuse, and potentially fraudulent over billing and penalties. Audits specific to Planned Parenthood facilities have uncovered $8.5 million in waste, abuse, and potential fraud, in the form of Title XIX-Medicaid overpayments.  PJMedia

A report in 2014, based on external audits and government audits also showed over-billing practices by Planned Parenthood.

“Nearly every known audit of Planned Parenthood affiliates has found overbilling,” the report said. [Alliance Defending Freedom report]

The audits found that Planned Parenthood received $8 million overpayments from Title XIX- Medicaid programs, and have “have specifically identified Planned Parenthood affiliates as the source of at least $12.6 million in waste, abuse, and potentially fraudulent overbilling of taxpayers.” In addition, state audits found that the organization overcharged at least $107 million for state family planning programs. WashingtonTimes



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