Canadian Man Who Was Rescued From Afghanistan With His Wife And Children Is Arrested On 15 Charges, Including Sexual Assault

This has been a messed up strange story from the start.  When the family was released from captivity, Joshua Boyle refused to board a US transport plane that American officials had arranged for the family.  He refused to relocate to the United States, instead choosing to go to Canada. Boyle is Canada’s problem.

Ex-hostage, Joshua Boyle, who was recently freed from captivity in Afghanistan with his wife and children, has been arrested on 15 charges, including sexual assault.

Boyle, of Canada, his American wife Caitlan, and their three children were rescued last October in Pakistan, five years after the couple was abducted by a Taliban-linked militant group while on a backpacking trip in neighboring Afghanistan…

Authorities said the charges against the 34-year-old include eight counts of assault, two accounts of sexual assault and two counts of unlawful confinement.

Boyle was reportedly charged with one count of causing someone to ‘take a noxious thing, namely Trazodone,’ an antidepressant, court documents indicated Tuesday.

There is also a charge of uttering a death threat and a charge of misleading a police officer.

The purported acts allegedly occurred between October 14 – the day after the family returned to Canada – and December 30.

The misleading the police charge stems from an incident on December 30 where Boyle called police to report someone being suicidal and missing. He allegedly concocted the story to ‘divert suspicion from himself’.

A publication ban bars reporting any information that could identify the alleged victims, of which there are two.  DailyMail