Baltimore Residents Blame Reduced Police Presence For High Murder Rate

Surprise!  Less police presence more crime.

As Baltimore grapples with its highest per capita record for homicides, some resident blame a lack of police presence in their neighborhoods as a reason for the city’s gun violence problem.

One Baltimore, Md., pastor argued that more police need to patrol the city’s neighborhoods in order to better protect the locals, according to an interview with NPR published Sunday…

Baltimore reached 343 homicides last week as city leaders struggle to come up with ways to fix the violence. Mayor Catherine Pugh, a Democrat, released a holistic crime plan, aimed at cracking down on poverty, opening up access to local community colleges to students who might not be able to afford it and working to better train officers, while the city police commissioner touted the recent addition of new hires to the force.  DailyCaller

Baltimore is a prime example of what happens when politicians coddle criminals and give them the excuse of racism to justify their crimes. It’s too late to say, “Sorry. We made a mistake.” What’s done is done and the people of the city of Baltimore are going to have to live with it. PJMedia

Vandals Damage Oldest Christopher Columbus Monument In Nation

A radical Marxist  who has no use for the U..S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights and  wants to see America collapse.

Damaged obelisk monument honoring Christopher Columbus

Vandals damaged a Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore Sunday night, and posted a video of the incident to YouTube.

The inscription on the statue, which read “Sacred to the memory of Chris. Columbus Oct. XII MDCC VIIIC,” was unreadable due to a hole being smashed in the statue, according to Baltimore Brew.

Signs left in front of the vandalized monument read, “Racism: Tear it down,” and “The future is racial and economic justice.” NewsMax

Video:  Oldest Monument to Columbus Vandalized

The statue of Christopher Columbus by Gaetano Russo in the middle of Columbus Circle in NYC.

Columbus Circle Monument Now On The SJW Chopping Block

Polls show the majority of Americans oppose removal of statues.  All this is doing is moving people away from the Democratic party.  Rasmussen poll




According to the New York Post, “the 76-foot structure honoring the explorer at Columbus Circle should be among the statues reviewed by the city for potential purging, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said on Monday.”

Mark-Viverito pointed her crosshairs at Columbus while advocating the removal of another statue: controversial Dr. J. Marion Sims, who is alleged to have conducted medical experiments on slaves without anesthesia.

“I would definitely encourage them to take a look at that one as well,” Mark-Viverito said.

The Columbus statue was given to America by the Italians in 1892. Columbus is a revered figure in Italy.

“There obviously has been ongoing dialogue and debate in the Caribbean — particularly in Puerto Rico where I’m from — about this same conversation that there should be no monument or statue of Christopher Columbus based on what he signifies to the native population … [the] oppression and everything that he brought with him,” she added.

Her remarks come as NYC Mayor De Blasio has promised to assemble a task force to remove all hateful statues in the city. His Italian roots have shown his conflict regarding Columbus, as he participated in the Columbus Day parade.

“The historical figure of Columbus is complicated, to say the least,” de Blasio said before marching in the parade in 2013. “There’s some troubling things in his history.”  DailyWire

If statues only depicted someone who has never done anything wrong then there would only be statues depicting Jesus Christ.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Tells Prosecutors To Ease Off Charging Illegal Aliens With Non-Violent Crimes

Baltimore State’s Attorney is Marilyn Mosby.  How many charges will be dropped or lowered to a level that will not trigger a detainer?

What is the practice that favors a particular group of people over others called?  Discrimination.

So much for equal justice under the law.

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office wants prosecutors to reconsider charging illegal immigrants with non-violent crimes if they believe doing so will trigger “collateral consequences” that lead to deportation.

Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow told his staff that tough immigration enforcement policies under the Trump administration increase the likelihood that federal authorities will target illegal immigrants convicted of minor offenses.

The Justice Department’s deportation efforts “have increased the potential collateral consequences to certain immigrants of minor, non-violent criminal conduct,” Schatzow wrote in a memo obtained Thursday by the Baltimore Sun.

“In considering the appropriate disposition of a minor, non-violent criminal case, please be certain to consider those potential consequences to the victim, witnesses, and the defendant,” he added.  DailyCaller

Baltimore Asks FBI For Help: ‘Murder Is Out Of Control’

Maybe former mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake should not have given space to people “who wished to destroy.”

The number of homicides in Baltimore this year is soaring — reaching 100 before the end of April for the first time in nearly two decades — and the mayor is asking the FBI for more help.

“Murder is out of control,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh, at her weekly news briefing Wednesday. “There are too many guns on the streets. We’re looking for all the help we can get.”

The mayor met recently with the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Baltimore office and asked for additional agents to help local police battle violent crime in the city, according to the mayor’s spokesman, Anthony McCarthy. He said that could either mean bringing in more FBI agents from other field offices across the country or reassigning agents already in Baltimore to work with local police investigating violent crime.

Three people were killed in the city Monday — raising the number of homicides this year to 101, according to police. And with the warmer months approaching, it’s only expected to get worse. CNN

After Failing To Convict Police Officers, Mosby No Longer Wants Defendants To Have Bench Trials

Marilyn Mosby
Marilyn Mosby

Mosby wanted mob justice, which she did not get.  She now has the insane idea to take away from defendants their right to choose a bench trial with a judge or with a jury.



Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby on Thursday proposed a slate of reforms for how police officers accused of misconduct can be investigated and prosecuted, citing her failure to convict a single officer in the Freddie Gray case as her motivation.

She said “equality must be a felt reality” in Baltimore, and that her five proposed reforms — including giving investigators in her office police powers and prosecutors the right to reject a criminal defendant’s request for a bench trial — would go a long way toward leveling the playing field between average citizens and police officers accused of similar offenses.

Mosby said she had challenged a “longstanding protective norm” in charging the six Baltimore officers in the arrest and death of Gray, and ended up learning “hard, valuable and challenging lessons” about the need for institutional change. LawOfficer

Leaked Text Messages Between Baltimore Prosecutor’s Deputy And Investigator

Marilyn Mosby
Marilyn Mosby

The leaked text messages between Baltimore Persecutor’s deputy and investigator show charges were going to be filled in the Freddie Gray case no matter what the evidence showed.

Leaked text messages between one of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s deputies and the lead investigator in the Freddie Gray case are raising new concerns about whether politics played a role in the decision to charge six officers with his death.

Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported that the leaked messages suggest that the prosecutors planned to charge the officers, regardless of what the evidence showed.

Detective Dawnyell Taylor reportedly revealed in case notes that she was handed a narrative by the prosecution that she read to the grand jury. She wrote that the narrative “had several things that I found to be inconsistent with our investigation.”

“I thought the statements in the narrative were misquoted,” the detective added.

In one of the leaked text messages, Taylor also reportedly told the top investigator she didn’t feel comfortable reading the script provided to her.

“I’m fine with finding the facts but between us I believe we omitted key things from their combined statements,” Taylor said. TheBlaze

 Police Officers Suing Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby

Five of the six officers charged for the death of Gray are suing Mosby, as well as Maj. Samuel Cogen of the Baltimore Sheriff’s Office, in civil court for a gamut of causes.

In several lawsuits filed earlier this year, Officers William Porter, Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, Lt. Brian Rice, and Sgt. Alicia White alleged defamation, false arrest, false imprisonment, and violation of constitutional rights, among others.

The complaint filed by Porter and White stated that Mosby “made statements for purposes of quelling the riots rather than prosecuting police officers who had committed a crime,” and that Mosby “exceeded her authority” and “brought charges against police officers that were wholly unsupported by evidence and probable cause.” NBC News

All Charges Dropped Against Remaining Baltimore Police Officers In Freddie Gray Case

Marilyn Mosby
Marilyn Mosby

Prosecutors dropped all remaining charges against the three Baltimore police officers who were still awaiting trial in Freddie Gray’ death on Wednesday, blaming police for a biased investigation that failed to produce a single conviction. DailyMail

The decision by prosecutors to drop the charges comes after a judge had already acquitted three of the six officers charged in the case, including the van driver who the state considered the most responsible and another officer who was the highest-ranking of the group.

A fourth officer, Officer William Porter, had his case heard by a jury, who deadlocked and the judge declared a mistrial. abc2news

After the lifting of the gag order Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby reads (yells) a state to the press that slams the way police handled their investigation into Freddie Gray’s death.

Mosby proceeded with improper charges against the officers to serve a political agenda.  Judge Williams rulings on Officer Edward Nero and Lt. Brian Rice show lack of proof to prove the case and a bizarre legal theory.  She should be looked at for prosecutorial misconduct.  Even today’s yelling rant is improper for a state attorney.

Representatives for the six officers who had been charged in the Freddie Gray case defended their clients and criticized State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

“Justice has been done,” said Gene Ryan, president of FOP Lodge 3, which represents city police officers.

Ryan said Mosby’s comments earlier in the day were “outrageous and uncalled for and simply untrue.”

Attorney Ivan Bates, who represents Sgt. Alicia White, spoke on behalf of all of the officers and their attorneys. He criticized Mosby for not conducting a thorough, independent investigation of Gray’s arrest and death.

Bates said Mosby’s office declined assistance that was offered by the Maryland State Police and the FBI.  Bates said a “nightmare” began for the six officers when they were charged on May 1, 2015. BaltimoreSun

Last month a law professor at George Washington University School of Law filed a disciplinary complaint with the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland against Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

According to the complaint, filed by Prof. John F. Banzhaf, Mosby violated multiple provisions of the Maryland Lawyer’s Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) including withholding exculpatory evidence, making improper public statements and continuing to prosecute a case after there is insufficient evidence to support a conviction. LawNewz

Baltimore Judge Acquits Lt. Brian Rice In Freddie Gray Case

Lt. Brian Rice
Lt. Brian Rice

Lt. Brian Rice is the highest-ranking officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray.    Judge Barry Williams has acquitted Lt. Brian Rice of all charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

Rice is the fourth of six officers to go on trial in the Gray case. He faced involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office charges in connection with Gray’s death.

Prosecutors dropped a second misconduct in office charge related to Gray’s arrest and Judge Barry Williams dismissed an assault charge.

Williams, announcing his verdict Monday morning, said the state failed to prove Rice’s actions did not rise to criminal action. The judge said that while Rice may have used bad judgment in not seat-belting Gray, it’s not a crime. The judge’s ruling in the Rice trial is similar to that of the trials of Officers Caesar Goodson and Edward Nero.

The judge said he could not make assumptions of presumptions when making his ruling. The judge said the state failed to prove Rice’s actions were grossly negligent.

The judge said the situation at the second stop of Gray’s arrest was tense for both police at residents. The judge said there was no evidence presented by the state that Rice was aware of policy that requires seat-belting of arrestees.

The judge said he believes the officer testimony of concerns over crowd at Gray arrest.

“The state has put forth every theory that can exist and the judge has acknowledged again and again that the state did not meet its burden,” said attorney Warren Alperstein, a courtroom observer.  wbaltv

Baltimore Officer Edward Nero Not Guilty

Officer Nero
Officer Nero

Officer Nero was one of three bike officers involved in the initial police encounter with Freedie Gray that day in April 2015.  He opted for a bench trial instead of a jury trial.

Nero had been charged with second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and two counts of misconduct in office for his participation in the arrest and transport of Freddie Gray…

The state’s theory of the case, the rationale for the criminal prosecution, was two-fold. On the second degree assault charge, the legal rationale was that Nero failed to independently determine reasonable suspicion and probable cause for Gray’s arrest, instead relying on the judgment of his superior officer, Lieutenant Brian Rice, and his colleague, Officer Garrett Miller.  On the reckless endangerment charge, the legal rationale was that Nero failed in a legal duty to seat belt Gray.

It was Rice who initiated the pursuit and stop of Gray upon observing Gray flee police observation, and it was Miller who actually made the physical arrest and filed the criminal complaint against Gray.  Both Rice and Miller are also charged with crimes related to Gray’s arrest, and are to be tried later this year…

Judge Barry Williams concluded that the state had failed to prove that Nero acted unreasonably. Unreasonable conduct is an explicit element for the reckless endangerment charge, and its absence ensured an acquittal on that charge.

Williams also concluded that only Officer Garrett Miller physically arrested Gray. The second degree assault charge against Nero was premised on the theory that his arrest of Gray was unlawful. The conclusion that Nero did not in fact arrest Gray at all ensured an acquittal on the second degree assault charge.

Williams also dismissed the state’s bizarre legal theory that Nero should be found guilty on the basis of criminal conspiracy, because of his cooperation with Miller and other officers in arresting and transporting Gray.

Williams also noted that this verdict, naturally, applies narrowly to Nero, and has no direct implications for the five other scheduled Freddie Gray trials. LegalInsurrection


Judge Declares Mistrail In Freddie Gray Case – Jury Deadlocked

Officer Porter was the first of six officers to be tried in Gray’s death. There is a gag order that pertains to all cases related to Freddie Gary, the State Attorney for Baltimore City, Marilyn Mosby, is unable to make any comments.

As predicted, the jury failed to convict.  This case never should have been brought;  a weak case, over charged the officer, and State Attorney Mosby ramping up rhetoric for her own political career.  Riot time to steal stuff for Christmas?

weak case and “over charged” the officer


A Maryland judge declared a mistrial on Wednesday in the trial of the first of six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, whose killing sparked riots and arson in the city in April.

The jury had deliberated for 16 hours on whether the officer, William Porter, was guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Gray’s death from injuries suffered while in police custody. After it reported it was unable to reach a verdict, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams issued his ruling.

“I do declare a mistrial,” Williams said after the jury of seven women and five men said they were deadlocked on all charges. He said an administrative judge would set a new trial date as early as Thursday.

Asked by defense lawyer Joseph Murtha if he wanted to appear at Thursday’s hearing, a relieved-looking Porter said, “No.” Reuters

Baltimore Reaches 200 Homicides

crime-scene-tapeEight months into the year Baltimore’s homicide count has hit the 200 mark.

Timothy Smith was shaving the gray stubble from his face Monday afternoon when he heard the gunshots. He dropped the razor and sprinted downstairs and out the door.

The 48-year-old said he’d been inside his Northeast Baltimore home only a moment to get ready for work, temporarily leaving three of his grandchildren riding their bikes in the street outside. His worst fears were assuaged — the pre-teens were OK — but in an alley nearby lay a man, shot to death in Baltimore’s 200th homicide this year.

The city didn’t hit 200 homicides last year until Dec. 7, when police said 19-year-old Tymaine Sellman was gunned down in the 500 block of Edgewood St.

A wave of killings the likes of which hasn’t been seen in four decades followed the unrest over the death of Freddie Gray, with more than 40 people killed in both May and July. So far in August, about one person has been killed per day in Baltimore. Police have partially blamed the influx of prescription drugs stolen from looted pharmacies for the violence. Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Tries Again To Get Protective Order To Block Release Of Freddie Gray Autopsy Report

Marilyn Mosby
Marilyn Mosby

Mosby has filed a second motion to block defense attorneys from releasing any of the evidence due to them June 26 through court discovery, including Gray’s autopsy.  The first motion was denied as it was filed in the wrong court.

In the motion Mosby’s office said the state “does not seek to limit in any way the press’s right to attend the trial or any pretrial hearings” in the case, and “seeks only to have justice carried out in the courtroom, not the newsroom.” BaltimoreSun

It also should not be in front of the courthouse, in a church… like Mosby did.