Atheist Group Demands Senator Rubio Stop Tweeting Bible Verses

Sen. Rubio has been tweeting Bible verses from his personal Twitter account @MarcoRubio.   In July, Politico claimed Marco Rubio tweeted  Repulican bible verses.

The nation’s largest atheist organization is demanding that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., stop tweeting Bible verses from his Twitter account, telling him that doing so is a violation of the United States Constitution.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which advocates for strict adherence to separation of church and state and has over 1,400 members in Florida, sent the 46-year-old 2016 presidential candidate a demand letter on Tuesday to complain about an increase in Rubio’s Bible-themed tweets since May.

“We understand that you have been tweeting Bible verses from @MarcoRubio to nearly 3 million followers. It appears that you began tweeting the Bible in mid-May and have been doing so regularly ever since. This is not an errant Bible verse or two, but more than 60 Bible verses in three months,” the letter, written by FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel, reads…

Seidel argues that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution means that government can’t “promote one religious book over others or promote religion over nonreligion.” Seidel contends that this clause also means that public officials cannot “appear to endorse Christianity.”  ChristianPost

Sen. Marco Rubio Challenges Politico Claim He Tweeted ‘Republican’ Bible Verses

Parts of the bible are Republican?   What would be the Democratic part, David and Bathsheba?

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., challenged a news story that claimed he tweeted “the most Republican part of the Bible,” The Hill reported Sunday.

“Proverbs is the Republican part of the Bible? I don’t think Solomon had yet joined the GOP when he wrote the first 29 chapters of Proverbs,” Rubio said jokingly.

Joel Baden, a professor at Yale Divinity School, wrote the article published Sunday by Politico, titled “Marco Rubio is tweeting the most Republican part of the bible.” He argued the Proverbs showed people how to live a righteous life with a system of rewards and punishments.

“Proverbs is notable in that is presents a fairly consistent view of the world: The righteous are rewarded, and the wicked are punished,” Baden wrote. “In the understanding of Proverbs, everyone gets what is coming to them; behavior is directly linked to reward or punishment.”  NewsMax

U.S. Again Trying to Criminalize Free Speech

“The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny.”
-Hugo Black

The drafters of Senate Resolution 118 and House Resolution 257, are two Muslim organizations,

Current Law

The law already prohibits violence and threats of violence, and law enforcement authorities are supposed to prosecute those — intimidation, destruction, damage, vandalism, simple and aggravated assault. What “hate crimes” are not already covered by the law?

Senate Resolution 118 -The resolution refers to hate crimes against Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, Hindus, and Sikhs and was sponsored by Senator Kamala Harris and co-sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Senator Susan Collins.

On April 4, 2017, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 118, “Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States”. The resolution was drafted by a Muslim organization, EmgageUSA (formerly EmergeUSA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). On April 6, 2017, EmgageUSA wrote the following on their Facebook page:

“Thanks to the hard work of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Kamala Harris we have achieved the approval of Senate Resolution 118, an anti-hate crimes bill drafted by Emerge-USA. It is days like this that Americans are reminded of this country’s founding principles: equal opportunity, freedom, justice. We are proud to help support the protection of these rights #amoreperfectunion #theamericandream”.

Senate Resolution 118 calls on

“…Federal law enforcement officials, working with State and local officials… to expeditiously investigate all credible reports of hate crimes and incidents and threats against minorities in the United States and to hold the perpetrators of those crimes, incidents, or threats accountable and bring the perpetrators to justice; encourages the Department of Justice and other Federal agencies to work to improve the reporting of hate crimes; and… encourages the development of an interagency task force led by the Attorney General to collaborate on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities…”

House Resolution H.Res. 257

On April 6, almost the exact same text was introduced as House Resolution H.Res. 257, “Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States”. A House Resolution can be reintroduced as legislation.

H.Res. 257 urges

“…the development of an interagency task force led by the Attorney General and bringing together the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, the Department of State, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to collaborate on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities”. The House Resolution was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary on April 6 and from there it was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations on April 21.

Americans should be concerned about these resolutions, especially the part of the House Resolution, which urges the establishment of an “interagency task force led by the Attorney General … on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities.”

What is a hate crime in this context? The law already prohibits violence and threats of violence, and law enforcement authorities are supposed to prosecute those — intimidation, destruction, damage, vandalism, simple and aggravated assault. What do “strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime” entail, and again, what “hate crimes” are not already covered by the law? In other words, why would the House of Representatives find it necessary to make such redundant statements, if not in order to redefine the concept of a hate crime? Perhaps by including “hate speech“?

The US has been in a similar situation before. In December 2015, House Resolution H.Res. 569 “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States” was introduced. That resolution never went any farther, but it was problematic: it favored Muslims over everyone else. The current resolution includes most of the major ethnic and religious minorities in the United States, so it will have a far better chance of passing, as it will more easily fool Representatives into thinking that the contents of the resolution are harmless.

The drafters of Senate Resolution 118 and House Resolution 257, are two Muslim organizations, EmgageUSA (formerly known as EmergeUSA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. This is what EmgageUSA published on its website on April 6, 2017:

“We are excited to report that EmergeUSA and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) worked with Senator Kamala Harris to introduce Senate Resolution #118, which was passed unanimously today. The historic resolution is the first of its kind to condemn hate crimes and other forms of racism. The hate crimes extend beyond targeting just Muslim and Jewish Americans to also include religious minorities such as Hindu and Sikh Americans… EmergeUSA is committed to engaging, and empowering the Muslim American community via the political process by working towards making federal and state legislation and policies more equitable for the Muslim American community”.

Online:  U.S. Trying to Criminalize Free Speech – Again

Video: Senator Marco Rubio Takes On J-Street

Rubio opened his first round of questions to Friedman by referring to the confirmation process as “unreal” due to the amount of scrutiny Friedman is facing for prior statements. He then directed his attention to J Street.

Let me begin by saying I find this whole process to be unreal. This sort of ordeal you’re being put through to account for all the words, in particular given some of the groups that have been ratcheting all this up. This group J Street, that, for example, a few years ago invited the chief Palestinian negotiator Erekat to address their conference, a person who has justified the murder of Jews as self-defense, as a person as they invited to speak at the conference.

Rubio is absolutely correct. J Street, a Soros-funded anti-Israel group masquerading as the home for “pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans,” invited Erekat to their 2015 conference. Not long after attending their conference, Erekat called on the Palestinian Authority to support lone-wolf Palestinian-Arab terrorist attacks against Jews, called for rejecting a future Jewish state, and called for cooperating with genocidal terrorist organizations like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Rubio continued to target J Street:

This is a group who has routinely attacked people who hold my views, with content that I find to be a smear and a mischaracterization of our views.  DailyWire

Rubio On Religious Liberty After Atheist Poses Question

marco_rubioJ. Scott, a member of the anti-Christian organization Freedom from Religion Foundation, posed a question to Senator Marco Rubio about someone that will uphold atheist and nontheist rights and “not pander to a certain religious group.”

Marco Rubio emphasized honoring “the rights of those who do not believe while simultaneously honoring the rights of Christians.”

“You have to right to believe whatever you want.  You have the right to believe in nothing at all.”

“No one’s going to force you to believe in God. But no one’s going to force me to stop talking about God. I am not going to force you to pray. I am not going to force you to go to church. I am not going to force you to espouse beliefs that you don’t have. But, no one is going to take away my right and your right to live out the teachings of your faith – no one.”

Rubio said, “that Judeo-Christian values generally influenced the United States. To think otherwise proves “you don’t know history.”

“I am not saying you, I am just saying in general. This nation was founded on the principle that our rights come from our Creator.  If there is no creator, then where did your rights come from? That’s why it is important for us to understand that and we are going to protect the rights of Americans to continue to believe that.”…

Rubio ends with reasons why Scott should vote for him – it is brilliant!

Video Break: Presidential Election And Star Wars

This is fantastic and cleverly done!

Andrew Varvel is a Star Wars fan and for Marco Rubio as the next President of the United States.  His video makes a great case of why conservatives must win.

With Democrat leadership (the Dark Side) America is in peril.  The country needs a Jedi leader (Rubio) to bring it out of peril and turn it around.

An American Son Book Review

Marco Rubio titled his compelling autobiography An American Son.  Rubio tells the details of his family and his life up to his election to the U.S. Senate in 2010.

His maternal grandfather received an education, instead of working on the family farm, because polio left him partially disabled.  It was this grandfather with an interest in history and politics that is responsible for the political education of Marco Rubio.  It is an  in-depth look at Rubio’s faith, family, education, and political career.  The best is when Rubio depicts his forebears’ struggles in pre-Castro Cuba and his close relationships with his maternal grandfather and father.

This book was an enjoyable read and a surprisingly heartfelt story of family, faith, sacrifice, and love.

An American Son: A Memoir is available at Amazon.

Marco Rubio: My Plan To Defeat ISIS

Senator Marco Rubio

The chaos in Iraq and Syria over the last several years has allowed the terrorist group ISIS, also known as the Islamic State or ISIL, to become a threat of global proportions, with the capacity to inspire and carry out attacks here in the United States.

The recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, where the attackers were reportedly inspired by ISIS, demonstrate how quickly this threat has come to our shores. Meanwhile, overseas, ISIS has dealt untold suffering and cruelty to millions of innocents in Iraq and Syria, especially religious minorities. ISIS is now spreading its influence across the Middle East: in Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Most worryingly, the attacks in Paris and the airliner bombing in November 2015 proved that ISIS has the ambitions and capabilities to execute large-scale attacks against the West and harm Americans here at home.

President Obama’s proposals to fight ISIS, after his own disengagement from the Middle East allowed the group to rise in the first place, have been woefully insufficient. America cannot afford to let a transnational threat like ISIS survive, hold territory, and grow. Containment will not work.

Instead, the U.S. needs to take the lead on a strategy, in conjunction with our local allies, that will destroy ISIS and deprive it and other terror groups of safe havens. This will require a larger number of American troops on the ground, working with the Kurds, Sunni tribes, and other partners. If America does not make this our fight, the West will not win it.  Read full plan at Facebook Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio’s Remarks To The Republican Jewish Coalition December 2015

Marco Rubio’s remarks to the Republican Jewish Coalition on December 3, 2015.  Rubio “lays out a very concrete set of proposals and a vision for his foreign policy.”

Consider this: Just weeks ago, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas began a speech to a UN body by asking, quote, “For how long will this protracted Israeli occupation of our land last? After 67 years, how long?”

As we all know, sixty-seven years ago was 1948, the year of Israel’s creation. So the man who is supposed to be Israel’s “partner for peace” has just said that all of Israel is illegitimate and that the Jewish state is an “occupation” of someone else’s land.

Now, this isn’t unusual rhetoric from a Palestinian leader – but what matters is that it should have provoked a harsh condemnation from the United States. But our president said nothing. By his silence, our government emboldened those who seek Israel’s destruction and made itself a bystander to a poisonous lie…

I will take a very different approach to the United Nations.  There will be no more complicity in attacks on Israel.  Dictators, rogues, and terror sponsors will be publicly shamed.  The United States will leave and defund UN entities that attack Israel or promote anti-Semitism.

I will also speak out against anti-Semitism here in America….

One important example is the movement that calls itself “BDS” – for boycott, divest, and sanction. This coalition of the radical left thinks it has discovered a clever, politically correct way to advocate Israel’s destruction. BDS couches hatred in the language of human rights and social justice.

But the movement reeks of hypocrisy. Boycotters do not seek to punish Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, or Russia – all actual human rights violators. Their campaign is aimed only at Israel. They make wild, false accusations in the hopes of inciting so much hatred of the Jewish state, especially on our campuses, that eventually support for Israel will become politically taboo.

As president, I will call on university presidents, administrators, religious leaders, and professors to speak out with clarity and force on this issue – the same way they speak out against racism and other forms of bigotry. I will make clear that calling for the destruction of Israel is the same as calling for the death of Jews…

The days of giving the ayatollah of Iran more respect than the prime minister of Israel will be over. I will hold Iran accountable for the American hostages it has taken, and for its arming and funding of terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. I will impose crippling sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps…

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Warns Against “Anti-Muslim” Speech That “Edges Toward Violence” –“Will Be Prosecuted”

Loretta Lynch
Loretta Lynch

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told a group of Muslims at the Muslim Advocates dinner in Washington that her ‘greatest fear’ since the Paris terror attack is retaliatory violence against members of the religion.

What backlash?

“During her remarks to the Muslim Advocates dinner, Lynch did not address the mass shooting at an office party in San Bernardino, Calif. Wednesday in which 14 people were killed, reported Politico.

‘When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted,’ Lynch said.  Buzzfeed

Marco Rubio on the threat of ‘homegrown violent extremists’

How the White House has handled this:

Rubio: Inexplicable, Really . First of all, from the very first instances after this happened they like most
people on the left immediately jumped on this whole gun control arguement without knowing any of the facts about this case…

On Loretta Lynch:
Rubio: First of all the problem that we have with them is that they refuse to continue to acknowledge that we are at war with radical jihadist.
Second they have this naritive going, the same things that lead to the lies about Benjazi. This narritive that somehow this problem is contained. That we don’t have anything to worry about, that ISIS is the JayVee team. That we are not in any danger and so they continue to want to pretend this is not a major issue.


Marco Rubio On Fox News Insider

marcorubioOn Fox News Insider Senator Marco Rubio answered questions on Turkey, Syria, NATO, ISIS, national security and the economy.

You hear a lot of candidates mention God, but Rubio is the first one that I can remember mentioning the name Jesus. Starting at 11:43 minutes.

About his father, Thanksgiving, and not having some family members around to watch him go on this incredible journey.

“As far as not having our family members, obviously as a Christian I believe that we are surrounded by a crowd of witnesses who are cheering us on to finish strong in this race called life and we’ll all be living together in eternity in a new world, in a new Heaven and new earth Jesus is going to bring about when He returns.”

Senator Marco Rubio’s first TV ad for Iowa and New Hampshire highlights humble roots and the American dream.