Israel Defense Forces To Deploy More High-Tech Unmanned Ground Vehicles

The Guardium UGV (
The Guardium UGV (


High-tech unmanned vehicles soon to be seen in Israel will patrol border areas, scope out buildings and tunnel systems. With major threats evolving every day on Israel’s borders the superiority of Israel’s technology is its greatest deterrent against these threats.  The Israel Defense Forces plans to expand its use of unmanned ground vehicles based on creative and cutting-edge designs.

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Captured Hamas Member Tells Shin Bet Hamas Funds Islamic Movement In Israel

Jerusalem Temple Mount
Jerusalem Temple Mount

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced Thursday that a senior Hamas operative,  was arrested last month as he tried to cross the border from Jordan into Israel.   The operative, Mahmoud Toama (Tuama), revealed during his interrogation Hamas ties to the Islamic Movement in Israel and its activities in Jerusalem.

Mahmoud Toama (Tuama), told Shin Be that Hamas funds the Islamic Movement religious lessons on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to prevent Jews from entering the holy site.

According to Toama, Hamas has funded Islamic Movement projects in Jerusalem. One project paid for religious lessons for Arab youths on the Temple Mount, in an attempt to prevent Jews from entering the holy site. Hamas paid hundreds of youths NIS 4000-5000 per month to study at the site. The Shin Bet linked that project to an increase in the number of violent incidents and clashes with Muslim worshippers on the Temple Mount in recent months.

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Mindset: Palestinian Magical Thinking

Peace Israel  photo
The Puzzle of Peace

Predictably another Israeli-Palestinian peace process has failed. How is that so many can try so hard for so long  and still fail to make any process? Jonathan Spyer, writing at PJ Media, clearly expresses an excellent insight of the failure of the peace talks that can be traced back to the fantasy world in which most Palestinian leaders live and which they keep many of their people locked into also.

The Palestinians see themselves as part of the local majority Arabic-speaking Sunni Muslim culture. From this point of view, the establishment of a non-Muslim sovereignty in Israel was not only an injustice, it was also an anomaly. Israel, being an anomaly, is therefore bound eventually to be defeated and disappear. So there is no need to reconcile to it, with all the humiliation therein.

What May Be Next?

Palestinian nationalism in both its Fatah and Hamas variants rejects the possibility of accepting the permanence of Jewish statehood in any part of the area west of the Jordan River.

For the Palestinian Authority, the nine-month period of negotiations came as an unwelcome interruption to a very different strategy to which it will now return.  This strategy consists of an attempt to place pressure on Israel through action in international forums to isolate and delegitimize the Jewish state.

Online:  PJ Media Palestinian Magical Thinking

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