Meriam Ibrahim in New Hampshire

Meriam Ibrahim with her husband and two children arrived in Philadelphia en route to Manchester, where her husband has family and where they will make their new home.

A Sudanese woman who refused to recant her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence arrived Thursday in the United States, where she was welcomed first by the mayor of Philadelphia as a “world freedom fighter” and later by cheering supporters waving American flags in New Hampshire. Continue reading “Meriam Ibrahim in New Hampshire”

Meriam Ibrahim In Rome

Roma, Arrivo  dal Sudan di Meriam Yehya Ibraim a CiampinoMeriam Ibrahim who was convicted and sentenced to death in Sudan flew into Rome on an Italian goverment plane Thursay and met the Pope.

Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, whose sentence and detention triggered international outrage, walked off the aircraft cradling her baby and was greeted by Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi.

Soon afterwards, Ibrahim, her husband and two children had a private meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican. “The Pope thanked her for her witness to faith,” Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said.

The meeting, which lasted around half an hour, was intended as a “sign of closeness and solidarity for all those who suffer for their faith,” he added.

There were no details on what led up to the 27-year-old’s departure after a month in limbo in Khartoum, but a senior Sudanese official said it had been cleared by the government.

“The authorities did not prevent her departure that was known and approved in advance,” the senior official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Ibrahim was accompanied on the plane by Italy’s vice minister for foreign affairs, Lapo Pistelli. He told journalists at Ciampino airport that Italy had been in “constant dialogue” with Sudan but did not give any more details on Rome’s role in securing her exit.

Online:  Death row Christian woman flies out of Sudan, meets Pope

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim: Baby Daughter Is Disabled After Prison Childbirth In Shackles

4329074615_5c69563794_q_sudanUpdate:  Meriam’s baby girl may not be disabled.  More will be known after test are done, the baby is to undergo an ultrasound soon to confirm that she has full use of her legs.  Meriam’s husband Daniel Wani has muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition that results in muscle wasting, and is confined to a wheelchair.

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian charged with apostasy, gave birth in a Khartoum prison with her legs shackled, said her baby is disabled as a result of her treatment.    The extent of the disability would not be clear until she is older. ” I don’t know in the future whether she’ll need support to walk or not, ” Meriam said.

“I gave birth chained,” she said, in her first description of the May 27 birth.
“Not cuffs – but chains on my legs. I couldn’t open my legs so the women had to lift me off the table. I wasn’t lying on the table.”

Sudan claims that Meriam Ibrahim cannot leave the country using South Sudan travel documents (her husband is from South Sudan). The U.S. State Department said the Christian woman has all the necessary travel documents according to international law.   It is up to Sudan to allow her to exit the country said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf.

Online:  The Telegraph Meriam Ibrahim: My baby is disabled because I gave birth with my legs chained 

Updated: Re-Arrested In Sudan


Updated:  Meriam Ibrahim has taken refuge at the U.S. Embassy after being released from police custody for a second time.  NBCNews

Updated: This is outrageous!

Meriam Ibrahim “has been released from her latest detention but has been charged with new crimes, MailOnline can reveal. Meriam Ibrahim has been accused of falsifying travel documents as she tried to leave the African country hours after the death penalty was dropped against her.

It is understood that the authorities told her she should have used the Muslim name she had when she was born, not the Christian name she uses after choosing to worship that faith.”  DailyMail

When Meriam was released yesterday why was the family at a safe house instead of the U.S. Embassy?  The U.S. government should have coordinated with the government of Sudan to get this family out of that country!

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Sudansese Court Orders Release Of Sudanese Mother Sentenced For Marrying A Christian

4329074615_5c69563794_q_sudanA court in Sudan Monday ordered the release of  27-year-old Mariam Yahya Ibrahim sentenced to death last month for converting from Islam to Christianity, the state news agency said.

The case of Meriam Ibrahim, who is married to a Christian American, triggered an international outcry. She gave birth to a baby daughter while in prison.

‘The appeal court ordered the release of Mariam Yahya and the cancellation of the (previous) court ruling,’ Sudan’s SUNA news agency said.  The couple’s 20-month-old son was also held in prison with Ms Ibrahim and her newborn daughter.

Online:  Sudanese mother sentenced to death for ‘converting to Christianity’ freed after international outcry

Sudan Judges To Rule On Death Row Christian Woman

4329074615_5c69563794_q_sudanA three-judge panel in Sudan will examine the appeal of Meriam  Ishag, a Christian woman sentenced to hang for apostasy.

The judiciary appointed three judges last week to examine the appeal filed in the case of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag,” lawyer Mohanad Mustafa told AFP, without specifying when they will deliver a ruling.

Meriam was raised a Christian. She married a Christian man originally from South Sudan, they have a 20-month-old  son and an infant girl born May 27th.

She has denied ever committing apostasy.

Online:  Sudan Judges to rule on death row Christian woman

Sudan announces Christian Meriam Ibrahim will be released from prision after international outcry

4329074615_5c69563794_q_sudanImprisoned Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim may be released soon.  Meriam  is imprisoned with her newborn baby girl and two year old son for refusing to renounce her Christianity and was sentenced to death by hanging for apostasy.

Authorities in the country are said to be working out a way to free Meriam thhat will be consistent with the country’s laws, according to Foreign Ministry under-secretary Abdelah Al-Azrak. He said: ‘The related authorities in the country are working to release Mariam (sic) who was sentenced to death for apostasy, through legal measures. I expect her to be released soon’.

However, Mrs Ibrahim’s lawyers said they do not believe the offer is genuine, and is a ploy to silence the growing outcry. Elshareef Ali Mohammed, one of her legal team, told the Telegraph: ‘It’s to silence the international media. This is what the government do. We will not believe that she is being freed until she walks out of the prison’.

Tina Ramierez, of religious freedom group Hardwired, said campaigning for Meriam’s freedom is more important now than ever. ‘They could just be saying this just to get everyone off their backs. We have seen them do that before,’ she told MailOnline.

‘Its essential that we keep the pressure up until Meriam is actually freed.

Online: Daily Mail Sudanese woman forced to give birth in shackles and held with toddler in prison ‘hell hole’ as she awaited death sentence for refusing to drop her Christian faith will be FREED after international outcry

Meriam Ibrahim Gives Birth in Sudan Prison

4329074615_5c69563794_q_sudanImprisoned Sudanese Christian Meriam  Ibrahim  gave birth early this morning to a baby girl in a Khartoum prison hospital wing.  The 27-year-old mother sentenced to death for apostasy named her baby girl Maya, her lawyers told The Telegraph.


Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag married a Christian man and was sentenced to hang for apostasy earlier this month after refusing to renounce Christianity.

She is allowed to nurse her baby girl for two years before the sentence is carried out.

Ms Ibrahim was also convicted of adultery on the grounds that her marriage to a Christian man from South Sudan was void under Sudan’s version of Islamic law, which says Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims.

For this the judge sentenced her to 100 lashes, which will reportedly be carried out when she has recovered from giving birth.

Ms Ibrahim was raised as an Orthodox Christian, her mother’s religion, because her father, a Muslim, was reportedly absent during her childhood.

Online:  BBC: Sudanese woman facing death for apostasy gives birth

Is The Reason Preganant Mother Was Sentenced To Death In Sudan Jealous and Greedy Family?

sudan photoTwo United States Senators, Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), sent the Secretary of State a second letter demanding that more be done to help Daniel Wani and Meriam Ibrahim. Good thing they sent a second letter as the State Department is ‘not sure’ it recevied the first letter sent to the State Department from two United States Senators.
PJMedia: State Dept. ‘Not Sure’ It Got Senate Letter Sent Four Days Ago Pleading for Sudanese Christian

The heartbreaking horrible situation of Meriam Ibrahim, the eight months pregnant shackled woman sentenced to 100 lashes and death last week for being a Christian and marrying a Christian was driven by jealousy and greed from family members it is claimed.  From family members she doesn’t know!

Her half brother and half sister – who had not seen her for decades – tracked her down so they could get rid of her and take over her successful general store, Meriam’s lawyers alleged. The legal team for Meriam, whose husband is an American citizen, are being paid for by Justice Centre Sudan, a US-based non-profit that campaigns for human rights in the African country.

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