Recycled Cartons Create Desks That Double As Backpacks For Needy Children In India

India Student Help DeskAarambh is a non-profit charity organization in India that helps the most marginalized families living in urban slums and rural
communites. Aarambh video says that students sitting on the floor all day lead to “bad posture, poor eyesight, and bad handwriting.”

It created the “Help Desk” which is a backpack that can fold out to become a desk. The “Help Desk” is made from discarded carton boxes. The discarded cartons are stenciled to create a desk that can be folded up into a backpack, for less than 20 cents a piece.

Aarambh distributed the Help Desks in schools in rural Maharashtra, in western India, and students were able to study more “comfortably and cheerfully.”

An amazing helpful idea.

Narendra Modi claims victory as India’s next Prime Minister

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On Friday, Narendra Modi, the leader of the Hinud nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, claimed victory as India’s next Prime Minister. There are concerns about the future of religious tolerance in India under the leadership of a Hindu nationalist and a controversial past that at one point led the United States to deny him a visa.

Online:  NRP:  Narendra Modi: From Humble Start To India’s Likely Prime Minister