Hundreds Of Botched Abortions At Marie Stopes Clinics In The UK

In just two months 373 women were injured in botched abortions at Marie Stopes.  One argument for legalized abortions is safety, eliminating untrained, “back-alley” abortionists.  Marie Stopes has failed to meet basic standards of care.

A report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows that 373 of the abortions that took place between the months of January and February this year resulted in serious complications.

Surgical staff at the abortion giant were criticized for failing to wash their hands between procedures, and other employees were found to be inadequately trainedChristian UK

The most recent inspection of Marie Stopes clinics was headed by chief inspector of hospitals in the UK, Professor Sir Mike Richards. It follows another highly critical report last December over serious health and safety failings at Marie Stopes clinics as well as the enforced temporary suspension of all terminations last August at the Marie Stopes clinic in Norwich, following similar serious health and safety breaches.  LifeNews

Commenting on the findings at the time, pro-life MP Robert Flello said: “Women are being railroaded through an industry which gets paid for as many abortions as it can perform.”

Responding to the most recent report, Marie Stopes claimed it has made “significant progress”. Christian UK