Prof. Alan Dershowitz On The Middle East

Dershowitz:  “In my opinion, when the Palestinians want a state more than they want Israel to cease to exist, they will get a state.”

Settlements Not An Obstacle 

In a conference session entitled “Israel’s Global Standing” chaired by Reuters Jerusalem bureau chief Luke Baker, Dershowitz had more to say on the chances of the peace process during a Trump presidency. “I don’t agree with John Kerry that the settlements annihilate the prospect of peace. If you look at the map – 99% of the settlements are so close to the borders of Israel that it only requires a few by-pass roads, a few super-highways, to solve this. In my opinion, when the Palestinians want a state more than they want Israel to cease to exist, they will get a state.” Globes

UN Resolutions & BDS Movement

Asked whether he thought that Obama would carry out his threat not to impose a veto on a UN Security Council resolution giving Israel an ultimatum on negotiations with the Palestinians, Dershowitz said, “What most concerns me about UN resolutions is that they encourage the Palestinians to think that they can attain a reality of two states without making painful decisions around the negotiating table. Palestinian leaders have told me that their lives have become much more difficult because of the activity of the BDS movement. Ask yourselves why. It’s much harder for Palestinian leaders to say ‘We’ll meet the Israelis in Ramallah, in Jerusalem’ if their public believes that decisions on the future of the Middle East can be made in Geneva and Washington. Globes

Dershowitz: Obama Legacy Close to that of Neville Chamberlain

Dershowitz who twice voted for President Barack Obama blamed him for bringing down world order. “His legacy will be close to that of Neville Chamberlain,” he said, adding that Obama had alienated every country in the Middle East except Iran. “It’s been a disaster,” declared Dershowitz when discussing Obama’s foreign policy. “There is a great failure in the world order.”

He also termed the United Nations “an absolute disaster,” charging it with preventing rather than promoting peace. If it was up to him the UN would be abolished, he said. “It’s done more harm than good.” JPost

Obama’s Middle East Achievement 

Obama succeeded – and this is an amazing, unique achievement – to make the entire Middle East hate him. The Israelis hate him, the Palestinians hate him, the Egyptians hate him. Only in one country do they like him: Iran, and that’s some achievement. Globes


Gold, a recent director-general of the Foreign Ministry, who still remains close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that there is no concern in Israel about the Trump administration becoming hostile to or taking steps against Israel. The president-elect’s team and the prime minister’s team have good relations, he said.

Both Gold and Dershowitz voiced concern over world indifference to what is now happening in Aleppo. Gold was ambassador to the United Nations in the 1990s and he recalled that it was a period of anguish over genocide in Rwanda and Srebrenica, and the determination was that the UN must make sure that such outbursts would not occur again. “What is occurring now in Aleppo is not just mass murder,” said Gold. The Shi’ites are being moved out and the Sunnis are being brought in from all over the Middle East. One thing the new secretary of state has to do is to bring back world order.” JPost


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