In Denmark Man Charged With Blasphemy For Burning The Koran

Denmark has charged a man under a still-existing blasphemy law for burning a copy of the Koran.

The Center for Inquiry unequivocally condemned the charge of blasphemy brought by Danish prosecutors against a man for burning a copy of the Quran in an online video. CFI blasted the charge as an affront to the fundamental rights to freedom of belief and expression, and called upon Denmark to repeal its blasphemy law.

“The fundamental rights that allow a religious believer to freely profess the divinity of a holy book also allow someone else to defile that book, and still others to censure such an action,” said Michael De Dora, CFI’s main representative to the United Nations. “While the actions of the accused may be offensive and his sentiments ugly, real democracy is only possible with the freedom to criticize even the most deeply held beliefs.” CenterForInquiry

A man who filmed himself burning the Quran has become the first person to be charged under Denmark’s blasphemy law in 46 years.

The 42-year-old filmed himself burning a copy of Islam’s holy book in his back yard in December 2015. He then posted the video on the anti-Islamic Facebook group, “Yes to freedom – no to Islam” along with the words, “Consider your neighbour: it stinks when it burns.”

Danish prosecutor Jan Reckendorff announced his decision to bring charges in a press statement issued on Wednesday afternoon.

“It is the prosecution’s view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Quran can in certain cases be a violation of the blasphemy clause, which covers public scorn or mockery of religion.”

This marks the fourth time in history anyone has been prosecuted under Denmark’s blasphemy clause: four people were sentenced for posting posters mocking Jewish teachings in 1938; two people were fined for carrying out a fake baptism at a masked ball in 1946; and two programme leaders at Danish Radio were exonerated in 1971 for airing a song mocking Christianity.

Danish prosecutors famously declined to invoke the country’s blasphemy laws in 2006, when the Jyllands-Posten newspaper published twelve cartoons picturing the Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam. TheLocal

Which countries still outlaw blasphemy?

Danes Perform Medical Tests To Determine Ages of ‘Child Migrants,’ Find 75% Are Adults

Anyone shocked?

Three quarters of so-called child asylum seekers in made to undergo medical tests to prove their age in Denmark have been found to be adults.

The Danish Immigration Service (DIS) suspected 800 migrants were lying about their age and asked the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Forensic Medicine to run checks on them.

And having carried out tests involving x-rays of their teeth and bones, it was revealed 600 of the refugees involved were actually adults.

In Denmark, unaccompanied child migrants have the rights to a number of privileges under asylum law including bringing their parents to the country.

But Intergration Minister Inger Støjberg said the number of suspected age cheats is a good thing, and proof the Danish system is working. DailyMail

Criminals Flock To Copenhagen: Four Out Of Five Foreigners

denmark-police78% of criminals in Denmark’s capital are of “non-Western origin” and 84% of foreigners are unemployed.

Danish police are being stretched by a migrant crime wave in capital Copenhagen as foreign outlaws “flock” to the city in ever greater numbers.

Latest crime figures for 2015 obtained by Danish newspaper MetroXpressreveal that of 2,633 criminals who went before a judge, 2,049 were foreigners, some four fifths. This proportion — 78 per cent — is up from 65 per cent eight years ago.

Although crime is low in Denmark compared to many other European countries, it has struggled with problems imported from abroad through Europe’s open borders Schengen agreement.

The very nature of migrant crime is more taxing for Danish police officers, as a spokesman for the Copenhagen force, the most crime-ridden part of the country, said:

“We are spending more and more time on it and we have set aside resources to take on foreigners. It’s everything from property crime to robbery, and more organised [crime].

“Every time a foreigner commits a crime, there is additional casework. A foreign shoplifter takes a lot more resources from us than a Dane”.

The report states the biggest foreign groups in the crime statistics are now Nigeriansand Romanians, such people can except to receive the cold shoulder from the city authorities from now on. MuslimStatistics

Guilty Of Self-Protection

denmark-policeA 17 year-old Danish female who reported to police that she was sexually assaulted now faces a fine for using pepper spray against her attacker, who fled from the scene and hasn’t been charged.

The teenager told police that she was attacked in central Sønderborg on Wednesday at around 10pm by a dark-skinned English-speaking man. She said the man knocked her to the ground and then unbuttoned her pants and attempted to undress her.

The girl was able to save herself from further assault by using pepper spray on the attacker, but now she may be the one who ends up in legal trouble.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.

The case has sparked a backlash among some Danes who point to increasing reports of sexual harassment in Sønderborg and other Danish cities at the same time that police say they are stretched too thin to properly carry out their duties.

Numerous readers wrote in the comments section onTV Syd’s story about the incident that they would be willing to pay the girl’s fine, which will most likely be 500 kroner [$72].

One user wrote:  “It is so completely and terribly wrong with the Danish system. Self-defense is a human right.” Then ironically added: “Perhaps the offender must seek compensation.  Have we become mad in Denmark?”

Refugees Bring Infection Into Denmark That Has Been Absent For 20 Years

Corynebacterium_diphtheriaeDanish authorities have warned hospitals to be on the lookout for diphtheria, an illness that hasn’t been seen in Denmark for nearly 20 years but may have returned with asylum seekers.  The devastating infection diphtheria is rare in most countries, thanks to vaccines. “Refugees” have also been found to carry tuberculosis and malaria.

The Danish State Serum Institute (SSI) said on Tuesday that diphtheria was found in two Libyan refugees.
“The infection can be very dangerous if one isn’t vaccinated against it. The dangerous type is very rare and we last saw it in Denmark in 1998,” SSI spokesman Kurt Fuursted told Metroxpress.
SSI has warned Danish hospitals about the possible return of diphtheria and Metroxpress reported that asylum seekers have also been found to carry tuberculosis and malaria.

Denmark does not screen arriving refugees for illnesses.

“There is no doubt that infectious diseases are coming in with the refugees that we aren’t used to. There have been discussions on whether all refugees who come to Denmark should be screened,” SSI spokesman Kurt Fuursted said.

Denmark also does not follow the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation to vaccinate incoming migrants.

Denmark does not vaccinate arriving migrants despite recommendations from the World Health Organization to do so.
“Our position is clear: migrants and asylum seekers should be checked and vaccinated against the illness they are not protected against,” WHO spokesman Robb Butler told Metroxpress.

3 Shootings In Copenhagen

Police Officer Standing Guard in Copenhagen.

The first shooting happened at 4 pm. At a Danish free speech event there was a terrorist attack. The organizer of the event was Swedish artist Lars Vilks.  He

Lars Vilks had previously faced attacks for drawing a caricature of Mohammed as a dog in 2007.Swedish.  Vilks had received death threats from Muslims since he drew a cartoon of Mohammad’s head on the body a dog.

The terrorist attack happened when a event speaker was is talking about free speech.  1 person was killed and 3 police officers wounded.  The shooter was described as Middle Eastern.  The gunman fled in a carjacked Volkswagen Polo.

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Study: Radical Muslims are well-integrated, are better educated than average, and are better economically and socially

Copenhagen photo
Copenhagen, Denmark

It has been thought that failed integration and poverty may be causes of “Homegrown Radical Islamists” in Western  countries. A study “Radical Islamism and Migrant Integration in Denmark: An Empirical Inquiry” does not support a link between  integration and radicalization of young Muslims, or poverty.

Associate professor and Islamism researcher Marco Goli from Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen concluded “that  radicalized young Muslims are often what one would consider well-integrated: They are better educated than average and also perform better economically and socially and will therefore largely be able to maintain a double life.”

The study stated:  “The sharpest and most consistent difference between the Radical Islamists and other Muslim immigrants concerned their adherence to religious duties and proscriptions. More than half of the most radical group deferred to Sharia over National law, and a third endorsed death as punishment for apostasy.”

“They become radicalized from their own perception of what happens around the world,” says Shahamak Rezaei, Associatev Professor at the Institute of Social and Globalisation Affairs at Roskilde University.”

The study was based on a nationally representative sample of 1,113 youth (ages 15–30) in Denmark with national ties to a”Muslim country.

Online:  Radical Islamism and Migrant Integration in Denmark: An Empirical Inquiry
Radical Islamism and Migrant Integration in Denmark: An Empirical Inquiry (pdf)

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