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France TV Bans Ad Featuring Children with Down Syndrome –Might ‘Disturb’ Post-Abortive Women

Take away the smiles of happy children to hide oneself from the pain of conscience.

A French court has drawn international backlash for ruling that a popular video showing happy children with Down syndrome was “inappropriate” for French television…

The video in question, entitled “Dear Future Mom,” was released in 2014 for World Down Syndrome Day and has received more than 7 million viewers online alone. It shows children with Down syndrome from around the world reassuring a mother whose child has received a diagnosis. The children tell her that her child “can be happy – just like I am” and reinforce what they are able to do and accomplish.

On Nov. 10, the French Council of State, a body of the French government, ruled that the short video was inappropriate for broadcast on French television as a commercial.

In a decision upholding the French Broadcasting Council’s earlier ban of the video, the Council of State said it failed to meet the criteria for a public service announcement. In its reasoning, it pointed out that the happiness of the children shown in the video was “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.” CatholicNewsAgency

Agence France Presse Systematic Media Biased Information Against Israel

Agence France Presse (AFP) with offices around the world, is the third largest news agency in the world, after the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters.

When Palestinians murder Israelis in vehicle-ramming attacks, Agence France Press never labels the murderer a “terrorist.” All of them are “activists,” “militants” or “attackers.” But when a Tunisian-born Islamist terrorist murdered 84 people in Nice, France in July 2016, by ramming a truck into a crowd of people, the AFP called that “terror

On July 15, 2016, after the truck ramming that killed 84 people in Nice, France, Agence France Presse (AFP) released a report entitled, “When Vehicles Become Weapons”. It is the duty of a large news agency such as AFP to list, for its customers, examples of countries that are suffering from vehicular terrorism.

Concerning Israel, we can read in the third paragraph: “In Israel and the Palestinian territories, car-ramming attacks have featured heavily in a wave of violence that has killed at least 215 Palestinians, 34 Israelis, two Americans, an Eritrean and a Sudanese since October last year”.

A naïve reader might understand that in Israel and Palestinian territories, Jews and Muslims — or Israelis and Palestinians — find it amusing to use their vehicles to kill innocent passersby. He might think also that Jews are far better players of this gamer than are Muslims, because they killed “215 Palestinians” against only “34 Israelis.”

As the website Honest Reporting noticed:

“In fact, the total number of Israelis who have committed car ramming attacks against Palestinians is exactly zero, but a reader would have no way of knowing that. To the contrary, the AFP’s language gives the incorrect appearance that morePalestinians are targeted by car ramming attacks than Israelis.”

Biased information about Israel in the French press is not an episodic occurrence. It is a systematic one. The main engine of this biased information industry is blatantly the Agence France Presse.

AFP — like Reuters, Associated Press or Bloomberg — is a news agency with offices all over the world (150 countries and 200 bureaus). But it is not a private company; it is supposed to be a cooperative owned by customers (newspapers, radios and TV channels), but it is actually a state-owned company, heavily subsidized due to the large number of subscriptions from different French government ministries — especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The managing director of AFP is appointed by the government. AFP is a tool of French diplomacy and is considered an arm of France’s cultural international influence.

AFP has a large “bureau” in Jerusalem and its journalists have an enormous influence on the European and Middle Eastern press. This influence is enormous because its reports are literally copied-and-pasted by newspapers and countless websites in France and Europe.  Read full article at GateStoneInstitute

AFP (3rd largest worldwide) is not the only biased news media against Israel.

French Arm Themselves After Muslim Terror Attacks


Not wanting to helpless victims in their own country.

Recent shocking terror attacks in France have encouraged many to try to get hold of their own firearms, new figures reveal.

A spate of shocking terror attacks on French soil in recent years has left many in France fearful.  As a result there has a been a surge in the number of people joining gun clubs and looking to arm themselves.

An investigation by the Nouvel Observateur website found that the number of people signing up to become licensed members at shooting clubs has risen 38 percent in five years.

And in the past year alone there has been a 10 percent increase, believed to be down to the spate of terror attacks that began with the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in January 2015.

“Before the beginning of 2015, it was just a vague trend. But since the attacks at Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan and Nice, the movement has amplified,” writes the Nouvel Obs.

Having a gun no longer seems to be a taboo subject in France.

“It’s just to have some means of defense at home,” Marc, a 35-year-old father told the newspaper.  thelocalfr

France Creates National Guard To Battle Terrorism And Improve Security


France is creating a National Guard to bolster security against terrorist attacks across the country.

The Guard, which is expected to grow to 84,000 people by 2018, is a new, enhanced version of the existing reserve forces. Following the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris last year, President Francois Hollande proposed creation of the force to include citizens willing to get involved in serving their country.
Defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the creation of the Guard “is a response to the need for an adaptation of our security and defense strategy.”…
Guard members’ tasks will vary from patrolling the streets of big cities to securing major sport and festive events to working in military staff offices.
They will be fully integrated into regular troops and police forces for a certain period of the year — from a few days to several months. They can be students, job seekers, employees as well as retired police officers and military veterans.
Regular military and police reserves now include 63,000 people. Students under the age of 25 who join the Guard a minimum of 37 days a year for five years will get a state grant of 100 euros ($110) per month.  Military Times

In the European system there are multiple flaws.

“We are not an island, we are the European continent, and the enemy is at our doorstep,” said Marc Trevidic, who was France’s top counterterror magistrate until 2015, in a recent interview with ProPublica and Frontline. “He can come by sea, air, and land. That is the reality.”

Online:  Frontline –How Europe Left Itself Open to Terrorism (long article, worth reading)

Scenes from the Apocalypse – African Mass Immigration Ruins Streets Of Paris

France can not absorb this horde of illegal mass immigration of young African males.  These ‘refugees’ are not being allowed into Europe out of any sense of compassion or anything like that but out of the progressives and ruling elites trying to destroy European life and culture and Western concepts and thought to create their Socialism utopia.

An anonymous Frenchman wearing a hidden camera recorded scenes in Paris.



This is what Hillary Clinton will bring to the U.S. with her open borders and 65,000+ immigrants from Syria.

Car Packed With Gas Cylinders Is Found Outside A Synagogue In The South Of France

Marseille, FranceSo glad that this latest terror attempt was thwarted in Marseille, France.

A car filled with gas cylinders was Saturday (Sept. 10th) found parked outside a synagogue in the south of France.

The suspicious vehicle was discovered by police officers after it was left near the Bar Yohaye synagogue in Marseille.

Dozens of worshippers were inside the building and were attending a service on Saturday morning.

The discovery comes just one week after a similar vehicle – also filled with gas cylinders – was left outside the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  DailyMail


Britain To Build Wall In Calais

calaiswallThe British government plans to build a wall in Calais, France to halt the flow of ‘migrants’ and keep drivers safe.

Britain to build the ‘Great Wall of Calais’: Taxpayers will pay £2million for 13ft high, one-mile long concrete barrier along motorway to stop migrants sneaking across the Channel

Wall will stretch nearly a mile along the main motorway to port of Calais 13ft concrete barrier will replace fencing that has failed to stop stowaways.  Supporters say wall would halt the flow of migrants and keep drivers safe.  Critics claim the barrier is a ‘scandalous waste of taxpayers’ cash’

Britain is to build a huge wall in Calais to try to stop migrants sneaking across the Channel.  UK taxpayers will foot the £2million bill for the barrier stretching nearly a mile along the main motorway to the port.

Construction will start soon, ministers announced yesterday.

The 13ft concrete wall will replace fencing that has failed to stop stowaways targeting lorries. Before Britain’s vote to leave the EU there was a surge in incursions – mostly from the ‘Jungle’ camp near Calais that houses 10,000 migrants.  DailyMail

Wall-building Increases

Refugees have fueled a new spate of wall-building across the world, with a third of the world’s countries constructing them along their borders…as well as numerous in the Middle East, where countries are trying to protect themselves from the risk of terrorism

When the Berlin Wall was torn down a quarter-century ago, there were 16 border fences around the world.

Today, there are 65 either completed or under construction , according to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet. Dailymall

Walls Going Up

In July, Hungary’s right-wing government began building a four-metre-high (13 feet) fence along its border with Serbia to stanch the flow of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

‘We have only recently taken down walls in Europe; we should not be putting them up,’ was one EU spokesperson’s exasperated response.

Three other countries – Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are all constructing border fences in a bid to keep out jihadist groups next door in Somalia, Iraq and Syria.

Seven miles of barrier have already been erected along the border at Reyhanli town in Hatay province – a main point for smuggling and border-crossing from Syria – the private Dogan news agency said.

The fence in Turkey will eventually stretch for 28 miles along a key stretch of its border with Syria.

But the Turkish wall pales into insignificance when compared to the multi-layered fence which will one day stretch 600 miles from Jordan to Kuwait along Saudi’s border with Iraq – a line of defence against ISIS.DailyMail

Pope Leo IV had walls built for protection.

Pope Leo IV built the walls in order to protect the city against the encroachment of “Saracens”, an early term for the Arab Muslims who were hell bent on the conquest of Christian Europe. In 846, a year before the start of Pope Leo IV’s reign, the Saracens attacked the outskirts of Rome. The Muslim raiders targeted the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul, which were located outside of the massive walls that defended Rome itself. The Saracens looted the two churches, robbing them of their relics and desecrating the tombs of two of Christendom’s most revered saints. Hannity

Porous United States – Mexico border needs a wall.

Man Who Stabbed Rabbi Thursday Involved In Prior Attack

Strasbourg-rabbi-stabbingOrthodox Rabbi Shalom Levy in Strasbourg, France, was stabbed down the street from the Great Synagogue.

Suspect:  Muslim.  Yelled Allahu Akbar.  Stabbed a Hasidic Jew.  “Previously attacked a member of the local Jewish community in 2010.”

An investigation has been launched.
Motive?  Mental illness.

A Jewish man wearing a kippa skullcap was stabbed in the eastern French city of Strasbourg Friday by a man who was promptly arrested, police and Jewish community sources said.

The victim, who is in his sixties, was stabbed in the abdomen outside his home in the city’s Jewish quarter, Strasbourg’s chief rabbi Rene Gutman told AFP.

His injuries were not life-threatening, Gutman added. Police have not commented on the motive for the attack.  The rabbi cited witnesses as saying the victim’s alleged assailant, who police said has a history of mental health problems, shouted “Allahu Akbar”.

Gutman also said the suspect had previously attacked a member of the local Jewish community in 2010.

Condemning the attack, he said it “in no way reflects the prevailing climate in Strasbourg,” which has a large Jewish community.

The local prosecutor’s office confirmed the arrest and said an investigation had been launched. France24

France Cancels Europe’s Largest Flea Market Over Terror fears

lille-flea-marketThe Lille flea market attacts 2.5 million visitors annually and dates back to the 12th century.  There have been  other similar cancellations in France, including a fireworks show in the western city of La Baule and an air show in Marseille.  France the beacon of liberty and culture is on its knees.  France has a choice to make surrender or fight.

One of Europe’s oldest and biggest street markets, in the northern French city of Lille, has been cancelled over security fears, mayor Martine Aubry said Friday.  The annual market, which dates back to the twelfth century, is a huge tourism draw and attracted 2.5 million visitors to the city in 2015.

Aubry said that the decision to cancel the event – known as the ‘La Braderie de Lille’ – was prompted by “risks we cannot address”.  The Socialist mayor of Lille said, “It’s heart wrenching to make this decision.”

“But to have sharpshooters on roofs at the market, riot police on each street corner and helicopters and drones flying overhead would not be in the spirit of the market,” explained Aubrey, who sought to run for president of France in 2012.

Economy versus security?

However, the decision has sparked fury in some quarters.

Thierry George, head of the northern French UMIH trade and hospitality union, slammed the decision as “incomprehensible”.

“It was taken without any thought for the economic impact and it’s going to be very bad for Lille’s image, especially abroad,” the union leader told AFP. “I appreciate there is no such thing as zero risk, and that we are in a state of emergency, but we could have found a way to let the market go ahead.”France24

Paris: Muslim Migrants Fire Bomb Bus With Molotov Cocktail, Shout “Allahu Akbar”

The news here is not just the bus attack;  but also that no major media has reported this.

A gang Muslim migrants in Paris ambushed and burned down a passenger bus in the Saint-Denis district around 1 AM on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the 28th of July.

In the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday Muslim migrants in Paris fire bombed a passenger bus in the Saint-Denis district. The masked men reportedly smashed the windows of the bus and used Molotov Cocktails to burn it down. They gained access to the bus after blocking the road and threatening the bus driver.

According to French reports, passengers managed to flee before at least one of the attackers screamed “Allah’hu Akbar.” The video footage featured above was posted by a YouTube user who also took notice that “nobody is reporting on this.”

“Even almost a week after the incident not a single article outside of a local french newspaper has been published,” the YouTube poster stated.

Only the French media outlet Le Perisien reported on the incident the night that it happened. Thus far, aside from the YouTube poster, the conservative blogger The Gateway Pundit, the Israeli-English media outlet Arutz Sheva, and TruthRevolt, no widely-circulated media outlet has reported on this incident. TruthRevolt

Murdered French Priest’s Last Words: ‘Go away Satan’

Father Jacques Hamel
Father Jacques Hamel

Father Hamel understood.

ROUEN, France — The archbishop of Rouen, leading Tuesday’s solemn funeral Mass for an elderly priest slain a week ago by two extremists, said the Rev. Jacques Hamel tried to push away his attackers with his feet, saying “go away, Satan,” remarks that underscored the horror of the murder at the altar that touched a chord throughout France.

Hundreds of priests and bishops filled the sumptuous Rouen cathedral along with many hundreds more people, including Muslims who have joined in the grieving since the murder of the 85-year-old priest, slashed by his attackers while celebrating morning Mass.

Hamel’s grisly murder sent shockwaves that went beyond his humble work as a small-town parish priest, touching other faiths and all of France. It came less than two weeks after 84 people were killed in an attack by a hurtling truck in Nice on a crowd of Bastille Day revelers. NYPost

Cousin Of Terrorist Who Killed French Priest Arrested, He Knew About Planned Attack

Farid K
Farid K

Farid, 30, the cousin of terrorist Abdelmalik Petitjean, 19, who killed Father Hamel in France, knew what the killer was planing and said nothing.

The cousin of a jihadi who murdered a priest in a French church faces terror charges including murder and kidnap after it emerged he knew ‘perfectly well’ what he was planning.

The man, known only as Farid K, 30, is said to have conspired with his cousin Abdelmalik Petitjean, 19, who slit 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel’s throat last Tuesday in Normandy.

Prosecutors today said he knew what his cousin was planning but still put him up in his home in Heillecourt, near Nancy, before the savage attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. DailyMail