Cliff Richard Gives Interview After Cleared Of Sexual Abuse Claims

cliff-richardSir Cliff Richard is one of the most successful and best-loved singer in the U.K. Cliff endured a 22-month South Yorkshire police investigation.

Sir Cliff Richard will not face charges over allegations he sexually abused four boys more than 30 years ago, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced.

Just over a month after receiving a file of evidence from police on the singer, lawyers for the CPS said on Thursday that there was insufficient evidence from the police investigation to charge Richard and no further action should be taken against him. The Guradian

There are to many of these false accusations that are treated like evidence that harms and in some cases destroy a person.   And the accusers walk away in total anonymity without any legal retribution.

One of his accusers turned out to be one of the country’s most dangerous sex offenders. Another is a man who previously tried to blackmail Cliff. His demands were not met and he was reported to the police. DailyMail

Sir Cliff Richard breaks his two-year silence

I have known Cliff for 40 years and today, as we meet at a Surrey hotel to talk about his two years of hell, I can see immediately how the strain and upset has lifted from his face.

And he says he’s actually forgiven his accuser. ‘He probably doesn’t even know I’ve forgiven him, but me forgiving him is not as good as God forgiving him. But only he can ask for that forgiveness.’

One of the biggest potential sex scandals of our age has now passed. His fans can breathe again. Except, as he points out, the law doesn’t erase memories. Nor does the language of the law reassure. ‘Because they don’t say “Chucked out — no evidence”, do they?’ he points out. ‘They say “insufficient evidence”, which to the reader, certainly to me, suggests maybe there is some evidence, but not enough. That’s ridiculous.’ This is Cliff’s first interview, his first full account of his 22-month nightmare, and it is explosive. Read full article at DailyMail