Dire Statistical Reality Of Migration Into Italy

Same story in France, Germany, and Sweden.

A TV presentation by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega Nord (Northern League) party in Italy. Mr. Salvini presents the studio audience with the dire statistics of migration into Italy — how many migrants simply disappear, and how few are actual “refugees” deserving asylum. Gates of Vienna

During the year that ended in September, 130,000 people disembarked…

Of these 130,000, those who requested political asylum, there are 70,000. Of the 130,000 who arrived, 70,000 applied. There is the first problem.

60,000 have disappeared.

Of these 70,000, how many have received political asylum? 2,853. Equal to 5%.

Therefore, to the studio (audience): Number one —130,000 disembarked (arrived) 60,000 disappeared. 70,000 apply. Those who escape from war are 2,853. 5%.
Full transcript at Gates of Vienna

Italy Aims To Deport More Illegal Muslim Migrants To Combat Radicalization In Jails

Good for the citizens of Italy for pressuring and electing a PM to combat radicalized Muslims living in Italy.

Italy tried to deport Amri [Berlin Massacure] after he served his four-year jail term, but Tunisia refused to take him back and he was released with only an order to leave the country.

Italy’s government said on Thursday it would try harder to combat Islamist radicalization in its prisons and on the internet and it defended plans to build more detention centers for migrants who have no right to stay in the country.

New Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has come under increased pressure to tackle illegal migration and radicalization in jails after a failed Tunisian asylum seeker who spent time in an Italian prison drove a hijacked truck into a Berlin Christmas market on Dec. 19, killing 12 people.

Italy’s anti-terrorism chief said last week the suspect, Anis Amri, had been radicalized while in a Sicilian jail. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. Amri was shot dead by Italian police in Milan on Dec. 23 after fleeing Germany.

“Processes of radicalization today are happening above all in certain places: in prisons and on the web,” Gentiloni told a news conference after talks with an expert commission appointed by the government to study militant Islamists.

“Working on prisons and the web is one of the principal tasks the experts are asking for in this prevention effort.” Reuters

Italian Priest Islamization Of Nativity Scene

Utterly stupid.  Joseph and Mary were Jewish and this priest thought it was a good idea to put up an Islamic interpretation of the traditional Christian nativity scene.

A parish priest in the south of Italy enraged parishioners by dressing the Virgin Mary in a Muslim burqa for his church’s Christmas Nativity scene, adding a boatful of refugees and a rainbow flag in place of the star of Bethlehem.

The pastor of the parish of Saints Joachim and Anne in Potenza, Father Franco Corbo, found himself face to face with an angry mob of demonstrators gathered outside his church on Wednesday to protest his provocative display.  BreitBart

The 75-year- old priest pinned a burqa on Mary, dressed Joseph and the shepherds wearing traditional Muslim clothing, and changed the star of Bethlehem to a rainbow flag “in the name of dialogue among religions”.

Asked whether he didn’t consider his Nativity scene as sacrilegious, the 75-year-old priest said it was not, but rather a symbol that “religion can and should be an instrument of dialogue.”

“Islam is synonymous with peace and brotherhood,” the priest said, adding that Islamic terrorism is “an aberration that has nothing to do with religion.” BreitBart

Ignorant arguments repeatedly made by the left.

The walls of the traditional manger have been daubed with various slogans such as “Foreigners out”.

The scene is also split down the middle and divided into “Eastern” and “Western” sides…

However the priest had defended his decision, saying that he wanted to send a message saying ‘no’ to too many walls, either literally or symbolically, that prevented integration.

He said: “Just think about the wall built by Israel to keep Palestinians lock in true enclaves. Express

The wall separating Palestinians from Israel was erected to stop the daily suicide bombings and killing of innocent Israeli citizens.  The lack of a wall would result in more murderous carnage and the Arab-Palestinians would be closer to their goal of exterminating the Jews, not peace.

The Christmas story is not about a refugee family, it is about Christ.

The priest also added a boatful of refugees.

Joseph and Mary were not refugees, they were not foreigners in Bethlehem.  The nativity account is not a story about Middle Eastern people seeking refuge and being turned away by the heartless people.  That is a diminishing of a foundational doctrine of the Christian faith.

The refugee crisis is in no way analogous to the story of the birth of Christ.  Joseph and Mary were not fleeing a war-torn country.  They were returning home for a government-mandated census.  The reason Joseph and Mary could not find a room at the ‘inn’ was most likely because Bethlehem was brimming with people returning for the census.

They fled to Egypt.

There are similarities between Syrians fleeing ISIS and Mary and Joseph seeking refuge in Egypt in order to save Jesus from the murderous wrath of King Herod. But I have no doubt that most conservative Christians in America would gladly be Egypt to those Syrians who are fleeing the Herodian bloodlust of ISIS, as long as they had absolute certainty that ISIS itself or an Islamist worldview wouldn’t cross the border with them. The Federlist

They were not radicals that would enact violence and Joseph would not have gone on a rape spree of infidel women.

Politics disguised as religion and Christian apostasy is alive and well on planet earth.

Berlin Terrorist Amri Gunned Down By Italian Police In Shootout In Milan

Terrorist Amri’s Path to Germany. Daily Mail Image

The Tunisian, on the run for four days after murdering 12 people in a lorry attack in Berlin, rants about ‘crusader’ airstrikes and vows to ‘slaughter infidels like pigs’ in the two-minute clip, published by Islamic State’s news agency Amaq.

Speaking on a bridge in the north of the city, Amri can be seen wearing a dark jacket and with headphones in his ears as he warns ‘infidels’ he will ‘hunt them down’ and pledges allegiance to ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Hours before the video emerged, he was shot dead in Milan having pulled a gun from his backpack and screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he shot at two police officers carrying out a routine ID check.

The 24-year-old ISIS fanatic was stopped after arriving in the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni in the northern Italian city of Milan at about 3am local time.

Two officers asked him for ID documents, at which point Amri ‘immediately’ pulled a gun from his backpack and shouted ‘police b******s’ as he shot one in the shoulder.

A firefight ensued with Amri cowering behind a car as he tried to flee, but the extremist was shot and killed by the second officer – a trainee who had only been in the job a few months. Witnesses said the two policemen had then crouched over Amri in a bid to keep him alive, but the Tunisian died after ten minutes. DailyMail

Terrorist movements around Europe after Berlin attack. Daily Mail graphic.

Schengen Area (26 countries allows its  free movement in and out of the Schengen area – no internal border controls.)

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said Amri’s apparent ability to travel from Germany to Italy showed that the Schengen system – which allows border-free movement between 26 European states – is ‘a risk to public safety’ and should be scrapped.

‘If the man shot in Milan is the Berlin killer, then the Schengen area is proven to be a risk to public safety,’ said Mr Farage. ‘It must go.’  DailyMail

Italian Town One In Ten Residents Live To Be 100

Antonio Vassalo (100) with his wife Amina (93)
Antonio Vassalo (100) with his wife Amina (93)

American and Italian scientists are studying the longevity in one Italian town.

“locals also seem to be largely immune from heart disease, dementia and other conditions associated with ageing in the rest of the Western world. “

A village in Italy where more than one in 10 residents reach 100 years old has revealed the secret to their longevity – by ‘only eating healthy stuff’.

Scientists have spent the last six months researching why residents living in Acciaroli, a tiny village on the west coast of Italy – 90 miles south of Naples – live for so long.

Experts have commented on their healthy diet and added that the sexual activity with the elderly living in the village ‘appears to be rampant’.

And as a result, locals also seem to be largely immune from heart disease, dementia and other conditions associated with ageing in the rest of the Western world.  DailyMail


Local Antonio Vassalo, 100, referred to the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, vegetables, fish and a fresh fruit.  He said: ‘We only eat healthy stuff.’

His wife Amina, 93, added: ‘We eat a lot of fish, fresh produce from the countryside that we grow ourselves.  ‘We have our own rabbits, our chickens. Only local products. And olive oil: we consume what we produce.’ DailyMail

Longevity could lie in any number of factors.

Alan S. Maisel, the San Diego cardiologist heading up the project, said the explanation for the longevity and sprightliness could lie in any number of factors.

These include the villagers’ high consumption of the pungent herb rosemary and their active lifestyle imposed by their home’s steep streets.DailyMail

Rosemary and the brain.

It turns out that there are compounds in rosemary oil that may be responsible for changes in memory performance. One of them is called 1,8-cineole – as well as smelling wonderful (if you like that sort of thing) it may act in the same way as the drugs licensed to treat dementia, causing an increase in a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. BBC

Recipes:  39 Delicious Things To Do With Rosemary


Faced With ISIS, These Italian Students Would Convert To Islam

“What Would You Do If the Islamic State Came to Your House?”

‘90% would not hesitate to convert to Islam to save their own lives, if the Islamic State should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) was produced by a test of 13-year-olds in an Italian middle school. Only 2 of 25 students disagreed. Both of them are from devout Catholic families.’

islam_trucksThis tells more about the parents than the students; what the parents are teaching and what the students thought their parents would say.

What Italian city or what school is neither here nor there. The subject of Islam and violence is being discussed everywhere. The phenomenon affects all of Europe. The Catholic internet daily Il Sussidiario reported on the third level of a random Italian middle school. All of the 25 students are 13-years-old. They too were talking about Islam. They wanted information from their teacher about the Islamic State. Who is that? What is its program? How does it operate?

“What Would You Do If the Islamic State Came to Your House?”

The teacher gave them information. And also reported that many fighters for the Islamic State came from Europe. Young Muslims of the second and third generation. Well-integrated, from well-to-do families, and many of them have even begun or completed university studies. One of the best-known executioners for the Islamic State was previously a well-known DJ. The teacher described for them how the Islamic State is destroying all Christian symbols and threatening to kill anyone who is not ready to convert to Islam. And she did not withhold the fact that many Christians were killed or enslaved because of their religion.

At the end, she asked them a question: “What would you do if the Islamic State came to your house?”

According to Il Giornale, “The answer was almost unanimous and shocking”. 23 of them declared without hesitation that they would convert to Islam. The two hold-outs were from practicing Catholic families.

“A Society With No Ideals”

Some people now will say that this was “not representative” and, first and foremost, the Islamic State danger in Europe is not real, so we should first see what the reaction would be, if it were real. That may be. Yet, this event is appropriate for some necessary reflection. It is better to recognize what is unpleasant than it is to suppress it. Both the attitude of the 23 as well as that of the other two students deserve comment. The first comment comes from the online daily Il Giornale and deserves to be our beginning. “It is clear that we live in a society without ideals.” Read full article at Gates of Vienna

Sicily Police Arrest Convicted Terrorist Found Among ‘Migrants’

migrant-crisis-Syria-selfie-stickThere is no surprise that ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists would infiltration the hundreds of thousands of ‘migrants’ entering Europe and the thousands of ‘refugees’ the current White House administration is admitting into the U.S.

Fears that Islamic terror groups might be entering Europe on migrant boats appear to have been confirmed after police in Sicily identified a convicted terrorist among asylum seekers arriving from Libya.

The Tunisian, Ben Nasr Mehdi, was first arrested in Italy in November 2007 and sentenced to seven years for planning terror attacks for a group that has since been linked to Isis. After his release from the high-security Benevento prison in southern Italy, he was expelled from the country.

But it has emerged that he has attempted to enter Italy again, following his arrest last month by Italian authorities after arriving at the island of Lampedusa, off Sicily. He was among 200 migrants rescued at sea by a navy vessel on 4 October.

Despite giving a false name and claiming that he was seeking asylum in northern Europe to escape political persecution, finger prints revealed his true identity. He was held along with three other men, thought to be the human traffickers who had organised the trip, and interrogated by police in the Sicilian city of Agrigento. Independent UK

Italian Police: Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard During Mediterranean Voyage


Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard — killing them — because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday.

Italian authorities have arrested 15 people on suspicion of murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo, Sicily, said.

The original group of 105 people left Libya on Tuesday in a rubber boat. Sometime during the trip north across the Mediterranean Sea, the alleged assailants — Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal — threw the 12 overboard, police said. CNN

The Malta Independent adds:

The survivors said they had boarded a rubber boat April 14 at the Libyan coast with 105 passengers aboard. During the crossing, the migrants from Nigeria and Ghana — believed to be Christians — were threatened with being abandoned at sea by some 15 other passengers from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau.

The statement said the motive was that the victims “professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim.”…

The migrants will be charged with murder associated with religious motives.