2 Olympic Boxers Arrested For Sexual Assault On Maids

Jones Junius flag-bearer for Namibia.
Jones Junius Namibia flag-bearer.

A second Olympic boxer has been accused by a housekeeper in the athletes’ village of sexual assault.

Rio de Janeiro police say Namibia’s flag bearer has been arrested for sexual assault, four days after another Olympic boxer was accused of sexually attacking two housekeepers in the Olympic Village.

Authorities say a housekeeper told police she was assaulted by 22-year-old Jonas Junius, a boxer who competes in light-middleweight division. Junius was set to fight with French boxer Hassan Amzile on Thursday. ABC12

The arrest of Junius follows a similar incident last week, when boxer Hassan Saada from Morocco was arrested on sexual assault charges.


Hassan Saada

A Moroccan boxer was arrested after ‘attempting to rape two chambermaids in the Olympic Village’ in Brazil.

A Moroccan boxer has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to rape two chambermaids in the Olympic Village in Brazil.

Hassan Saada was detained by police this morning over claims he attempted to sexually assault the two women in the athletes’ accommodation at Barra de Tijuca.

The 22-year-old athlete will miss out of competing in the games following allegations that he sexually assaulting two Brazilian domestic maids at the Olympic Village.

Saada, married and  a light heavyweight boxer, was taken to a police station close the Olympic Stadium where he was stripped of his Olympic competitor status.  Detective Caroline Solomon of Recreio Police confirmed the athlete has been stripped of his credentials…She said the penalty, if convicted, is between six and 10 years…

Judge Nunes Saly  said,  Brazilian laws apply to everyone – Brazilians and visitors alike. Everyone must obey the law. DailyMail

Brazil University Request List Of All Israeli Students and Teachers

Antissemitismo-Universtiy-Santa-Maria1Brazilian substitute headmaster José Fernando Schlosser at the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil sent out a letter requesting a list identifying all Israeli students and teachers at the institution.  The list was requested by  the teacher’s union, the student association, and The Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. 

The Federal University of Santa Maria in the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil is under fire this week, after the dean requested a list of Israeli students and lecturers due to peer pressure from various organizations.

Jose Fernando Schlosser justified the move by stating that the list was requested by the teacher’s union, the student association, and The Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Later, he stated on Facebook that the letter was “grossly forged” and accused the distributor of forging pro-Palestinian symbols on the letter to defame him.

The Foreign Ministry stated to Arutz Sheva that the incident is “very difficult” and that “The Embassy in Brazil, the Israeli Consulate in Sao Paulo and the Jewish community, have begun operations immediately […] to address this ugly and racist initiative.”

The Ministry added that the letter hails back to “the dark days of humanity” and urged the school to condemn the move. IsraelNationalNews