UN Declares Ancient Jewish Holy Site Is Now Palestinian Heritage Site

UNESCO recognizes Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs – considered Judaism’s second Holiest Place – as a Palestinian heritage site. Islamic rewrite of history, they need to be defunded.

A United Nations body ruled Friday that an ancient Jewish holy site is now part of Palestinian heritage.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted to make the Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Old City of Hebron Palestinian heritage sites, despite intense push-back from Israel and the United States. Twelve member states voted in favor of the resolution, which the Palestinians initially put forward, while only three were against it.

UNESCO’s decision sparked a fiery response from Israeli leaders, who feel the organization is being used as a political tool in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

“It’s disappointing and embarrassing to see UNESCO denying history and distorting reality time after time to knowingly serve those who try to wipe the Jewish state off the map,” said Naftali Bennet, Israel’s education minister and chairman of the Israeli UNESCO committee, according to Israeli news site Haaretz. “Israel won’t renew cooperation with UNESCO as long as it continues to serve as a tool for political attacks instead of being a professional organization.”…

The resolution claimed that Hebron’s Old City and the Tomb of the Patriarchs are Palestinian heritage sites, despite hundreds of years of Jewish tradition associated with the areas that predates both the modern Palestinian territories and the Islamic faith.

Jewish tradition claims that Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, are buried at the site. All six are considered the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish faith. The tomb is located in Hebron, in the southwest corner of the West Bank. DailyCaller

Israeli Border Police Filmed Shoving Palestinian Out Of Wheelchair

Israeli security forces in Hebron attempted to clear away a crowd after an attempted stabbing attack by a Palestinian teenager.TimesOfIsrael

As the Israeli border police try to clear the area a man in a wheelchair is pushed into the area.  A short video is posted online showing the man and wheelchair being pushed over by an Israeli border police officer.

In a longer video you can see a Palestinian wheeling the man in the wheelchair towards the closed off area, in spite of everyone being told to get away from the area.  The camera then conveniently pans down.

The next thing shown is a border officer up-ending the wheelchair and a Palestinian man falling out of the wheelchair.  A setup?

In response to the video clip, the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Unit began looking into the incident, a police spokesperson said.TimesOfIsrael

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5 Lost American Yeshiva Students Saved From Palestinians By A Palestinian

jabal-hohar-hebronUpdate:  Hamadiah, the Palestinian man, gets threats for saving U.S. Yeshiva students.

In an interview with Channel 2 aired Sunday evening, Hamadiah said people threatened to “burn his house down, or cut off his head” in the wake of the incident Thusday.

The 51-year-old was characterized by the interviewer as “a hero.” But he brushed off the praise, saying, “I’m not a hero; this is what every person should have done. I did it because I’m a human being. In all my heart, I’m a man of peace.” TimesOfIsrael

5 American Yeshiva students from Brooklyn, en route to the Cave of the Patriarchs were misdirected by the navigational system Waze and took a wrong turn in the West Bank and entered the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal Johar area of Hebron.

The hospitality shown to the lost students by the Palestinians was to riot, throw stones at their car and firebomb it.

Palestinians on the street who saw their car immediately threw stones and a firebomb at the vehicle. The yeshiva students were able to escape from the car before the Palestinians torched it.

A Palestinian resident of the neighborhood helped rescue them and sheltered them in his apartment.

Fayez Abu Hamdiyeh, who lives in the neighborhood, said he let five Jewish “settlers” into his house after he noticed they were being chased by Palestinian youths. JPost

A sane voice.

“I heard shouts outside, I left my house and saw the five Jews frantically leaving their car, which was attacked by stones,” Faiz Abu Hamadiah, 51, told the NRG news site. “They were very anxious, one was injured and bleeding from his face. I reassured them.  I told them in Hebrew that it will be okay, I gave them water, and I helped the injured man.

“I told them they were safe in my house. Immediately afterward they called the police, and I sent teenagers to call the army to take them to the checkpoint.

“I did the right thing,” he added, dismissing concerns of being branded a “collaborator” with Israel by his neighbors. “The people that threw stones at them and torched their car did a bad thing. We need to live here together.” TimesOfIsrael

Two of the students were lightly injured in the face from broken glass and were evacuated for medical treatment.

The Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria said it coordinated the rescue of the young men with the Palestinian Authority security forces, the IDF and a police reconnaissance unit…

Israeli security forces and Palestinians on the street continued to clash after the rescue.

A spokesman for the Hebron Jewish community, Noam Arnon, said the IDF used to have a checkpoint at the entry to the neighborhood, but last week handed it over to the Palestinian security forces, Arnon said. He called on the army to restore the checkpoint. JPost