Shootings and Drugs?

An exercise in intellectual curisoity.

  • Is there a link between mass shootings and prescription drugs?
  • Are we over-medicating people, especially children?
  • Do certain medications have dangerous side effects for some people?
  • Can some medications trigger latent violent tendencies in certain people?
  • Is a combination of mental illness and psychiatric drugs or illegal drugs triggering violent tendencies?
  • Are prescription medications being used in place of hospitalization?
  •  Illegal drugs are increasingly common.

Elliot rodger in California was under medical treatment for mental illness, as was the Sandy Hook shooter. The words “mental illness” and “personality disorder” are typically the words heard when a person is being treated with mind-altering psychiatric drugs.

The Columbine killer Harris had antidepressants in his system.  The culprit in the shooting of students in Albertville Secondary in Winnenden, near Stuttgart was on medication for depression.  The 1989 Cleveland school shooting culprit Patrick Purdy had been taking antidepressants.  So had Michael McDermott who killed 7 co-workers in 2000 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. 

Anders Breivik in Norway was taking an anabolic steroid combined with an amphetamine with  caffeine added to the mix. In Leeds, David Bieber killed one policeman and tried to kill more heavily used anabolic steroids.

According to the CDC, 7.5 percent of US schoolchildren are on prescription psychiatric drugs.  In the U.S. antidepressants are one of the fastest growing classes of prescribed drugs.

Are mind-bending drugs featured in the epidemic rampage killings that Western society is now suffering?  Are drugs triggering violent tendencies?  Are prescription medications being used in place of hospitalization?  Studies need to be done.

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