Rachel Jeantel Graduates

Rachel Jeantel Graduates
Rachel Jeantel, right, graduates from high school. (Personal photo)

In a Miami auditorium on Friday Rachel Jeantel was presented her high school diploma. Rachel had promised her friend, Trayvon Martin, that she would finish school.  She was ridiculed during her testimony at the Zimmerman trial because of her dialect, testiness, and use of slang. When she was forced to admit on the stand she could not read cursive, she was mocked almost everywhere.

Jeantel said of her accomplishment,

“I did it. The witness who didn’t know how to speak English knows how to speak English through the 12th grade now.  I never quit.”

Rod Vereen, a Miami defense and civil rights attorney, was asked by a member of her church to help prepare Rachel for her court testimony. After the trial Vereen, with the financial backing of the Tom Joyner Foundation, assembled a team of tutors, a psychologist, and other mentors to help Rachel. She has her high school diploma and plans to continue working with tutors on precollege curriculum before enrolling at a university. Rachel also earned her driver’s license a few months ago and is looking for a job.

Outstanding to Rachel for her hard work and to all those wonderful people who helped her!

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