Russia to Ban U.S. From Space Station in Retaliation For U.S. Sanctions

Space Station photo
International Space Station

Russia will deny NASA access to the International Space Station (ISS) after 2020. Since the end of the Space Shuttle project, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft has been the only way U.S. astronauts can get to the space station. The Russians can use the Space Station without the U.S. but we cannot.

The ISS crews include Americans and Russians, with visitors from other countries. India has been a partner the last three years in the ISS and sent an astronaut to the ISS in 2012. Perhaps India’s role in the ISS will increase.

Russia also barred the U.S. from using  Russian made rocket engines to launch military satellites. It also included suspending operations of GPS satellite navigation system sites on its territory from June. The GPS satellite navigation system ban was in response to U.S. plans to deny export licences for some high technology items that could be used by Russian military

The U.S. could be banned from using a scientific space lab that it played a major role in both constructing and placing in orbit.

The U.S.and Europe has not placed sanctions on Russia as a whole, instead on individuals and some companies in Russia. Ineffective!

The U.S latest sanctions were on “17 banks, energy companies, investment accounts and other firms controlled by the four men, in what amounted to an attempt to constrain the assets available to Mr. Putin’s close associates and perhaps to the president himself”, so they can have no dealings with the West. The current U.S. administration policy is not designed to change Russian policies but to look as if the it is changing Russian policy.

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Photo by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

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